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Episode 2

I sat down quietly, staring straightly at her. I couldn’t think straight, I just fixed my eyes on her. Thinking about the unthinkable. I was brought back to life, by the person sitting next to me.

” hey dude, its your turn to introduce yourself ”

“Do I still need that” I muttered silently.

I can see everyone looking at me, I wonder why they won’t just face the front and mind their businesses.

I stood up to say my name when David and his friend interrupted my speech.

” The Samaritan boy” they barked.

The room echoed with tremendous laughs. I felt embarrassed, cos I was more like a laughing stock.

And finally, I felt there’s no need for me to say my name.

” bamboos ” I cursed.

At the end of the lecture , I was appointed as the new course Rep, by Ayokemi. She mentioned me closer,and requested my help with her books. I packed her books and I followed her behind. And once in an oscillation, my eye will met with her jingling butt. Sincerely speaking, the butt are great.

” why are you called the Samaritan boy” she asked suprisely .

” never mind the old fools, they refused to learn. ” I muttered .

She smiled as she entered her supposed office.

” Miss Ayokemi, I think you will need my help here, this place is in a huge mess ” I said while surveying my eyes around.

” I think I know the reason why you are Called the Samaritan boy” she said with a smile.

” you know?” I asked curiously.

” yea… Never mind, I really appreciate it, it’s nice of you ” she said.

I fetched for a broom and a piece of rag alongside with a bowl of water , and I set to work. Her eyes were on me as I worked professionally like a drycleaner. A lot of questions were running through my mind, but I couldn’t ask. Perhaps am a little bit scared. When I first met her, she was a fish and now she’s my lecturer. She looks too young to be a lecturer, if she will be older than I, it will be with two or three years.

I broke the silence when I couldn’t hold it anymore.

” it’s seems, you are new here and also in this town” I said with a borrowed confidence. And its seems,she’s been expecting a conversation from me, but have been foolishly silent.

” yea, how do you know ” she asked with a glimpse of joy.

” we’ve met, even before you became my lecturer ” I said jokily.

” I got you surprised right? ” she said as she smiled at me.

” yea, I almost–I freaked out, I hope that won’t affect our friendship ” I quickly take my eyes away after finishing the statement. I expected an answer but non came, I guessed am pushing too hard.

” you wouldn’t mind if I show you around the town and school, perhaps we will get to know each other better ” I said, pushing more harder .

” I wouldn’t say no” she answered.

And that was the greatest reply, I certainly need from her.

” I will give you a call” I said as I exit from the office room.

” this will be great” I thought loudly.

I walked back into the lecture to pick my things, but I found my bag gone.

” are this guys playing pranks with me ” I soliloquized .

” which guys ?” I heard a female voice behind me and I quickly recognized the voice.

” Agatha are you with my bag?” I asked without turning my back.

” who could have taken your bag if not me, or what have you been up to?” I turned to see her placing my bag on her head. I laughed at her appearance, cos she look more like a petty trader .

” come, I will tell you all about it when we get home” I said as I drag her out with me.

Evening arrived sooner than I thought, after eating the delicious spaghetti Agatha prepared for me, I lied on the bed for a quick nap, but its turned out to be a long sleep, I woke up around 7pm in the evening.

I saw a note written by Agatha for me, calling me a sleeping bull. I guessed she left, after she realized the kind of sleep am engaged with.

I helped myself with the remaining spaghetti left in the pot. Mama thought me how to Cook, but I failed miserably. Even to Cook ordinary rice is a problem for me. The day hunger forced me to prepare a concoction rice. Believe me, it was a burnt offering.

I was enjoying the spaghetti am eating and at the same time chatting with some fish on WhatsApp. I remembered I collected Ayokemi number earlier in the day, I wasted no time in running a call to her.

Me: hello?

Ayokemi: hello ay.

Me: (surprise) how did you know its me.

Ayokemi: I have true caller, and beside I knew you will call.

Me: oh. How was your day ma?

Ayokemi: stressful.

Me: stressful?

Ayokemi: yea kind of, where I moved in… I did some cleaning and arrangement.

Me: oh, you could have inform me.

Ayokemi: you called late.

Me: am sorry, I never knew.

Ayokemi: thanks for today anyway.

Me: its nothing ma, around which area are you ma?

