Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

I went to the second building inside the compound to meet the landlord of the house, I knocked on his door and the door was opened. I greeted him and he replied me.


ME: good morning sir.


LANDLORD: good morning, how may I help you?


ME: I’m here to see a friend who bears segun, I checked his room and it was locked. So I said I should ask from you sir.


LANDLORD: who are you and where are you from?


ME: from ijoka road here in akure, I’m seyi.


LANDLORD: he is not around and I don’t know his whereabouts.


ME: haaaa!!!


LANDLORD: he had been away since last week thursday and I don’t know where he is at the moment.


ME: sir!!!!, please did you know whether he got involved in any crime or probably got arrested?.


LaNDLORD: ***straight face*** how do you expect me to know?


ME: *** frightened **** I’m sorry sir, thank you sir.


LANDLORD: you are welcome


ME: I will check back later sir. Thank you very much sir.


LaNDLORD: you are welcome once again.


I left there and I was seriously confused and looked so crazy. I walked out of the gate and different thought began to flood my mind.

“What could have happen to segun?”

“What is actually going on?

“He left home for like 7days and no one knew his whereabouts?”

“Or has he been kidnapped?”

” Or he had been killed?”

” Or kidnapped?”

” Or probably in the police cell?”

“Even if he is truly in the police station, which of the stations should I go to?”

” How can I get intouch with the lawyer with a dead phone?”


I continued walking along the street with soliloquies and thinking out loud, I got to a junction was seriously hungry, I looked at the other side of the road and saw a roadside cafeteria and I crossed to the other side of the road. I bought a plate of rice and two meats at the cost of N300naira. I begged the food vendor to let me charge my phone and she pointed at a socket situated at one side of the wall. I took my food and sat closer to the socket and I was charging my phone and eating my food at the same time.

When the phone network was restored. I called the lawyer’s phone and he didn’t pick up until the 4th call.


ME: hello sir


LAWYER: young man, you have been delaying me since morning what is your problem?. I was at the station this morning and was trying your number but you aren’t reachable.


ME: I’m sorry sir, I had a flat battery.


LAWYER: ok, I even tried begging the police to accept the 50k with me but they insisted that it must be 100k. If you aren’t interested in settling this issue out of court again. Just tell me please and let me back off.


ME: I’m sorry sir. I don’t want my friend to go to court sir.


LAWYER: ok, this is past 12pm and I still haven’t gotten any alert. Maybe you should find another lawyer please.


ME: I’m sorry, I couldn’t raise enough money on my own. So I called my brother in akure to arrange the money for. Please sir, I just wanted to ask which station you are going so that he can meet you there.


LAWYER: that is cool. But I am now at home and I can’t go back there without the complete money. I don’t want to look unserious.


ME: so what do we do now sir?


LAWYER: give me his number, I will call him and tell him where to meet me so that we can go to the station together.


ME: ok sir, I will get back to you .


LAWYER: ok, but you just have to be fast about it


ME: ok sir


LaWYER: ***hanged up***


After the call, I began to think of what to do next, “how do I play this game?”

“I don’t even know the status of my friend”

“Should I risk it and send the money?”

“But this thing looked like a scam”

“But how do I verify if it was when no one could say precisely whether he was truly arrested or not?”.

While I was still thinking, I raised my head up and looked out to the road and I saw an okada man carrying a young man at his back seat who looked like segun from afar. I stopped eating, payed for the food and ran after the bike to see the person clearly.

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