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Episode 24

Three things can’t be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth.

I dissapointed Amaka…

The situation went over my control, being two different person to two different woman is like being in two different hell. Amaka thought that I was cheating on her, she didn’t wait for an explanation from me before she ran off with tears dripping down her face. By the way, I got nothing to explain to her. Ada on the other hand couldn’t believe her eyes. She tried to stand up, but she slipped and fell. She went faint but I quickly rush her to the hospital.

At the hospital, I sat impatiently on the floor with my heart beating rapidly like a racing horse. Everything I ever loved are now about to be shattered but I still found myself in darkness of what to do.

I summoned on James and he appeared immediately.

” My life is about getting ruin ” I said without looking at him.

” what happened? ” he asked in confusion.

” I can’t narrate anything, just go in my head and see everything yourself ” I said with a little higher voice.

Just as I finished talking, the doctor came out and I advanced towards him with speed.

” doctor how is she?” I asked with a trembling voice.

” Rest your mind she will be fine, we ran some test on her and we found out that she’s pregnant…”

” preg—what? ” I cut in the doctor.

“pregnant, she’s some months pregnant and she needs to be taken care of and also don’t let her stress herself and she shouldn’t be thinking. It’s for the health of the baby. ” the doctor said.

I went back to my sitting position, then rested my back on the wall.

” the doctor said Ada is pregnant, did you slept with her? ” James asked.

“don’t ask me foolish question, if I slept with her won’t you know, or do you think I didn’t know that you are always watching the both of us together. The doctor said that she’s some months pregnant that explains one thing. She’s carrying your baby, didn’t you slept with her when you are still alive? ” I asked trying not to let loose of my anger.

” yes I did ” he replied slowly .

” now if you will excuse me, I need to go and see her ” I said then I made my way through him.

Ada was later discharged in the evening but I got no words to say to her. I drove her to her father house then head back to my residence alone. On getting home, I met James waiting for me in the living room.

” what should we do now? ” he asked after some moment of silence.

” are you using the word ‘we’ ? I’m the only person in this mess no one can see you, no one can hear you and no one can blame you. You got me into the mess I shouldn’t have, and that’s because I helped you. I was having a normal sweet life before you came in into the picture. And everything that is happening to me is because of you James!!! Just go I don’t want to see you ” I muttered out in anger.

” I’m not leaving you until everything is solved ” he said. Just as he finished talking, i heard a knock on the door. I went to open it and Ifeoma came in.

” Ay listen to me, we need to solve this problem together ” he added. But listening to him was the last thing I ever wanted at that moment.

“chioma, what can you do to distract me from hearing someone?” I asked. Then she smiled and she began undressing herself

“no not this way… ”


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“This is all I got ” she cut in then she lock her lips with mine. She wasn’t wearing a bra, cos I can feel the softness of her br**st through the tight fitted gown she wore. And just like a professional tailor she removed my d**k then began giving me a blow job which made me forget everything about James. She was so good at it that she made me almost cum inside her mouth, but I was able to get a hold of myself. I pulled up her gown and her also found out that she’s pantless. No one needs to tell me that she came fully prepared.

I entered in into her pu**y without wasting a seconds, her pu**y was already wet, so my entering was so smooth. I f**ked her with her back facing the wall and her leg, balanced on my shoulders. I went deep into her, I can even feel my d**k touching some end region in her pu**y. I was banging her as fast as I could just to clear my head off my worries. But she was screaming as my d**k became unbearable for her to hold. Every seconds, I thrust deep into her pu**y then pull out and thrust in again with force and speed without giving her any seconds to catch her breath. I separated her leg widely apart so that my whole d**k can freely enter fully into her pu**y without leaving any part of it out. She was screaming as her pu**y cream came rushing on my d**k. That didn’t stopped me, insted I kept banging her with every intention of destroying her pu**y. It got to some point, she began frighting back with all her strength. At first she tried preventing me from having a deep penetration by using her hand to hold back my waist whenever I’m about to thrust in deeply. I got a hold of her two hands then I lock them up above her head with my left hand. Once again her pu**y baceme prone to a deep penetration. After she realized how helpless her pu**y was, she began trying to close her laps together. I saw this coming so I immediately lift one of her leg across my shoulder, leaving the other behind, with this, she got nothing but to watch her pu**y being fired with a long ebonite rod. She began begging me to stop after an hour of non stop push in push out. But I heard her not. Screaming was not enough, so she began crying. Her pu**y was as hot as an oven yet I kept banging her. She was at the edge of fainting when I pulled out and release on her pu**y face. She fell like a lifeless being on the floor but I felt like, I haven’t done anything. I was thinking about going into her again when I realized I didn’t touch her boobs. My d**k regain momentum instantly, then I advance towards her spreading her leg apart for another penetration. She had no strength to fight back so I went in easily without hesitation. Just as I buried my d**k into her pu**y, I took my time to do Some judgment on her br**st, Which Only serves as a catalyst to my d**k. My d**k grew harder as I suck and bite her random succulent standing boobs. My d**k was called to full action after some time, then I began bleeping her even more than the first time. She fainted after 30 minutes of hard push in and out, but that still didn’t stop me, I woke her back up with my d**k, she woke and found out that I’m still bleeping her. That day was a hell to her. I can’t really remember what happened after.