Ayokemi: G.R.A

Me: just as I thought.

Ayokemi: you wouldn’t think otherwise.

Me: can you still go out tonight ma?

Ayokemi: I would love to, but am tired.

Me: Another day I guess?

Ayokemi: yea.

Me: have a happy night rest ma.

Ayokemi: and you too.

The door opened and my friends bounced in. I can tell from their dressing that they are up to somewhere. Probably an occasion or party.

” Ay baba, na here you dey?”

” No na togo.where are you guys up to, dressed like a president escorts ” I asked curiously.

They first pounced on the spaghetti am eating. At least they still got few spoons left to fight for.

” Ay, you cooked this?” Mayor asked suprisely after he discovered the sweetness of the food.

” hell will lose if it’s me, my bestie did ” I said.

” I thought as much, oya go change your cloth fast, fast, we got a party to attend” Ope said.

I didn’t plan going anyway, but staying at home doing absolutely nothing will absolutely be boring.

In less than 2 minute,Am all done, and we all head out.its quite unfortunate that non of us have a ride. Well, we thanked God for the Geo–leg.

We board a bike which conveyed us to the party. At the entrance, we were stopped by the security officials.

” where are your partners ?” One of them threw the question at us.

” partners? ” we echoed together.

” you guys must have a female partner before you can enter in here, that’s the gate entry password”

That came as a surprise to all of us. We stood there looking like Zombies.

” so should we all turn and go back?” I asked the demoralised dudes.

” I would suggest we stay here and fish” Ben suggested.

We agreed to the suggestion and we all positioned ourselves like a high way Police men.

Seconds turned minutes, minutes turned to hours . not a single fish come our path. We are at the edge of giving up when we sighted the slay Queen’s . They were like the children of Israelite crossing the red sea. I tried counting them with my eye, but I lost counting. They were all moving like a herds of cattle, dressed in black.

” who is in for threesomes?” I asked.

” foursomes are better ” Ope replied.

” fivesomes ain’t bad” mayor quickly added.

” I will go for sixsomes” Ben completed.

We all laughed at Ben when he said sixsomes.

” death is calling on you bro” Ope let out loudly.

” can’t wait to eat your burial Akara” I added .

” whatever, see you guys in the building, am off to fishing ” Ben said and he moved away from us.

He approached the ladies and we followed behind. We are some feets to catching up, when the unexpected happened. We heard a gun shot. Immediately, we stopped on our track. With our very eyes, we saw as fish turned into predators. We thought they are slay Queen’s, of cos they are. But slay queens with loaded AK 47. Running was far too an option cos they are very close to us. Right there in front of us, the security men were shot dead. They all advanced inside leaving two behind to watch the door.

We were all trembling from head to toe, although they didn’t seem to have our time, but I know they got us in mind. Any silly move and we are all dead .

We heard a distant gun shot, followed by some huge screaming. Probably from some terrified ladies. My heart began racing fast, we had no idea of what’s happening and the fear of getting shot by some bloody slay mama’s paralyzed the four of us.

Alot of things began running through my mind, perhaps we could talk to the two ladies outside, maybe they could let us go. Perhaps I should try another way. After thinking for some time, I summoned up courage then speak softly to Ben, but loud enough for the ladies to hear.

” Ben, do you still planed having a sixsomes with these ladies? ” I asked, fixing my eyes on the two ladies, I observed their reaction when they heard my voice. Its quite unexplainable.

” are you kidding me?, this is no time to joke, I would give up anything just to have my ass safe.” Ben replied.

Just as he finished the statement, the door was opened and the rest of the ladies bounced out.

” Why are these guys still alive ?” Says the one whom I supposed to be the leader .

” they are just bunch of fools, imagine one of them thinking about having sixsomes” one of the ladies retorted.

“Fools indeed, let’s go” she commanded and takes the lead, while others followed behind.

After they’ve vanished from our sight, we took to our kneels. Have never have a close call like that in my life, i ran like a hen being chased by a cock. I got home, locked myself in, and began saying some prayers. Ben and the rest must also have find their way to their respective abode. They ran as if they are in for a temple run.

No one have idea about what happened in the building, but whatever it is, I know it’s not a good one.

