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Episode 22

A dead thing goes with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.

Pretending to be who I’m not is as fake as it sounds. I turned the offer off then send him away with an incense. No ghost could stand the smell and the smoke from it.

Things continue on, but the ghost seems not to let me be, He kept appearing to me daily, and not only at home but at my working place as well. I trained myself to ignore him, so whenever he erupt, I pretend as if I didn’t see him.

Amaka seems to be taking the little thing we had very seriously,and her parents on the other hand automatically made me one of their family, which explains one thing.

The university has rules guiding but the lecturers and the students, having an affair with a student will be going against the rules which might make me kiss my ass. But some students won’t let me be, they kept showing me green light which I ignored severally. The Slay queens among them are the worst. they advanced from the green light to approaching me physically and saying it directly to me. But all of them want something in return, which is a good grade, and that is something I can’t do.

I was having an evening class with the 300 level students when some gang of boys banged in few minutes to the end of the class. Their appearance shows who they are, and their dressing speaks of their group. They were all in black along side with a black beret.

” get out ” I said as they banged in.

“sir? ” they all echoed in surprise.

“you heard me, I won’t repeat myself ” I muttered calmly.

” you don die for this school ooo” One of them said and they all moved out.

Immediately after the lecture, Ifeoma came running at me with speed.

” you should have let them go, they are cultist and they are known for trouble ” she said with a shaking voice.

” Yea, I know… Don’t worry I will be fine ” I said then I head home.

On my way home, James the ghost appeared, I wanted to ignore him but somehow I found myself talking to him. He came up again with his offer which I decline before he could finish.

“I have a life I’m living you can’t just expect me to leave everything behind and turn to who you want me to be, and beside it can’t work, you are an igbo I am a Yoruba. I can’t speak your language how will I even be able to communicate with your family. Let just forget it ” I said.

“I know, but it’s only a matter of time before you walk into someone that know me and beside I’m very popular and ric…”

” I don’t care who you are before, and me being you will only be a dream” I cut in.

Since he refused to go, I have no choice than to walk along side with him. I stopped to buy suya by the road side when I felt a hard grab on my neck. I looked up to see 5 guys armed with cutlass. They drag me forcefully into a car then they drive me to an uncompleted building. James followed me but non of them could see him.

I was being brought to someone I will call their gang leader. He’s very huge and his eyes were red like someone with an Apollo

” I heard you misbehave to my boys today is that tthe? ” he asked in a baritone voice.

” is sending a student out of a class a misbehave to you? I threw directly at him. He chuckles before replying me.

” so you admit that you send them out ” he said.

“absolutely, and I will continue to send them out if they continuing coming late ” I said.

” you talk so bravely, what gives you so much a confidence to talk to me that way ” he said calmly, then I replied back more calmly.


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” I’m not scared of something greater than you, why should I be scared of you. ” I said.

” I can see your head being cut off by one of my boys” he muttered. I smiled then I shifted my gaze to James.

” but you are blind to see that I’m not alone, and I can see one of your boys cutting your hand off ” I said confidently, then I signal to James. immediately he possessed one of them holding a cutlass and under the influence of possession, he took his cutlass and aim for his leader hand but I quickly stop him from cutting the hand off.

” I see no reason to shed blood here, we could be friends, or we can be enemies, but non of you will leave here alive if you choose to be my enemy ” I said with a threating voice.

“we are cool man, I’m Daniel nice to meet you ” he said stretching out his hand for a shake.

“I’m Ayo and tell those boys not to come late to my class again ” I said then I find my way out.

I returned back home quite late, but I took my time to say thank you to James.

I was resting my brain when Ifeoma call came in.

Ifeoma : hello sir

Me: how are you?

Ifeoma : I’m fine sir and you?

Me : I’m okay.

Ifeoma : I just want to say hi to you sir

Me: OK thank you.

Ifeoma : I wanted to ask you something.

Me : go on

Ifeoma : do you have a girlfriend

Me : why do you ask ?

Ifeoma : nothing… I just want to know maybe I can hook you up with someone .

Me: thank you, I don’t want someone or anyone.

Ifeoma : you didn’t look like a saint to me

Me : I never said I am, I used to be a bad boy and I’m still. Only just on vacation.

Ifeoma : oh… Don’t you like me.

Me: you wanna push me to end the call?

Ifeoma : no, I just want to know if you like me or not.

Me : what do you expect me to say, I hate you?

Ifeoma : No.

Me : I have to go, bye.

Just as I ended the call, Amaka came in with some groceries. I haven’t ask her out, but she has made me her fiance in front of her parents and only God knows what she will be cooking for them at my back .

“hi boo, I got some things for you, I hope you will like it ” she said as she lock the door behind her.

” of cos I will, but I will like it more if you prepare us something to eat ” I said.

She gave me a kiss they head to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Amaka hasn’t been a heck in the neck, having her around has been a blessing, apart from the fact that she cherish me with all she have, she has also prevented me from bleeping some butacious slay queens which I wouldn’t give a second thought before giving them a doggy. And for once, I determined to be serious with her.

James didn’t give up and on me and one blessed day I bumped into one of his sister . I was eating at a local restaurant when I saw this person approaching me with an anomalous looks. I shifted my attention away and focus directly on the Akpu I’m eating mixed with oha soup.

” Brother!!! I can’t believe my eyes,so this is you, what are you doing in such a local canteen like this, oh my God! you are eating that revolting food ” came a voice from a lady, which will be in her early 20s.

” excuse me, do I know you? ” I asked with confusion.

