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Episode 16

It was a 30 minutes drive to the supposed address. We parked our car a yard away from the building then we sat carefully to survey the building.

The building was guided With some men dressed in black suit. they look unarmed, but everyone of them have a pistol gun, beneath his suit, Or maybe higher guns in the armoury.

” how are we to attack a building we no nothing about? ” I asked perplexed.

” I guessed you forgot to ask Desmond for the building plan, anyway I asked him and I have it here” Elizabeth answered. She brought out her tab, then she placed it in between .

” here’s the building plan. The building have one entry and also one exit at the back door. Inside the building is an underground chamber. That’s where the girls will probably be. Once you are in the building, you head straight to the lobby, cos that’s where you will find the entrance to the underground building… ”

“wait are you not coming in with me?” I cut in with a question.

“no, I’m going to create a distraction, while you will silently creep in from behind…”

“that’s suicide, you gonna get yourself killed ” I cut in rapidly.

“I’m sorry, that’s the only way in” she replied slowly.

It was a hard decision for me to accept, but she had made her decision.

” please I want to see you back alive ” I said with a trembling voice.

“I can’t promise that, now give my those grenade. ” she said. i stretched forward the smoke grenade to her.

“what are you going to do with the smoke grenade? ” I asked curiously. she smiled a little before replying me back.

“those are real grenade, only one of them is smoke grenade, the rest are explosive, you may have the smoke grenade, you will need it when you are in. I’m taking the bad grenade ” she replied.

That got me by a surprise cos I never knew I’m armed with an explosive device.

“Holy shit!!!, how are you going to use them? ” I asked curiously.

” Simple, A bullet may have your name on it, but a grenade is addressed to… Whomsoever it may concern. Now let go kick some ass ” She said as we head out together.

” wait for my signal” she said as we both head in various direction. I took the route to the back door, the building was fenced so I have to climb over the fence. I peeped my eyes in and I saw three men in suit, they are strong and huge like a wrestler. I waited patiently for Elizabeth to give her signal. Doing this period I quickly say some prayers , I was holding two pistol so I hide one, and hold on the other.

All of a sudden, I heard an explosive sound followed by tremedious heavy gun fire. I guessed that was the signal. I peeped in the second time, I found out that all the guards are gone. Without wasting any time, I jumped in. Immediately I’m in, I head for the back door, To my dismay I found the door locked, So I have to use what I got .

Holding a loaded Beretta M9 pistol, to hell with the door. I gave it one shot and the door sprang open.

I advanced in directly heading straight to the lobby, I can still hear the distant gun shots coming from the front side. That’s shows that Elizabeth is still combating with them.

I got to the Lobby in no time but I found two guards waiting for me, it’s a matter of shoot or you get shot. Without a second thought, I pull the trigger, and one of them fell dead. It was a surprise shot, Before the other could realize the reality, I took him down also.

I was about entering the underground cave when Lydia call came in.

Lydia : Ay, we just received a call from yemi now.

Me: so what?

Lydia :She’s calling for reinforcement. she’s sending us in.

Me : what?

Lydia : yes, you have to do whatever you are doing

and leave before its too late.

Me: how many much do we got?

Lydia : 20 minutes.

Me: good thank you.

Immediately I ended the call, I contacted Elizabeth through the wiresely earphone device.

Me: Elizabeth we got incoming reinforcement.

Elizabeth : seriously it’s quiet fun out here.

Me: I need you to listen to me!!! Those girls got AKs.

Elizabeth : and I got M16A4 repeating ass kicking weapon. Alongside with 3 unused grenade. Let them come. The party is yet to begin.

Me: holy shit!!!

Elizabeth : get in that hole and free those girls. I got some ass to kick. See ya.

I climbed down into the underground, the place was dark hereby preventing me from seeing clearing, so I began walking slowly and minding every steps I take, all of a sudden I felt a hit on my back Which sent me rolling on the floor. i stood up immediately only to see yemi spirit guard.

” you son of a bitch!!! ” I yelled angrily. Without even thinking I advanced towards him with full force, pushing him hardly backward on the floor. I caught him looking quite surprise,i guessed He wasn’t expecting such a move.

” How is it possible for you to possess such a strength and power ” he said with a puzzled face. That was when I remember that my full sight has been restored, which gave me some immortal strength against spirit and some creatures.

