Tue. Feb 13th, 2024

BIMPE: anywhere dear. Just enter any room of your choice.


ME: funny you. Let me get going jaree, my cousin and other room mates will be home soon, and the room key is with me.


BIMPE: ok onihaxy. How about that stuff I told you about?.


ME: what is that?


BIMPE: the alfa place I told you about.


ME: bimpe, sincerely, I don’t do all these spiritual stuffs.


BIMPE: huuuuuuh!!, sit down there, let me tell you, everybody seek for power and spiritual help, just that people don’t just loud it. Its never a sin as long as you don’t use it to do evil or harm another person.


ME: hmmmmmmm


BIMPE: you better act fast before what belongs to you will be taken away from you.


ME: ok give me time, I will get back to you.


BIMPE: no problem, just be fast about it.


ME: ***stood up*** alright dear, let me start going.


BIMPE: ***stood up also and pulled closer**** I’m missing you already onihaxy, I wish you could stay the night. The house will be boring now, there will be no one to gist with

*** murmuring continues****


ME: don’t worry, your hubby will be back tomorrow, and betty should be around next weekend.


BImPE: no joor, before then nko?.


ME: then daniella will keep your company.


BiMPE: no jooor.


ME: bimpe please let me be going, I can’t sleep over please, maybe next time sha.


BIMPE: ****pulled my head closer and kissed me*** onihaxy, I won’t be able to see you off so as to avoid gossips,


ME: no problem, I understand.


BIMPE: onihaxy, please wait for me, I’m coming


ME: ok dear.


BIMPE: ***climbed the stairs, entered her room and returned downstairs with a small purse*** onihaxy, take this 10k and use it as your transport fare


ME: ***shake my head**** no ooo bimpe, lailai, hold your money, I don’t want.


BIMPE: onihaxy, I insist, just take it, afterall, I was the one who invited you over to this place.


ME: *** reluctantly received the money***, ok dear, thank you very much.


BIMPE: you are welcome dear *****hugged me so tight******.


ME: ok dear, bye.


I left the house and walked out of the compound. I took a bus back to lekki gate and returned home from there.

On my way home, the thoughts of bimpe began to flood my brain and I suddenly began to develop a kind of likeness for her. I got home and dialled segun’s number and it wasn’t reachable again. Haaaa!!!, what could be happening to my friend?, this is so unlike him!!!!!!.

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