Wed. Feb 14th, 2024

ME: ****silent*****


BIMPE: onihaxy, what is it now?


ME: I don’t think it is right nd proper to step into your matrimonial room for any reason at all.


BIMPE: and what made it wrong to do so?


ME: because it just didn’t sound right.


BIMPE: its not something I can bring downstairs, if not, I would have done that.


ME: ***smiled*** and what could it be?


BIMPE: I won’t say it. You need to see it yourself


ME: ****silent on the chair*****


BIMPE: never mind then, if you say you aren’t coming, no problem. Forget it then, when you are ready to leave, let me know so as to see you off.

*** walked sadly to the other side of the living room, sat on the chair and spreads her legs with her laps revealing up to the level beneath her pant, she picked the remote from the table and tuned to a channel****


ME: ***confused****


BIMPE: **took a glance at me and looked back at the TV screen****


ME: **stood up and moved closer to her** bimpe, please don’t be angry, I just don’t want to step into your room. Its not right at all. I’m sorry please.


BIMPE: ***frowned*** no problem, I heard you. From today henceforth, I will never be involved in any matter between you and betty again, never!!!!!


ME: haba bimpe!!, it hasn’t gotten to that now, I know you wanted my happiness and I know you have been trying all your best to make me have betty back to myself which I so much appreciate.


BIMPE: **yelled** and what has happened to all my efforts ehn? Wasted!!!, the more I try to help, the more you see me as a witch or evil lady, the more you try to avoid me as if I’m not human. No problem, go and solve whatever problem you have on your own. I have removed my hand totally.


ME: bimpe, I’m so sorry please, I may not be able to have betty without your support, if you haven’t revealed the last happenings to me, I wouldn’t have known something was going on behind me. Please bimpe, I’m so sorry.


BIMPE: I heard you. You can leave if you want to go, the door is opened.


ME: *** tickled her**** oya smile now


BiMPE: ***smiled**** onihaxy leave me alone ooooo, I will scream ooooooooo


ME: ***tickled her again**** oya scream. That will be nice


BIMPE: ***smiled*** onihaxy leave me alone jor


ME: I won’t leave you until you show me what you said I need to see.


BIMPE: I’m no more interested, shebi its my matrimonial room, so you don’t have to be there.

ME: ***silent for a while*** ok, I don’t mind any more, I’m so eager to see it.


BIMPE: **smiled*** onihaxy, leave me alone jor


ME: no, I won’t.


BIMPE: ** Resisted for a while and later stood up**** ok then, follow me.


Bimpe climbed the stairs and cat-walking as she was taking each steps with her booty oscillating infront of me and her inner wear was revealing as I was following her from behind, she got to her door and she opened it while I entered the room with her, she closed the door and I sat on the chair infront of her dressing table while she sat on the bed. I looked round the room to see how it looked like and I noticed it has the same arrangement with that of betty’s, just that the electronic gadgets in her room looked more sophisticated and her bed looked bigger.


ME: what a nice room you have dear


BIMPE: e shey, thank you sir.


ME: you are welcome, so what is it that you wanted to show me?


BIMPE: ****smiled*** so now that you entered my room, have I killed you? Or molested you?


ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm,


BIMPE: though I wanted to give you something, but that wasn’t why I told you to follow me here.


ME: really, so why?


BIMPE: I just wanted you to stop avoiding me and seeing me as a devil, I wanted you to be free with me and to make myself accessible to you anyday, anywhere, anytime.


ME: hmmmmm bimpe, I’m not avoiding you, I just want us to kill any feelings we have for each other and face our spouses.


BIMPE: its alrite, ***stood up from her bed, opened the drawer beside the bed and brought out a bunch of keys***


ME: ***suprised*** what key is this?, what should I do with it?,


BIMPE: remember the promise I made to you after saving daniella!!, I told you I will always make you happy and comfortable at all cost.


ME: I still don’t get it dear.


BIMPE: the last time when I visited you at your bank, you told me you aren’t comfortable at where you squat and wanted to have a place of your own, two days later when I was in the the living room, I over heard henry asking betty if she had ever visited you at where you live, betty told her brother that you squat with your cousin and six other people in a room and that was why she hadn’t visited you yet till you have a place of your own because she won’t be free with you and won’t be able to sleep over. henry felt discouraged and disappointed and he said he doesn’t think you are serious, ready and man enough to settle down soon. I just thought of everything and got convinced that I should assist you in that aspect. So here is a bunch of keys to a mini 2 room self-contain at maryland, I have paid for a 2 years rent. I also furnished some part of the house.

***brought out an envelope** here is the address description to the place and also the receipt with your name on it. You can leave now.


I was so shocked, overwhelmed and surprised, I never expected this, I never knew bimpe could go this far for me, I have personally enquired about a room self contain at maryland and the price was 180k a year, how much more a 2room self contain, I stood up from the chair while she stood up from her bed, I was so overwhelmed and I couldn’t help it but to move closer to her and hugged her tightly, after a minute of tight hugging, I pulled back a little with my hand still wrapped around her waist, we both look at each other in the eyes, I opened my mouth and said “thank you bimpe”, she starred at my lips and sealed my mouth with a kiss of life.

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