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Episode 14

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, whats wrong is letting a mistake stay a mistake.

Yemi spirit guard wouldn’t think of getting the flash drive so easily from me.

” to get the flash drive, you have to go through me first ” I said with boldness.

The spirit guard is a creature created for violence, within a blink of an eyes, he raised his machete high in the air and made to attack me with it.

I saw his move, so I quickly move backward in self defense. It was during this period that an idea struck me.

” why don’t you call on your little monster friend, I’m sure he will be glad to help you” says my mind.

And without wasting a seconds, I called on my little monster friend, I couldn’t see him, but I felt his presence.

I was surprised when yemi spirit guard dropped his machete on the floor and began to move slowly backward. his eyes were facing up and he was trembling from head to toe. I knew the appearance of my little monster friend was the reason for his trembling. And just like a dust, he was gone, he disappeared away into the air. I guessed he’s no match for my little monster friend.

” I’m grateful little monster!!! ” I shouted and fixed my eye around like blind man.

” still blind ?,I told you I’m not little anymore, I’m now big, and beside, what was that thing?” He asked.

” oh, you mean that coward. He’s been on my neck for months, terrorising me here and there with his fierce face and machete. I need you to kick his ass for me. Will you do that for me? ”

I replied back with a question.

” definitely. But you need to tell me what you are up to this time around ” he replied.

” sure. I will tell you all about it on the way home” I said, then I made to move.

Back at home, I quickly inserted the flash drive inside my laptop. I wanted to open the video files on it, but something told me to copy in the files first. I was copying the files on my system when I heard a knock on the door.

I look back on my laptop and I found that the file has been copied, so I removed the flash from my laptop, then I hide my laptop under my bed before I head for the door.

I opened the door only to see Yemi with four of her girls armed with a rifle. My heart skip a beat, as I was unsure of their mission.

” hi Yemi, what a peasants surprise” I said, trying to put my anger beneath my feet. I wonder what is peasant in a rifle.

She made her way in, not minding if I’m talking or not.

Her attitude begin to make me shiver.

” What will you like to take” I asked drastically.

” your life” she replied swiftly.

This time my heart skip a million beats.

” why—why? ” I stammered.

” because, you’ve been a problem to me. Do you have any last wish to say” she said, pointing a pistol at me.

I was scared to my feet. If she pulls the trigger, I’m done. So I made my move.

” did you get my message? Let me say my plans worked. For the past few weeks, I’ve been grazing around your house looking for you. I sent several messages with calls but you didn’t pick up. So I thought of how to get you back to me. I went through extra miles just because I wanna see your face again. Yemi I’m sorry if I’ve wrong you in the past, please forgive me. I love you. It’s crazy but I do. And I know you still love me as well. You can pull the trigger if you don’t love me”

I said then I move closer to her.

I watched as she slowly put away her gun.

I moved more closer to her, then I kissed her lips.

” I love you. And I won’t let a single fly near you. I promise” she said then we both kiss each other again.

” so can I get the flash, it contains…”

” sure, you can ” I cut in then I hand her over the flash. She collected it and keep it inside her purse.

” I will see you in the evening”

She said then she head out.

An hour after she has gone, I brought out my laptop to check the video files i copied from the flash drive. Before I do, something told me to burn an incense. Since I wasn’t sure if I’m capable of seeing all the things around me with just an eye. So it’s better I send them all away with an incense. I smoke some weeds as well.

I opened the video files and I was shocked by the content it entails.

In the video, I saw the man talking about needing a 3 virgin girls for some sort of rituals, I have no idea of. Further more he talked on some political issues, whereby revealing the names and picture of some opponents he want dead and silence.

And lastly away from politics he showed the last picture of the person he want dead and it’s no one but Janet, at that very point, I lost focus. I can’t believe Janet life is in danger. And the question pop up my mind. Who the hell is that man?

I lied down totally confused on what to do. Whoever that man may be, he must be a sort of devil.


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I remembered my vision got blurred when I saw him at the hotel. Then the need to get back my full eye vision struck me.

I summoned on my little monster friend to see if he can be of help.

” all you have to do is simple, but it’s dangerous. You might not return or you may go blind forever. Are you sure about your decision, ” he said.

I nodded my head in response, then he proceed.

” at midnight today, take a small mirror and a dagger with you, walk bare foot to the large river behind the king palace, a spirit shall attack you. You won’t be able to see him, but only inside the mirror with you. Be brave, and stab him with the dagger before he take your life or blind you forever ” he said then i felt his presence gone.

At 12 mid night, I took a mirror and a dagger, I brought during the day then I head to the large river, following my little monster instruction. On getting there, a cold breeze swept pass my face. I look around, thinking I will see a strange creature or being. But all of a sudden, I felt a strange hand across my neck. Then the hand began to drag me into the river. I tried to free myself, but the grip was strong, struggling will just be a waste of time, and beside, i can’t see the creature. so I speak up.

