Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Mr. and Mrs. Richard was seen seating at their


room thinking about the where about of their daughter;


Mr. Richard took out his phone calling vicky.



is me shantel’s father. have you heard from shantel?


have not heard from shantel? you’re unable to reach her?


me where is my daughter?” Mr. Richard dropped the call

with tears.

“Did she tell you where our daughter is?” Mrs. Doris asked.


said she doesn’t know” Mr. Richard replied.

“Oh God. what is happening? None of her friends, her own


not even any of the three ladies has a clew of her where about since three days.


my daughter dead? has she hanged herself?” Mrs. Doris

asked herself crying.

“Wait wait let me think” Mr. Richard said. He thought


a while and brought his phone out to call the D.P.O


is that the D.P.O.? Good, this is chief Richard 1….


will like you to institute a case of kidnapping against

the family of Austin.

The entire family, yes, they are the ones that; they could


responsible for the kidnapping of my daughter. I want


to be arrested. Arrested and tortured. tortured until they

confessed. I want you

to let me know as soon as you take the arrest; thank

you” He dropped the call.

“My king, that family could be innocent you know?” Mrs. Doris said.

“Innocent my foot. shantel is my only daughter. I will


I will destroy, I will murder his entire generation if that’s


will bring back my daughter. Yes, I will” Mr. Richard said

with an angry look.




At Ikem’s House.

The police mens dragged mr. and Mrs. Ikem into their van as one


see mr. Williams already inside their van with a handcuff.


zoomed off; going straight to their station.



At Lagos(Lag)

“The U.S. embassy has family accepted shantel’s explanations.


her resident permit papers were stolen, he also agreed to process


new one for her. He has the photocopy of the old one. And he


said that they can allow me to go with her on one condition,


should produce the legal documents that we’re legally married.

At that

point, we just wanna do everything to meet up their demands” Austin explained to


friend Chidozie as one could see three of them seating at the

sitting room.

“You need my help?” Dozie asked.

“We want to get married and we need money for our flight to


shantel and I could have done that for a very long time now but


account is empty. She emptied her account just to save me from


father, so if you can just help us” Austin said.

“so austin, how much are we talking about here?” Dozie asked. austin glance

at shantel and look back at Dozie.

“Like 350thousand” Austin said and Dozie became weak.


almost all I have in my account now” Dozie said.


promise to send it down to you as soon as we leave” Shantel


“Common, no need. Austin has been a good friend of mine right


the university and I fully support your plans to enlop. I will give


the money” Dozie said with a smile.

“Dozie something. Thank you very Much” Austin shake hands with

him three times; happily.

He turned back at shantel, with a smile on their faces;

they engaged on a tight hug.



The Following Day.

Austin and shantel was seen in a plane – going to U.S.A.




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