Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

At Mr. Ikem’s House.

shantel was seen kneeling down begging Austin’s


not to send her away.

“Papa please don’t send me away. If you send me away,


will have nowhere else to go to. Is because of the love


have for your son made me feel like I’m an outcast in


family. Is because of that love that also made me think

I’m part

of this family. please don’t send me away. I don’t have


other place to go to please” Shantel pleaded.

“Young lady.

your father sent guns men to kill us all. Now tell me, if


finds out that you are here, what do you think he will

do?” Mr. Ikem asked.

“He will just send bokoharam to come and burn


building” Mrs. Ikem said in demonstration.


pls is not about what my father did and what he can do.


about the love I have for your son Austin. We’re destined


be man and wife” Shantel said.

“God forbid.

not my son Austin. Shantel go away” Mrs. Ikem shouted.

“Hmm. shantel,

get up and go back to your father’s house. For people


your class no nothing about love” Mazi Ikem said.


have found love here papa. I have found love in your son

Austin. pls let me

stay here” Shantel begged in tears.

“not my son…go back to ur family.”mazi Ikem replied.


please don’t join my father to” shantel stopped talking


she discovered that Austin’s parents has already gone



:Minutes later.

Austin was seen returning back home smiling. But


smile vanished when he saw shantel seating outside


house crying. He wondered why she was crying.

“Shantel” Austin called making her to look up. she ran

and hug him still crying.

“Where are you coming from?” shantel asked.

“I’m coming

from Lagos. I came to get my dairy, what, what are


doing here?” Austin asked.

“I ran away from home. I came to see you” shantel


“And what are you doing outside the House” Austin asked again.

“Papa and

mama refused me entering” shantel replied.

“Why na.

why why why ” Austin cried. he went and hug shantel.


I’m home” Austin shouted , No response.


I’m home” Austin shouted again. the door cracked open


mr. and Mrs. Ikem burst out smiling. but the smile


on seeing Austin and shantel in a tight hug.

“Austin now, leave

that girl and come into the house” Mr. Ikem commanded.


she’s my Destiny. I go nowhere without shantel” Austin


“Unless you obey me now or I will disown you” Mr. Ikem


“What, you’re disowning me?” Austin asked shocked.


now unless you obey me” Mr. Ikem replied. Austin


at shantel and walked up to his father.

“So be it papa” Austin said.


“I go nowhere without shantel” Austin replied.

“Have you gone mad?” Mr. Ikem asked.

“Maybe” Austin replied and left with shantel alongside


their belongings as Mr. and Mrs. Ikem watch them







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