” Surprised? Don’t worry I won’t tell you, I will let you die still wondering ” I said then I shoot at him repeatedly. And to my dismay he didn’t die.

” you can’t kill me with a gun” he said boldly.

“Well I guess I will have to use my hand” I said as I threw the first blow at him, but he saw it coming and he quickly dodge it. He threw back ,which got me off-guard. The blow was massive as it got my nose bleeding.

” not so strong after all ” he said roughly as he drag me up and pin me down to the wall.

I looked down and saw his unsheathed machete tied across his waist.

” do you know the mistake you made? ” I asked with a smile.

“what! ” he retorted.

“underestimating me!!!” I said then I quickly remove his machete and piece it into him. He made a loud painful cry as he stumbled over the floor.

“If not for yemi, I should have killed you when I have the chance ” he said as he fell dead.

” Yes, but next time keep your machete away” I said to his corpse.

I put on my phone flash light and began using it to see in the dark. The place looks more like a shrine as a began to see various evil items, scattered all over the floor. I saw a door by my right, and also another by my left. I entered the right one and I found Janet tied down to a chair. I rushed towards her and untied her.

“Janet are you okay ” I asked immediately I set her free.

“yes… I am” she replied slowly.

“where are the others ” I added.

“the opposite door ” she said demonstrating with her finger.

” I want you to stay here while I go get the rest” I said trying to clam her down.

I Banged in to the other room forcefully. I saw Agatha and two other girls tied together. The room was more like an abode made for rituals. Down beside them are two body caskets. One is empty and the other contained Johnson dead body. The walls are stained with splashes of human blood and there was a big calabash which contain some human part.

An image idol was positioned at the corner of the room, painted black with only the eye being red. I was about advancing towards Agatha when I observed that the image idol was a living one.

It’s heart was beating and at the same time, it’s eye were moving. Fear engulfed me as the idol began transforming to something I couldn’t describe. No one have to tell me the kind of trouble I’m in for. But I show no fear.

” I can consider letting you live, if you allow me to go peacefully with these girls” I said with boldness. I wasn’t expecting a response, but I know I’m gonna receive one.

” no one comes in here and go out alive” came a voice from the transformed idol.

I can see Agatha and the rest of the girls crying, They were probably afraid of death.

” I’ve combated with a creature far powerful than you are, I killed the one eye river demon that looks even more scarier than you are, I faced with the evil snake with a power far greater than you could ever imagine and I’ve kill numerous powerful creatures that will crush you with just a finger, let me go peacefully and this will be settled without a bloodshed. ” I said not even minding whether it have a blood or not.

” I don’t listen to an ordinary human like you” came another voice from the image idol.

“perhaps you think I’m here alone ” I said then I quickly summon on my little monster friend which appeared immediately.

” do we have any problem here? ” he asked just as he appeared.

” I think that question is for you, do we?” I asked looking directly at the image idol.

“smash it to pieces ” I said and that was the end of the idol.

I quickly untie Agatha and the other two, then we head out all together. I entered the other room and call Janet which jump happily on her feet seeing me again.

We have exited the underground when we met with yemi and the real Hon lawal. Yemi was armed with a pistol in which she pointed at us. Hon lawal on the other, sent me shivering with the demons surrounded by him. Each of them were as big as my monster friend.


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“Ayo drop your gun or one of these girls die” yemi said pointing her gun at Agatha.

I obliged without arguing. And all of a sudden I heard Janet shouting the word…


I looked around hoping not to be hon lawal she’s referring to.

“pardon? ” I asked perplexed.

“he’s my dad” she said pointing at hon lawal.

” what the hell? How can he be your dad? He’s the one responsible for all this we are into…”

“dad, tell me this is not true? ” she cut in.

” it is” he answered with a baritone voice.

Tears came running down Janet eyes like a rain.

” I saw Johnson corpse in that room, so you killed your son Johnson?” I asked straightly.

” yes I did” he answered immediately.

“so you are the murderer I’ve been searching for all my life? ” Janet yelled angrily.

” yes, I guess it’s time you know the truth, some years ago before you and your brother were born. I did a money ritual using my manhood as a sacrifice. I met your mother a year after and we got married. 3 years after our marriage, she got pregnant and gave birth to your brother, and to you after two years.

