Sun. Feb 11th, 2024

I couldn’t sleep that night and I was seriously bothered, one part of me was telling me to call bimpe and beg her for money to send to the lawyer, the other part of me was telling me to ignore it that it was a scam. I became confused and don’t know what to do next. I picked my phone and check my contacts to see if I could talk to one of his relatives, I found his sister’s number who stays in the north, I went out to buy 400naira worth of airtime and called her to enquire about segun.


ME: hello ma


SEGUN’s SISTER: hello good evening onihaxy, long time ooooo. This one that you called me today after so many years, I hope you have goodies for me?


ME: ***smiled****


SEGUN’s SISTER: abi now. So how are you? And how is work? I heard you have been out of akure.


ME: yes ma, work is fine and everything is fine ma. How is segun?, are you hearing from him?


SEGUN’s SISTER: segun?, its been long I heard from him. Its been over a month now. He doesn’t call unless I call him.


ME: eeyah. I have been trying to reach him since last weekend and his number has not been reachable.


SEGUN’s SISTER: eeyah. Maybe I will try calling him tonight before I sleep.


ME: **felt like breaking the crime news to her but I kept mute on it*** ok ma, pls help me tell him to call me when you get through to him.


SEGUN’s SISTER: ok dear, goodnight.


Still curious and restless, I called my mum in to ask if she saw segun recently and she told me the last time she saw segun was 3-weeks ago.

Haa!!!, “what do I do now?”, segun’s sister does not know his whereabouts, mumsy said its been long she saw segun, he had relocated from the address he used to reside to another area 5 months ago and neither my mum nor I knew the address because I was in ado ekiti when he changed apartment. I called his sister back to ask if she eventually reached segun and she told me segun’s line was unreachable. My heart began to beat heavily and faster and I don’t know what to do next.

“Should I beg bimpe for money to pay this guy?”

“Should I ignore?”

“What if segun is eventually in police net?”

“Won’t I look like a bad friend for not helping?”

“I trust segun, he would go any length for me to be free if I were to be in his situation”.

” Segun will go any length to free me if I were to be the one arrested”.

After thinking for a long time, I made up my mind and concluded to travel to home the next day. “Tomorrow is friday and I’m supposed to be at work, what do I do?”. I picked my phone and called my teamlead to inform him that I wasn’t feeling fine and would be going to the hospital for a treatment on friday morning, he told me “no problem, but when you are coming here on monday morning, don’t forget to bring your doctor’s report because that will be the only evidence to show that you actually visited an hospital and it will be filed in your folder”.

Mtcheeew, doctor’s report?, that one na small thing!!!, I picked my phone and called bimpe.


ME: hi bimpe,


BIMPE: hello uncle onihaxy


ME: ***uncle onihaxy kee?*** can I speak with you for a moment please


BIMPE: ****background conversation: its uncle onihaxy*** ok, I’m with you.


ME: who are you talking with there?


BIMPE: its henry, he asked me who is concubine talking with me and I said its you.


ME: ***laughed*** let me speak with him


BIMPE: ok. ***gave the phone to henry***


HENRY: hi mr onihaxy


ME: hi sir, good evening sir, its been a long time sir. I’m sorry for not calling you all this while.


HENRY: no problem na. But you can talk to mummy daniella abi?


ME: haaa, not like that sir. I just wanted to make some enquires from her concerning some medical issues.


HENRY: no wahala, just kidding, you are free. Hope you are hearing from betty


ME: yes sir, we spoke everyday, I’m seriously missing her.


HENRY: hmmmmm, she is enjoying herself with her father in abuja oooo.


ME: yes, she told me, when will she be back to lagos.


HENRY: I can’t say ooo. It depends on her and when her father decided to release her. But she should be back before the end of the month sha.


ME: ok sir


HENRY: you are welcome, let me hand you over to mummy daniella.


ME: ok sir


BIMPE: uncle onihaxy, you said you wanted to speak with me.


ME: yes, please I need a doctor’s report on malaria/typhoid please.


BIMPE: what for?, what happened?


ME: I wanted to travel home tomorrow and I lied at work that I’m sick and would be going to clinic for check up.


BIMPE: hmmmmm, so how will you get the report?


ME: hmmmmmmm, can it be scanned and sent to my mail?


BIMPE: no problem sir, send your email to me.


ME: no problem, thank you very much ma. And secondly, I wanted to borrow small money from you till month end when I will be paid at work.


BIMPE: ehn ehn?


ME: yes, like 50k


BIMPE: ok, no problem


ME: thank you so much


BIMPE: you are welcome sir. Do have a good night rest.


ME: sweetdreams . Bye.


I picked my small cross bag, stocked it with 3 shirts and some other things while I planned on how to travel home very early the next day.



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