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Episode 11

Life may be sad but it’s always beautiful.

” an adventure with the slay Queen’s? Are you crazy or what? You want me to work with you, a cop? That’s not happening, I won’t get involve in this suicide mission, life is too beautiful for a wild goose chase. Excuse me and don’t ever follow me again ” I yelled at her. She was shocked by my response, I guessed she was expecting something quite cinch from me but she got it the other way round.

” ay, please listen to me, am sorry if I’ve been following you around.its just that you are my only hope of catching her. Without you am doom. Look am not requesting you, Am begging you, please help me, help me to bring her to justice ” she pleaded. I looked at her for a while, thinking of the kind of response to give her.

” stay out of my way, I don’t want a complicated life, I want a normal life has everyone does. Am sorry I can’t help you ” I said then I made to leave.

” he was my brother, it was my brother that she killed!!!. She killed my brother that night. I became a cop just because of her. Ever since our father became a commissioner, our life’s has been complicated. Do you know how it feels to lose a brother? Am not going to stop until I bring justice to whoever that have hands in my brother death. Now look at me and tell me you are not helping me” she said with tears running down her face.


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I admitted she caught me off guide, I felt sorry for her and I couldn’t help seeing a lady crying.

” am sorry about your brother, am really sorry about his death. Please accept my condolence. I…I am just afraid of death, am afraid if I get involve…that I might die… Well I believe what will be, will surely be… So is there anything I can do for you now” I said with utmost sincerity.

” thank you ” she said wiping away her tears.

Back at home, I sat on my bed and began to reminisce about my moment with Janet. I remembered the warnings my mother gave me but its seems am going off her warnings.

I picked up my phone and texted yemi, she replied immediately with a call after she got the message.

Yemi: hello baby boo.

Me: hi.

Yemi: I saw your message, and I can’t stop reading it over and over again. Seriously you miss me?

Me: yea, kind of.

Yemi: should I send my girls to come take you.

Me: no, I want you to come to my place.

Yemi: can’t you come to mine?

Me: you’ve never been to my place. I want you and I together alone here in my place.

Yemi: that’s romantic but am the kind of person that don’t do such a thing, the street is dangerous you know. But since you said you want me alone am coming right away.

Me: can’t wait to see you dear.

Yemi: me too, love you plenty.

She ended the call and I began to tidy up my room, I place a voice recorder somewhere around the room. Those are part of the evidence Janet wanted so bad, so I made an arrangement for it.

She arrived in less than 10 minutes, I opened the door for her but I was shocked by what I saw. Standing behind her is a spirit guard, he was armed with a machete and a red ribbon was tied on his head and arms.

” my baby boo” she said, throwing me a hug.

” i—i thought I said you should come online ” I asked with an unspoken fear.

” yea, I came alone, I drive myself here ” she said with grin.

I was at the edge of pointing to the spirit guard behind her when I realized the danger of revealing my gift to her, so I pretended as if I see nothing.

I allowed her in, but I was surprised when the spirit guard followed her in too.

” what happened to the law of privacy ” I muttered out angrily. She looked at me with a weird expression.

” what do you mean?” She asked slowly.

” not you jare, I was talking to this… I mean, emmm, we should exercise some laws in physics. Like Newton’s law.” I said covering up foolishly.

She smiled then she gave an unexpected kiss. She was about turning it to a long one when I stopped.

” it’s too early for that, let’s get to know each other better first, I barely know you ” I said with the hope of getting something vital from her. I never for once take my eyes off her spirit guard, occasionally my eye will met with his, but I will quickly take them away. He seems to be listening to our conversation which I certainly don’t like.

” so tell me about yourself, apart from being a student, what other things do you do, I will like to know everything ” I said with a cozy smile.

It’s took her a while before she began talking, she felt suspicious but my charms are killing her. I never stop smiling at her and she fell for it.

” OK OK, my life history is quite not good, I lost my parent when I was 10, my aunt took me in and she took full responsibility of me. She thought me how to be strong, how to be desperate and how to protect myself. I worked for big people, even the police, if they want to do some shit and they don’t want to get their hands dirty, they send for us. And we will do the shit for them. I have girls all over the campus and outside beyond, working for me. I pay them all cos I’m their boss. And they obey every single command I made. Speaking about guys, I hate them a lot. I just don’t know why am attracted to you. Despite the various warning…I still just like you ” she said.

Its took me 5 minute to digest what she said. The only thing am happy about was that she like me, and with this I can get all I want from her.

She spent the weekend at my place, and I was able to record some vital information about her down. Her spirit guard was all around through out, due to that I couldn’t do anything silly . what if his d**k get erected seeing both of us having s£x. I wouldn’t want to risk that.

With the way I see things, she’s in love with Ay, the wrong guy. Unfortunately am not in for love am in for an adventure.

On a beautiful Sunday morning I was coming back from church when someone covered my face from behind.

” guess who?” The person said.

After mentioning all the person I know I decided to check who the person is, I turned back only to see a mad man behind me. I waited not. I threw away my Bible and began running like a Poland pig. After running for some minutes I decided to rest under a tree.

While still resting, a little boy came up to me. He sat beside me and stared directly into my eyes.

” you should be thankful to the mad man, he covered your eye so you won’t be able to see the death passing, there’s a limitation to your gift, there are things you suppose not to see. No one see death and live to tell the story. I see the future and I can see the past. Your future lies so many unspoken things. But the death in your past is hurting your future. Don’t let him win. And if you will excuse me, you are sitting right in front of my house” he said. I stood up and I watched as he disappeared into the tree. He said a lot of things I couldn’t process clearly. I wondered what he meant by being hurt by a death from the past. I tried to walk it off but I couldn’t.

I got back home very perplex, I met my room opened and I wondered who might be inside my room.

I entered only to see the spirit guard standing comfortably beside my reading table. I pretended as if I didn’t see him. I called on yemi hoping she’s around but I got no response.

” what could he be doing here in my room” I thought loudly.

All of a sudden, he shifted his attention to me. Looking directly into my eye balls. I was a bit scared, I tried to ignore him when I saw he walking around around my room. I began loosing my patience so I voiced out.

” hey you, stop right there. You can’t just be walking around as if this place belong to you. You are an intriguer for crying out loud. I think you’ve overstay your welcome. Please get the hell out of here right now!!!” I shouted. He didn’t reply me instead he continue walking around. He saw the recorder tape on top of my cabinet, he moved towards it but I quickly grab it before he do. He looked at me with great fury. He unsheathed is machete and faced me directly. I fetched for a very good cutlass under my bed and made ready for a counter attack. That’s if he attack me first. I was staring into his eye with confidence and braveness when a knock is heard on the door. The door opened and yemi hop in.

” Ayo what are you doing with a cutlass!!!” She shouted.

” tell this dog of yours, the hell is he doing in my house? ” I retorted.

” I don’t understand you… You mean you can see him” she replied slowly.

” Hell yes!!! I can see the godamn dog of yours ” I retorted angrily.

“No it’s impossible !!!” she muttered.

To be continued….

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