A lie can go for a thousand years, but one day, the truth will prevail.

Saying the truth was all I have left, but the truth seems crazy to hear, no one will believe me, but I know I have to let them know the real truth about myself.

Ever since then, Amaka haven’t been picking my calls and facing her parents seems like the worst thing to do. I couldn’t show my face in front of Ada again, neither could I go home to face James parents. I was alone in the living world but James was also besides me in the dead world.

” Ayo I’m sorry I dragged you into all this, I think it’s time we let the truth out, let start with Amaka, then we will move to my parents after you’ve settled in with Amaka ” James said.

I nodded then I head to her parent house. I wasn’t welcomed, but after alot of pleas I was being allowed in. I wasn’t allowed to see Amaka, I knew I dissapointed her but telling her the truth was all I needed to. I met with her parents so I began narrating everything to them. Even though they look at me in disbelief.

” papa and mama, I’m sorry. I should have let you know this before now. Believe me, I loved your daughter and I planed going more further with her into marriage, just that some things happened that I can’t really help myself out. I got this gift of sight that I can see what no one can. A ghost that looked exactly the same way I am came to me for help. The person Amaka saw me with was actually his fiancee, not mine. I was only pretending to be him ” I said. But non of my words moved them. Her father later spoke up after a while of silence.

” I’m sorry it’s too late for that, when our daughter came running at us with tears, we both think of what to do, so we sent her abroad, just for her wounds to heal, we got a call from her yesterday saying she met another man who is ready to replace you in her life. I’m sorry to break it to you. She has moved on. And I expect you to do the same. You are still welcome here anytime ” he said. Then he head inside along with his wife leaving me behind in the living room.

I never believed that Amaka has left me for good, I felt like some part of are being removed. I couldn’t eat for days. I knew she deserved better, but she didn’t wait to hear me out. I felt I lost a precious stone inside a big ocean. Getting it back will take more than a miracle.

A week after the heart break, I prepared to meet my greatest fear. But before that, I called nkechi aside and narrated everything to her. It was alot for her to take in, especially when I said I’m not her brother and her brother is dead. At first she didn’t believe me but when she see that I’m telling the truth, she had no choice than to believe me. Facing James parents was the first move then followed by Ada parent.

On the D—day, I dressed up then head to James parent house with James beside me. As I entered into the living room, I met an igbo priest sitting on the floor and making some incantations. I guessed he came for a visiting but it happened his visiting came in my favour. Immediately as I entered, I noticed some slight changes in him as he began to look at me non stop. He sense the presence of a ghost but he wasn’t sure cos he can’t see him. He fetched for a white substance from his sack, then he applied it on his eyes, then James became visible for him to see, he made a loud scream as he saw James standing beside me. He was shocked as he began to look at my face and James face.

“taboo!!!, how can you be dead and be alive at the same time? ” he asked with a shock. I calmed him down, cos he has created a scene that got everybody confused except for nkechi. After everyone is calmed, I stood up to talk

“My name is Ayo and not James, I’m not your son. Your son is dead, he’s right here beside me, the priest can testify to that” I said but, but his parents didn’t believe me. James father later voiced out after a long commotion.

” My son, have you been drinking? Don’t play with death like that, it’s not a good thing to say ”

“father he’s telling the truth, our brother is dead. He just look like him, he’s not our brother… ” nkechi said.

“nonsense!!! Will you all stop this joke!!! ” he muttered angrily.

“I’m afraid it’s no joke my friend. They are telling the truth, cos I can see a dead man here with us that look so much like him ” the priest said.

It was hard for him to believe, but when he did, he fainted and so was his wife. We rushed to them and they were being brought back.

” please tell me my son is not dead ooo, tell me he’s still alive ” that was what his mother was saying as she kept crying. He’s father on the other hand was still trying to control the shock. Chioma was wailing while nkechi kept consoling her mother with tears in her eyes.

It took the family two weeks to finally accept that there son is dead. I had no good news to tell them than to let them know that Ada is carrying their grandchild.

Due to the condition of the child inside Ada, I was told not to let her know the truth till she gave birth to the baby. It was a hard choice for me to do but I played being James till her time was up. She gave birth to a male child and he was welcomed with so much love into the world.

Finally I let her know the truth, it was really a sad moment for her as she almost cry herself to death. She pleaded for me to stay with her, but I cannot live my life being who I’m not. It’s hurt me to leave her, even both the families want me to continue being her husband. But my destiny lies not in another.

Immediately I finished my youth service, I was offered a job in the University I had my service but I declined the offer. My adventure in the east is over, it’s time I go back home.

Home sweet home, nowhere like home. I was able to get a job after 3 months of my arrival back at home. I used my father connection and I passed the test. So that got me a well payed job.

No matter how far we are into the desert, we must surely find a dwelling place when the storm comes. No one can outrun the storm.

I’ve been Living a life of adventure all my life, I think it’s time I settle down and live a normal home life.

A year after I got my job, I was able to have a car of my own, but securing a good wife came as a problem to me. I bleeped all the ladies in my working place and beyond. I thought a life of adventure was easy to stop, but I was wrong… Not until I met her

To be continued….

Final episode to be out soon.

Oya come and guess who the her is oooo.

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