Wed. Feb 14th, 2024

Up till saturday morning, I still couldn’t reach segun on phone to update him on the latest invitation, and at the same time, I was so eager to know what bimpe wanted to show me and how she planned to help me get betty back to me. I sat down on my bed that morning and began to think and make strategies.


“Wetin dey do segun’s phone sef?”

“Can’t I even take decisions on my own?”

“Let me do this on my own this time”

“I won’t seat close to bimpe when I get there”

“Infact, I won’t eat nor drink anything”

” I will avoid any body contact”

“I won’t even smile at her sef”

I was on my bed doing rehearsals when my phone began to ring, I checked the screen and it was bimpe, I picked the phone from the bed and received the call.


ME: hello bimpe


BIMPE: hi dear, good morning, how was your night?


ME: fine thanks. What about yours?


BIMPE: fine and cool


ME: ok


BIMPE: so when are you coming over?


ME: ***silent for a while**** any moment for now


BIMPE: ok dear, what will you eat? so that I can start preparing it


ME: anything nice.


BIMPE: ok dear, leave home early because of traffic


ME: ok


BIMPE: that reminds me, since you stay in mushin, why aren’t you using fadeyi brt lane to cms and you take lekki bus from there, or why do you prefer oshodi route?


ME: really?, I never knew there is another route apart from oshodi route.


BIMPE: **laughed*** try this one I told you, its very fast


ME: alright


BIMPE: ok bye ***hanged up***


I stood up from my bed, thought for some minutes and contemplating on whether to go or not, I tried segun’s number and it was still unreachable.

I just made up my mind to go and stay out of trouble. I went to the bathroom and had a shower, I dressed up and asked my neighbours about the fadeyi-cms route, I was told its the fastest and that fadeyi brt bustop is even closer to the house and just a five minutes trek.

I dashed out of the house and went to the bustop, I saw a fan-milk ice cream bicycle and purchased a N200 own, on getting to lekki, I purchased pop-corn and wanted to give them to daniella. I took a bus to bimpe’s bustop and I arrived at her house by 10:20am, I knocked on the gate and the gate-man opened the gate for me to enter the compound. He told me he could recognised my face but he still wanted to call his madam to confirm if I should come in or not and I told him “no problem”. I sat down on a bench beside the gate, the gate-man used an intercom located beside the gate and he made a call, he asked of my name and I told him, after about 4 seconds, he ended the call and told me I can go inside. I stood up with the nylon bag I carried and went to the door, I knocked and few moments later, I heard a sound behind the door and later, it was opened wide, bimpe appeared behind the door on a short mini gown with her fresh laps revealing underneath and a seductive smile on her face, I can’t just help it but to glance at her from her head to her toes and from the toes back to her head as I entered the living room with smile on my face also.

****chai!!!, even though I walk through the valley of seduction…………..*******

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