” brother don’t play games with me, we’ve been searching all around for you since you left, you need to come back home, papa is sick, his blood pressure is rising just because you left, please brother. Come back home we need you ” she said then move closer to me and started crying on her knees with a pleading hand , I felt embarrassed as all the people focus their attention towards me. And the little bastard down there refused to stop her cry.

” OK… Stop crying, you are creating a scene let go to somewhere else where we can talk ” I said, then I head outside, I hate to leave my Akpu behind but I got no choice than to say goodbye to it.

I took her to Mr Big’s restaurant then order for an ice cream for the both of us. After she has gotten hold of herself, I began talking sense into her head.

” young woman, I’m not your brother okay? We just look alike your brother is dea… I mean I don’t know who your brother was… I mean is” I said trying to convince her, but it’s seems they all sounds like a barking dog to her.

” don’t you get it, I know that you are still mad at Papa, but please our father is dying. can you detaste him so much to the extent of his death, everyday and night he always mention your name, please don’t let papa die, if papa die mama will follow. Please come back home ” she pleaded. With all she said, convincing her will not go easily down. I thought of what to say to her but I found it difficult to put my head straight. After a while I decided to discard her.

” OK OK, I’ve heard you, I will see if I can come home ” I said.

“No, we are going home together ” she replied. And that got me totally mad.

” No! you will do exactly as I say, you will go back home there and tell whoever that ask of me that I will come home when I want and no one is going to force me, understood ?” I shouted at her angrily.

” brother you haven’t change a bit, you are still heartless and ruthless as before ” she said then she head out with tears running down her face. I felt pity for her, but I couldn’t stop her, I just let her go.

I got back home with a heavy heart, I didn’t want to get myself involve in a mess but somehow part of me felt like being attached to it. I was still thinking when James showed up.

” Are you okay, you looked worried? ” he asked immediately he noticed my mood.

” do you know that your father is sick and dying? ” I threw slowy at him. His mood changed all of a sudden as he sat slowly on the floor with his head buried beneath his toes.

” that’s why I needed your help ” he replied slowly.

“it’s okay, tell me all I need to know ” I said.

” it all started some years ago, My father is one of the richest man in this town due to this I grew wings like an eagle, I’ve did alot of evil things, that I can’t mention. My fight with my father started 2 years ago, He swore to disown me cos I kept throwing his name In the dirt. the night before my disappearance, I successfully fruad 20 million out of my father account he got mad at me then he sent me out of his house I left and I never return ” he said.

” ok now I know what you did, tell me about your family and something about you, I can’t just go in there pretending to be you without knowing how you behave and talk ” I said.

” about my family, I have two sisters, I’m the first born and the only male in the family, speaking about how I behave, you don’t need to act the way I am. You are a better person compare to me, just be who you are, not everyone have the chance to make things right, I want you to correct all the wrongs I’ve done. You are my second chance of making things right ” he said.

My life is a life of adventure, I knew James was part of the journey so I allowed him in. For a week he kept teaching me his language which is igbo, I was a slow leaner but he promised to be available by my side to interpret the language to me in case any of the family speak it to me.

Amaka noticed some slight changes in me but I quickly cover it up with some lies.

After two weeks I made myself ready to face my new family and to also get use of being call James.

When the D-day arrived, James stood beside me like James Bond to help me out in times of confusion and response.

When we got there, for more than a minute I stood In front of the house admiring and estimating the cost to build such a big mansion. I wondered why the igbo’s like building mansions.

We entered in and his two sisters came running at me shouting and screaming the words “nwanna anyị bụ azụ ooo”. I quickly ask James for the interpretation and he replied saying ” Our brother is back ”

He’s mother came forward, now my mother. Her eyes were filled with tears and also with joy. And for once I look like the prodigal son. Anyway I have to accepted whoever my new self is.

“nabata nwa m, nna gị ga-enwe obi ụtọ ịhụ gị” she said. I smiled cos I definitely don’t understand what she said. But my interpreter quickly bail me out.

“she welcomed you and she said father will be happy to see you ” James said.

Without wasting time, I was ushered in, I saw the poor man lying sick on the bed. He smiled when he set his eyes on me.

” I’m sorry papa, I didn’t know where to start from but I’ve learnt my lesson, please forgive me. ” I muttered slowly to him.

He smiled then he gave me a hug.

” forgive me too my son, I’m the one to be blame. Forgive me ” he said as he weep on my shoulder. I saw James crying, I felt I should too so I make some tears fall.

He’s two sisters came forward and began checking my body as if they are looking for a zombie bite.

” brother you look quite different, as in your skin is glowing, what are you eating? ” one of the two asked, but the other quickly reply her.

” it’s Akpu and oha soup, I saw him swallowing it like a warder ”

“What is the name of your sisters ” I asked James silently.

“the first one that asked the question is nkechi and that parrot mouth is chioma ” he replied.

Just as he finished talking, two pregnant lady came in rushing directly at me. I wondered who they are as they kept echoing the same words in igbo.

“anyị na di bụ azụ ooo, nna nke nwa anyị bụ azụ” they both said. I asked for the meaning but he didn’t say a words. Since he didn’t reply me I began smiling at the two ladies.

” brother, two months after you left, this two ladies came and said that they are carrying your baby , brother is that true? ” nkechi asked. Immediately I heard that, I stopped smiling. I couldn’t give her a straight answer so I quickly look at James to confirm the truth. But he kept staring at me without saying a word.

” oh no, this is not a good way to start ” I muttered to myself.

To be continued….



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