Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

decided to sleep over at segun’s house that friday night. We went to the street junction late in the night to find something to eat, we bought bread and suya from the junction and we returned home to eat while we continued our gist.


ME: nawa ooooo, na who come arrange this scam?


SEGE: I’m so amazed too my friend. But I will definitely get to the root of this matter. Trust me na. Sebi na me


ME: no wahala, let me try the number again.


SEGE: alright bro, place it on loudspeaker and also on voice recorder.


ME: ok ****dial the number and it was still unreachable*****


SEGE: no doubt, the person is aware that I’m back, he must definitely be nearby.


ME: are u sure?


SEGE: yes, very sure. Even for the battery level of my phone to reduce despite been switched off while I was away, then its obvious that some had accessed my phone.


ME: what if the battery drained itself as a result of long time usage? Or what do you think?


SEGE: I knew my phone too well, it couldn’t have reduced to that level while it was off.


ME: ok sha.


SEGE: sebi he sent you an account details?


ME: yes.


SEGE: let me have it.


ME: what are you going to do with it?


SEGE: I will carry out a research on the names and fish out the faces behind it.


ME: ok boss.


SEGE: so how far with your wives?


ME: which of them?


SEGUN: you dey craze, na me you dey ask which of them?, are they now more than two?


ME: **smiled*** you mean bimpe and betty?


SEGE: now you are talking.


ME: they are fine. Betty refused to return from abuja ooo. I just dey miss her sha.


SEGE: but bimpe is available and around for you now shebi?


ME: bimpe kee?, its been long we spoke.


SEGE: na me you dey bobo abi?, you are my friend onihaxy, I can tell when you are lieing.


ME: ok, agreed, we used to talk once in a while.


SEGE: onihaxy baba!!!! Ekun!!!!!!. But wait onihaxy, this one that betty refused to return, its seems bimpe’s report about betty is somehow true oo. Abi what do you think?


ME: I’m baffled and confused too segun.


SEGE: ok, are you guys still relating like it used to be before she travel?


ME: yes, even more than it used to be before sef. We chat and talk every day and night. That is I’m more confused and don’t know what to believe anymore.


SEGE: no wahala, just calm down onihaxy. Just act normal and don’t make her suspect that you heard anything about her. Sebi she promised to discuss something with you when she returns?.


ME: yeah, she did.


SEGE: that one is settled. Hope you are prepared for the show day?,


ME: which show day?, who is organising a show?


SEGE: you off course. The show day when the secret between you and bimpe will be exposed.


ME: funny. Na you wan expose am?,


SEGE: with this path you are threading?, onihaxy, its just a matter of time, I’m very sure bimpe is definitely up to something which might lead to a dead end. This her recent “mrs nice woman” can’t just be without a price.


ME: hmmmmmmmmmm


SEGE: onihaxy, like seriously, I just still believe the best thing is to let betty be aware of your past with bimpe. Incase heaven falls in the future.


ME: segun, do you think its that easy to just call betty and tell her that “betty, you know that your brother’s wife?, I bleeped her in the past and even had……….. ***remembered the oath and I stopped **


SEGE: had what with her?


ME: hmmmm. I mean I also had issues of re-occurrence s£x with her.


SEGE: looooooooool. Mad boy


ME: abi naw.


SEGE: don’t worry onihaxy, I have a plan…………………

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