Sun. May 12th, 2024

The next day which was sunday, I was so anxious to see my new apartment that I didn’t go to church that morning. I trekked to fadeyi and took BRT to maryland. From the bustop, I crossed to the side where bikes used to stay. I gave them the description given to me by bimpe and I board a bike and was dropped infront of the building. it was a storey building with a fence surrounding it. I knocked at the gate and a young man came to open the gate for me to come in. He enquired about who I am and I told him my sister got an apartment here on my behalf. I showed him the receipt bimpe gave me and he smiled and said “your sister or your wife?”. I was like, what do you mean sir?. He replied, “I’m the caretaker of this house, and when our agent brought this lady to me, I told him I’m not giving out the apartment to a single lady or a single guy because I needed someone who would take care of the compound, then she told me its her boyfriend that would be staying here and that she would be coming around often. So why are you denying her?”. I just laughed and was just speechless. “You guys of these days sef, I don’t just know why you like to deny your spouses and call them your sisters” he further said. I just laughed and joked over it as the man took me to the apartment. I entered and saw that it was a room and parlour selfcontain with an inbuilt bathroom, kitchen and toilet. “Chaiiii!!!! I don upgrade”, I checked the room and found a new mattress, rug and some other items, I was just so overwhelmed and my joy knew no bounds.

I returned to mushin that evening and I informed my cousin that I got an apartment in maryland. He was so surprised because he knew how much I earn but I lied to him that it was sublet to me by a friend who relocated to another state and still has 6 months rent left. I moved in the following week and was going there every evening after work. Bimpe suddenly became someone I can’t do without chatting and talking with. We were so close and intimate again as if she wasn’t the same bimpe who was once my greatest nightmare.

We would always talk in the morning when she get to work. We would chat sometimes on break when she Is less busy, and we must chat in the evening. I found myself getting more attracted to her but I keep trying to resist any feelings towards her. I also talked with betty and she told me she won’t be coming back to lagos that weekend, I felt disturbed at first but bimpe’s company reduced the pain of not been able to see my love on weekend.

Up till thursday, segun’s number wasn’t going through and mails weren’t delivering. I became so worried and I called one of his girlfriends whom I have her contacts, she told me “segun!!!!, don’t even ask of him from me again onihaxy, I don’t have anything to do with him again, its been long we broke up”.

*****hmmm sege bad guy!!, e don chop this babe and run be that******.

I became more worried that I became uncomfortable and don’t know what else to do again. At about 5:30pm that evening, i was at work when I got a call from someone.


ME: hello


CALLER: hello, good evening,


ME: good evening.


CALLER: am I speaking with onihaxy?


ME: yes, who is this?


CALLER: ok good. I’m calling you to inform you about your friend segun


ME: heeeeeee!!!!!, segun!!!!!!!!, what happened to him?

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