” you coward… Why attacking from behind, if you are really brave as they said. Show me what you got and not attacking like a coward!!!” I challenged.

I felt a loose on my neck, and immediately I quickly brought out the mirror and the dagger.

I look into the mirror and I saw a water spirit with just a single eye. His physical appearance sent a cold shiver through my veins. I wonder if i could possibly have a chance to stab him down.

All of a sudden, I felt like I’m being hit by a base bat, which send me rolling repeatedly on the floor. The hit was hard and strong, I wonder if I could receive another, if I do, then I kiss my ass a goodbye. So I played dead on the floor. I held the dagger so tightly, nothing could make me lose that. I felt his approaching steps, I remain quite and not moving any part of my body. I felt some breathing air blowing slowly on my face, then I sense he must be peeping through my eyes to see if I’m dead or not. I follow the air with my mind and I know his head must be very close to me. I knew that was my only chance of stabbing him.

Within a blink of an eyes, I made an attack move, thrusting in the dagger beneath his jaw.

I heard a loud awful cry, then he became visible to me. I watched as he whine painfully to death. His body later disappear into the river.

I summoned on my little monster friend, and I was surprise when his appearance became visible to me. I could see how mighty he is. Just like a hong Kong .

” now that you can see me, did you still think that I’m little? ” he said.

Well actually, judging from what I saw. Describing him as little is an understatement.

When the day break, I sat in my room thinking of how to help Janet and some people that are being tagged death.

But firstly I need to know all about that man.

It was during this time that Janet knocked on my door. I let her in, and i offered her a seat.

The last time she came to my abode, I remember how I f**ked up. It wasn’t my fault though. Her brother interrupted the show.

” I… Was actually going to see my dad, when I felt I should check on you, to see how you are feeling ” she said with a smile.

I looked at her pretty innocent face, she have no idea, the danger her life is and telling her, that her life is in danger was something I couldn’t say out to her.

” Janet I want you to know that I really care about you. And I wouldn’t want any danger to happen to you. In case anything unusual come up. Please quickly contact me” I said remorseful.

Well, actually I caught her blushing, I guessed she processed it to be another thing.

” why are you saying this Ay? OK I get you I will be very careful ” she said with a wink.

I left for school to see one of my friend Desmond, he’s a computer hacker and he can access any database depending on how strong it is. I was able to capture the man face while talking to Yemi in the video, so I gave the capturing to Desmond. Then I left him to do his job. Within 25 minutes, he provided me with the full details about the man.

I asked him to summarize the details to me, which he did by reading it loud to my hearing.

“He’s an honourable, calling him by his title, he’s named Hon Ogunseye lawal. He have two children, which must have been an adult. A male and a female, unfortunately one of them is late. Which is the male one. The names of his children are johnso…”

” skip the names and tell me other important stuff” I cut in.

Desmond made a no objection has he proceed forward.

” okay, his wife is late as well, he have numerous property, if I should start listing then, we won’t leave here. OK… He have 3 houses here in this state. And a safe house at the outskirt of the town. He’s politically feared and respected. Intimidating him will be suicide if my opinion is being questioned. You can read the rest when you get home ” he said, while giving me the flash drive that contains all his profile.

Immediately I left Desmond, I head to Agatha place my Beastie.

I met Ope at her place, I wasn’t expecting to meet someone else either.

Agatha was able to read me up, cos worries was all written over me.

” Ay what up. You seems edgy. Hope nothing is the problem” she asked.

” three unknown virgin girls are to be kidnap and killed, along side with someone I know and cherished as well, even if I’m able to protect the the one I know, how will I even protect the unknown girls” I replied.

I know I sound too forward to her. she put on a puzzled face, which I know it’s pregnant with numerous question. And I wasn’t in mood of explaining and also answering question. So I wave her away as I made my way out.

I returned back home with a troubled mind. I met Johnson ghost waiting patiently for me at home.

” I thought you don’t wanna see me again, cos the incense you burnt prevented me from accessing you. You looked worried what’s the problem?” He asked.

” your sister life is in danger, her life is being after” I muttered.

” I knew it!!! I know he will go after my her too. Please you need to help me. Don’t let him have her” he said with a trembling voice.

” I promise I will look after her”

I said confidently.

A call entered my phone it was from Desmond. So I picked up.

Me: hello Desmond.

Desmond: two girls are missing in the campus. And by the info reaching me. They are virgins .

Me: shit. I gotta go.

Just as I ended the call, another call came in form Elizabeth Janet friend.

Me: hello ?

Elizabeth: Ay, Janet has been kidnapped on her way to her father house.

Me: what!!!

During this process, a call from Ope came in.

Me: hello Ope what is it?.

Ope: some armed girls just kidnapped Agatha.

Me: oh no… These are not happening.

To be continued….

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