Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

At that moment, I forgot my vows, I forgot about the promises I made to myself not to be intimate with bimpe, I forgot I was in another man’s matrimonial room, I was so carried away in the kiss, my lips was busy rubbing her own while she pushes her tongue into my mouth and I sucked it and also pushed mine into her mouth. Adebimpe has a fresh breath and her lips tasted exactly like the wine I finished down stairs, we were busy swapping the upper and lower lips between each other and my hand started moving from her waist down to her booty, my joystick also disappointed me and forgot to discipline itself, instead, it suddenly began to rise up at the level of the romance. We suddenly fell over to the bed and was about to move to the next phase when something happened, my phone began to ring. It was the sound of the phone that restored my senses back to normal, we both looked at each other with a look of disappointment written on our faces. I removed the phone from my pocket, checked the screen and realized it was betty.


ME: I’m so sorry bimpe, betty is calling me, I have to pick this call.


BIMPE: **sat up and looking disappointed *** no problem dear


ME: ***on phone*** hello dear, how are you and how is abuja?


BETTY: fine dear, how is lag too?


ME: boring dear, I’m seriously missing you here.


BETTY: same here dear, I’m missing you seriously


ME & BETTY: ****conversation continues*****

While I was on phone, bimpe sat closer to the top of the bed, she rest her back at the furniture placed towards the wall and she was pressing her phone until the song of “sholee by sean tizzle” was emanating from her phone, she held the phone while still singing out, stood up from the bed, walked towards the door and picked the call as she opened the door and went outside.


BETTY: ***on phone*** onihaxy, are you the one playing “sholee”?


ME: no dear, it was ringing out from my cousin’s phone, he had a call


BETTY: alright, that song na mama daniella’s favourite oo


ME: really?


BETTY: yeah, she loves playing it always. Infact, the song is her ring tone and caller tune


ME: eyah, I love it too sha, the guy tried in the song, I just hope he sings another one better than this soon, or else, nigerians will just forget him like azadus.


BETTY: **laughed** funny you, and coincidentally, that phone rang at the exact time my daddy dialled aunty bimpe’s number.


ME: ****mo daran, “I don enter am”****** really?


BETTY: yeah, or is she with you?


ME: ***furious*** with me kee?, which kind talk be that?, abeg stop am, I no like am.


BETTY: common dear, just kidding now. Can’t you identify a joke when you see one?, haba!!!


ME: no vex jaree, don’t mind me.


BETTY: alright dear, let me speak with your cousin please, atleast, let me start meeting my inlaws.


ME: he stepped out just now as his phone was ringing, he went to pick a lady from the bustop, the lady was the person calling him, maybe when he is back sha,


BETTY: ok dear,


ME: let me meet your dad dear


BETTY: not yet onihaxy, I haven’t discussed about you with him. Let me do that first, then the introduction will follow


ME: alright dear. Hope you are hearing from sister bimpe?


BETTY: yeah, we spoke together very early this morning, but my dad is with her on phone presently, I will talk to her later.


ME: ok dear, my regards to her when you speak with her.


BETTY: ok dear. Onihaxy please I will call you back, she just asked to speak with me.


ME: ok dear


BETTY: ***hanged up****

I stood up from the bed, picked the keys to my new apartment and also picked the envelope. I walked towards the door and opened it, I saw bimpe sitting on the staircase speaking to someone on phone whom I believed to be betty, she sat at the center and hence prevented me from walking through. I had no choice than to stand behind her till she ended her call. When she was through with her call, she turned to the back, stared at me from head to toe and held my leg.


ME: bimpe, let me pass,


BIMPE: no, we are going back inside.


ME: no na. Don’t let us do like that, remember we had an agreement.


BiMPE: **smiled**** just kidding dear, or do you want to touch another man’s property?


ME: why not?, if the property is worth touching na.


BiMPE: you no well, you no dey fear thunderbolt abi?


We both laughed and cracked jokes as she stood up from the stairs and we both walked downstairs to the living room. We sat down on the same side of the chair and we continued cracking jokes as I told her what betty said to me on phone and we both laughed over it.


BIMPE: that your wife sef!!!


ME: wetin do her oo?


BiMPE: she saw something, picked it and wanted to kill herself ontop of it, what does she want the person who lost the thing to do?.


ME: na two of una sabi.


BimpE: ***laughed** na the two of you no well


ME: thanks so much bimpe for all your care and concerns for me since my arrival in lagos. You have been so wonderful and you make me to wonder if this is not the same bimpe that had been terrorising me in the past.


BIMPE: na me be the terror niyen oo abi?, na me be mrs evil abi?


ME: no na. Not like that


BiMPE: **smiled** just kidding, you are welcome onihaxy. You know, there will always be a time in an individual’s life that you will just have to let go of war and embrace peace.


ME: hmmm, true talk dear. That reminds me bimpe.


BIMPE: what is that dear?


ME: I have always wanted to ask, why is daniella not having a younger one at her age. Or is there no plan for it yet?


BIMPE: *** mood changed and took a deep breathe*** hmmmmmmmmm



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