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Ayo used to be someone born with a special gift of sight. He became weird to his parent, which make him lost his gift of sight, but the sight returned when he clocked 20. Unfortunately it’s only the left eye that see the super natural world, the right sees normal, which makes his sight limited to some higher view.

He wasn’t in any way a good lad, he club, he drinks and he drugs. I will say he’s a averagely bad dude.

He have 3 close friends, Ope,Ben and mayor respectively. They are all in the same tariff as him. He have a Best friend, a female. Agatha by name.

He encountered alot of life challenges but in physical and the spiritual world.

He had affairs with some pretty few ladies so far, one was with his lecturer, Ayokemi and also with the outstanding student in his department, joy.Others are side chicks

He met with Yemi, a deadly and dangerous slay queen leader.

Yemi seems unclear, but unimaginative, she fell in love with Ayo. A lady with a heart of stone.

She’s a student, but work mostly for politicians. She have a herds of girls in which she control.

She’s powerful both in physical and in spiritual world. She have a spirit guard that always follow her to wherever she goes.

There’s a misery behind the death of a young man named Johnson. He have a sister named Janet.

Somehow, Yemi was involved in the death of Johnson. And Janet on the other hand want Justice for her brother death. Unfortunately, Ayo was involved with Yemi during this time.

Janet seeks for Ayo help in putting Yemi behind bars. But doing this process, Johnson ghost appeared to Ayo, and the all the believed truth began changing to some evil misery.

Previously on Adventure with the slay Queen’s(episode 13)


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