Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

The next morning which was friday, our trainings ended early at 10am and we were placed in different offices in groups. There are two vacant office space provided for us and they were filled up by the first two teams, my team was stranded and couldn’t get a space. The project coordinator looked around the bank premises for where to place us but couldn’t find any free room with available computer systems to place us, we were then shared and squeezed inside the existing two rooms to join the other team but still can’t accommodate us all, it left five of us stranded of which I was included. The five of us were placed in different floors where the “ogas” offices are located. Each of us was attached to different bosses. And lucky me, I found myself at the entrance of funmilayo’s door.

At 12pm, I received a chat message from bimpe asking me of when she should be coming, I felt so uncomfortable and restless, I wasn’t sure of the decision to take so I called segun to let us chat online.


ME: sege how you dey?


SEGE: I dey jaree, anything for the boiz?


ME: nothing jaree, I get small problem.


SEGE: Adebimpe matter again abi?


ME: yes.


SEGE: yeah, I know, I thought as much, and what is it again this time?


ME: she called me just now that she wanted to visit me at work and drive me home


SEGE: and what was your response?


ME: I said “ok, I will call you back” to her




ME: what is that?


SEGE: onihaxy, you dey craze. Seriously, you don dey mad.


ME: haaaa


SEGE: yes, you dey craze, I was expecting you to tell me that you shouted on her or threatened her or even slapped her on phone. Why all this rubbish now?


ME: segun, have I done anything wrong by telling her that I will call her back?


SEGE: yes, that response simply showed that you have been aanticipating to see her yourself.


ME: no now.


SEGE: yes now. Just use your brain for once now. Don’t you know that if she eventually knows where you work and where you live, she would just be coming un-announced anyhow as she like?, and don’t you think she and betty can jam each other one day?. See onihaxy, I’m expecting you to stay away from this girl completely, not this secret hangouts you guys are planning.


ME: its not like that segun, I’m thinking betty might ask questions and wanted to find out why I distanced myself from her family and this might arouse suspicion in her.


SEGE: yes I known but it is safer than this one you are doing, you won’t like yourself when you are caught and the entire bubble burst. You know what onihaxy?


ME: what is that?


SEGE: you are my friend, I know you still have some silly feelings for this girl for some foolish reasons best known to you which you and I can’t dispute, but for her to suddenly start loving you up of recent despite been married to a rich dude, having a daughter, working in a “tushed” hospital, and even aware that you are dating her husband’s sister, then its either both of you have something in secret which I’m not aware of, or she is planning a trap to implicated you before betty and her family.


ME: hmmmmmmm.


SEGE: yes. I’m not so sure of the latter, but I’m very sure and certain of the former. So whatever things or secret you guys both had together, just deal it once and for all and be very careful.


ME: yes boss, so concerning her call, what do I do now?


SEGE: I can’t decide for you. You are a man. From all I have said, just decide what to do for yourself. Let’s change topic abeg


ME: ok ooooo. That reminds me


SEGE: what?


ME: there is this boss that I’m been attached to work with.


SEGE: and what about her?


ME: she has a nice boobs and booty with a killer curve, the smiles alone can make one dream of fantasies, I think I like her


SEGE: ehn ehn!!!!, now you are talking, this is what you should have discussed earlier instead of one silly bimpe matter. God knows I hate that girl with passion. Are u planning to dump betty for your boss?


ME: hmmmmmmmmmmmm, no ooo, just wanted an office romance. Strictly official


SEGE: whatever, so as we are saying, let me give you proper lecture on “introduction to hooking and devouring your female boss”

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