Wed. May 29th, 2024

I woke up very early on Friday morning, I had my bath and went straight to the park and got there around 5:30am and the bus took off at around 6am. My mind was seriously troubled with mixed thoughts of either meeting my friend chilling at home or chilling inside police cell. I lost appetite to eat anything that morning, all I just wanted is to see segun. At few minutes past 7am, bimpe called me to request for my account number which I sent to her immediately. While I was still in the bus reminiscing and thinking, my phone rang again at 7:25am, I looked at the screen and found out it was the lawyer calling and I picked.


ME: hello good morning


LAWYER: good morning. I just want to inform you that I’m on my way to the station. The DPO said I should be there to meet him latest by 9am. And anything beyond that, your friend is going to court.


ME: haa, I don’t have that huge amount at the moment and there is no way I can raise it today.


LAWYER: haaa, how do you want us to do it now? I don’t want this case to go to court, or else, more money will be spent on the case, and he might be eventually jailed.


ME: that is true, but what can we do now?


LAWYER: ok, can you get like 50k?, I will try and arrange for the rest, he is a very good friend of mine also.


ME: ok, I will try. But can I speak with him please?


LAWYER: no, you won’t be able to speak with him until he is been released. He had been restricted from communications.


ME: ok, can I bring the money to the station myself?.


LAWYER: bring money by yourself?, but I was told you are far away in lagos. How will you make it down here before 9am?.


ME: ***this should be real oo. How come he knew I was in lag?**** I should be able to make it sir.


LAWYER: this is 7:30am, its impossible for you to be here before 9am.


ME: ok please, can you help me to negotiate a little time with the police to wait for my arrival?.


LAWYER: there is no time for that. After 9 o’clock, there would be no remedy again and it will be late to save him. Well, if you insisted that you can’t rescue your friend, then no problem. Let me call the police and tell them to forget about settling the case out of court then.


ME: haaaaa!!!!!!


LAWYER: meet your friend in court on tuesday Mr onihaxy. I’m done with this case. And if you still need my assistance in court, call me when you are around and let’s discuss the service charge.


ME: ok ok ok, I will send the money.


LAWYER: its late already mr onihaxy, I have another person’s case to attend to, employ another lawyer to bail your friend. Bye.


ME: hello


LAWYER: ****hanged up****


I was totally confused and began to sweat instantly. I checked my contacts again and I couldn’t find anyone to call who could help me to confirm segun’s whereabouts. I had no choice than to call the lawyer again myself. I dialled his number and he didn’t pick up. He eventually picked up after the 6th call.


ME: hello sir, please I’m ready to send the money sir.


LAWYER: get another lawyer sir, I’m no longer interested.


ME: I’m sorry sir, I don’t have anyone else to call. I don’t want my friend to step his feet into court let alone going to jail please.


LAWYER: ok, I’m expecting the transfer so that I can withdraw it before 9am.


ME: ok sir. I’m in a bus going to work, I will transfer it latest 8:30am sir.


LAWYER: ok, no problem. Later ***hanged up*******

This time, I became totally confused. The time was 8am and I was still at ijebu ode. I began to contemplate on whether to send the money or not. Even if I was going to send anything, I needed to get down from the bus or I use my bank application on my phone.

At 8:20am, I got a credit alert of 50k in my account and I got a little bit relieved that solution was near. At 8:35, the lawyer called me again to tell me he was on his way to the police station and he needed to get the money before getting there. I begged him and told him to wait for me that I was caught up in a traffic. I guess he heard the sound of a moving vehicle and got convinced. He said to me ,”Anyways, I’m with my ATM card, you have to be fast as 9am is the deadline please”. I replied and said thank you sir.


Fews minutes to 9am. I was still in the bus as the bus had already reached ore and was getting closer to ondo town. The battery of my phone was already at 11% and I was praying hard for it not to go off. My phone rang again and I looked at the screen. It was the same lawyer calling. Before I could pick the call, my battery meter showed the red colour and immediately, “battery is too low for radio to use” was displayed on the screen as the network changed from “EDGE” to “OFF”. I just made up my mind and I was like ” too late to play game and pull stunts, the hard way……the only way!!!!!!”

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