I didn’t know how it happened but I know I can never have a child in my life, so where did your mother got you from?. I killed and use her as a ritual of fame. That’s why I’m so popular today. When my money ritual needed renewing. I used your brother to renew my money. What’s good in having two bastards children. And I’m going to use you too to increase my money. And for those 3 virgins. I’m offering them to the god of ogun, for success in the up coming election. ” he said.

” that won’t happen ” I said just has he finished talking talking.

“it’s seems you got some nerve, yemi kill him now” he commanded.

I watched in fear as yemi pointed her gun at me, I didn’t know what to say, so I just remain mute in fear. A minute passed and yemi was yet to pull the trigger, I observed her and I saw that are hand were shaking, she was probably holding back herself.

“what’s taking you so long, shoot him now!!! ” he shouted out. I can see tears forming in yemi eyes. It was a difficult decision for her to make.

“shoot him now!!! ” hon lawal said angry . But I was shocked by yemi response.

“I can’t… I can’t kill him. I can’t ” she said slowly.

“what? ” he retorted angrily .

“yes, I can’t. I can’t kill the man I love. Never! You might not have a heart, but he gave me one. I’m not killing him” she said then she shifted the gun towards hon lawal, pointing the gun directly at him.

” yemi are you ready to die for this man ” he said looking pointedly at yemi.

” I don’t care, but I’m won’t let anyone to touch him, not even you!!! ” she said spitting on the floor.

” so be it” he said, then something like lightening came out of his hand and hit yemi by the chest. She lost balance and she fell on the floor. Immediately I rushed towards her looking directly into her eye with fear of losing her.

” I’m sorry ay. It has to be like this…i love you ” she said then she gave up the ghost.

I lost control of myself as anger took me on, I remembered I hide a pistol at the back of my trouser.i brought it all then I fire angrily at hon lawal. I wasted all the bullet on him but I found him still standing after I’m done shooting.

” you can’t kill me with that toy young man ” he said as he laugh loudly.

A voice came from behind which I recognized to be Elizabeth voice.

” But this can” she said as she dig in a grenade into his Agbada then push him rapidly back into the underground, locking the underground cover before the grenade bombed out. And all was over after a loud explosion.

” I told you, a bullet may have your name on it, but a grenade is addressed to… Whomsoever it may concern.” she said as she fell backward. I noticed that she has been shot so I quickly rush forward to her.

” oh my God, you got hit” I said slowly.

“yes, twice on the ammo and one on my arm” she said with a cracking voice.

” I’m not gonna die, how’s the party in here? ” she asked jokingly.

I smiled as a look into her beautiful eye. She reminded me of a friend I lost in the evil forest, Brave and strong.

“let get out of here” I said as I lift her up.

I saw hon lawal monster spirit standing in our way. I knew the grenade won’t kill them. But I know someone who will.

I summoned on my monster friend and he appear immediately.

” one more thing I need from you… Get those idiots out of our way ” I said and I watched as he dismantle them.

Janet sat on the floor staring at the burning underground chamber. All of a sudden, she spit into it then rose to her feet.

” I’m sorry about your father ” I said slowly.

“he is not my father ” she replied back sharply.

We headed out to see yemi girls outside with a loaded AK 47. They were all aiming at us with their guns. Except for Lydia which joined in with us and point her rifle back at the other girls.

“I die with them” she said as she aim back at them.

“Ay get me my M16A4, the party is not over” she said stretching out her hand for her gun. I looked around and I found out that we’ve been surrounded by the police. I smiled then look back at her

“No, it’s over. The party is over” I said with a smile.

The police men rush in and the slay girls surrender their weapons.

Desmond rushed out of a police van and head directly to Elizabeth helping her into the ambulance vehicle.

” how did she get shot?” he asked curiously.

” I don’t know, but she will survive ” I replied.

I looked back at Janet and Agatha. I can’t help but to smile.

” I won’t forgive myself if something has happened to any of you ” I said with a smile.

” I will do the same for you, you know I will” Agatha said as she gave me a tight hug.

“so it’s all over now” Janet said slowly from behind.

“for me it’s not. I got a death destiny to deal with ”

I said.

To be continued…

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