The following day, I couldn’t go out for lecture, probably still terrified by the blood thirsty incidence. I locked myself in, switched off my mobiles and hide beneath a blanket. Cowardice isn’t for the brave, but I lost the braveness when am a foot away from death. I heard numerous knocks on my door, but I wouldn’t open. Who knows if the devil is still after us.

I heard another knock on my door, but I remained silent.

” ay I know you are in there, open this door now before I break it down.” That came from Agatha.I know her capability, if I delay any seconds, she might break the door down. I least, if I can’t trust anyone, I got to trust my Beastie. I opened the door and she entered.

” what’s the problem? Are you sick? Why locking yourself in?” She threw the questions immediately she stepped in. I don’t fancy lies, so I told her everything even if I want to lie to someone, it wouldn’t be her, she will easily detect that am lying. So saying the truth is all I got.

” its okay baby boo, I heard about it also, the news is everywhere. I thanked God that you are alive, that’s what really matters, what about your friends, have you hear from them?” She asked.

” no, but they will be fine. ” I replied.

I felt some slight pains in my stomach, I knew its Mr hunger way of saying ” hello dude, no food yet?”.

Thanked God Agatha is around, I begged het to prepare me a breakfast. After a lot of excuses, she agreed.

The following day at school, I was heading to the library when am being summoned up by Ayokemi. I changed my direction and head to her office.

” you weren’t in school yesterday, I searched all over for you and your lines are also off.” She asked.

An electric of joy ran through my veins, if that is coming out from her,that means she cares. I stood there, smiling at her, not knowing what to say. I can’t possibly tell her the truth and am having bad lucks with lies .

” I was… Something came up and… I…its gone. You look great today ma’am. ” I said trying to evade her questions. And I think that works, cos I caught her with a blushing smile. One thing I discovered about ladies, if you appreciate them, they will appreciate it. Derived from some laws in physics.

” can I take you out tonight ma’am ” I asked with charming voice.

” if its fine by your girlfriends, then I will be waiting for you by 6pm” she replied.

” funny, see you at 6 ma’am. ” I said then i head for the exile. I bumped into joy(the class guru) on my way out. Accidentally and unintentionally, my hand pressed her br**st, she had no bra on, so i was able to feel, the texture and the succulent softness of her br**st.

” wao!!!” I exclaimed. She wore a surprise angry face, hissed then pushed her way through me.

“Am sorry, emmm… nice br**st ” I said immediately after her. I think that got her more suprise. I can see her burning with anger.

” son of a bitch ” she cursed .

I wouldn’t want to hear another so I turned and find my way out.

I met with Ope and Agatha at the relaxation center. I guessed he’s still trying his luck with her.

” am I interrupting a date?” I asked jokily.

” you just did” Ope replied rapidly.

We laughed then I sat in between them.

” Ayo I think its high time we start believing you ” Ope said.

I looked at the both of them with uncertainty. Wondering about what may bring about the statement.

” A news reached me today, which I later confirmed by myself to be true… A body was found in the wood. A dead body, I will say… Its came just as you predicted… She was found dead in the Forest today by a hunter.” Ope said with his head bent down.

” the question in answer is that, how did you know she’s going to die?” Agatha asked.

I looked at the two of them, thinking of what to tell them. Am not sure if they will believe me and am not ready to risk saying it out.

” am I being interrogated or what?” I asked with a little anger.

” calm bro its not what you think, ain’t we friends?” Ope said calmly.

” am sorry ay, its not just your first time saying something like this, its wired and am worried”. She said.

I took my time before answering them, have been living my crazy life all alone, I didn’t know how it’s feels to share one of my greatest secret with them.

” I do see things, far beyond the human world. Not everyone out there are human. Some are creatures from the underworld. When I was a child, I lived in their world. Some are very powerful, some are friendly, some are evil, some are victims, some are casualties… The girl whose body was found in the wood, She was lured by a creature , a creature of the wild Forest. I know she won’t survive it…no one has”.

I watched as they both listen with their mouth opened in disbelieve.

” its okay if you don’t believe me” I said then I made to move.

” sincerely speaking, I believe you. If you are lying, I would have known ” Agatha said.

I observed as Ope survey his eyes around.

” so do you see anything now?” He asked. I didn’t answer him, but after a lot of persuasion from both of them, I opened up.

” right here in front of us…is a dead man”

(Come see race)

To be continued….

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