Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

ME: get up and sit down

BIMPE: *****sat down on the chair**** ok dear,

ME: but bimpe, I don’t like it

BIMPE: what is that dear?

ME: **** whispered in yoruba **** the kiss offcourse, I told you we should stop it, what if anyone comes in or daniella sees us?

BIMPE: **smiled*** and you scared me sha, firstly, only you, me and daniella are in this compound so no one is coming in, secondly, she is a kid and besides she has been blocked by the other chair, and lastly, no big deal in kissing my inlaw, even if your wife betty is here, I will do that in her presence and nothing will happen.

ME: seriously, you no well,

BIMPE:**smile** na you and your wife no well,

ME: **** had jokes for a while*** so bimpe, why am I here?, what do you want to show me?

BIMPE: just calm down onihaxy, this is just past 11, there is still time for discussion, let me check what I am cooking and let’s eat first, then we can have time and strength to discuss. **stood up and went to the kitchen with her ass swinging like a pendulum.

ME: ***picked remote from the able and switched to music channel****

About 12 minutes later, bimpe called me to join her at the dinning, I stood up from the living room and went to sit on the dinning, I picked up daniella and made her to sit on the next chair closer to me. Bimpe came out of the kitchen with 2 big dishes, plates and spoons, she dropped them on the table and was ready to serve the meal. She first served a white rice on two plates and later filled them up with chicken and stew, we began to eat while bimpe carried daniella on her laps and spoon fed her while eating at the same time.

ME: bimpe, can’t she eat by herself?

BIMPE: she can eat by herself just that she would spill the food over everywhere.

ME: ***continued eating**** ok

After the meal, bimpe told Daniella to go to living room and watch TV while we both remained at the dinning staring at each other,

ME: so bimpe, now that we are through with dinner, can we proceed?

BIMPE: onihaxy!!!!, you are just so eager sha.

ME: don’t mind me jaree, you know I hate suspense.

BIMPE: ok, let’s do it this way, which do you want first?, what I wanted to show you? Or what I wanted to tell you on how to get betty back?

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm, are the two about betty?

BIMPE: no, different things entirely

ME: ok, let me hear about Betty first, that is the major issue and fear I have at the moment,

BIMPE: hmmmn oko iyawo!!!!!

ME: thank you, na me be that. So I’m all ears dear

BIMPE: ok let me start with my own story, like 6 months before we met at fortlad hospital in abuja, I have met henry, he had an accident while driving and he was rushed to our hospital, I was the nurse on duty to attend to him during that period and I was so nice to him so he had my contact, one thing led to another, we started as friends, later, we developed feelings for each other and we started dating.

ME: that’s nice, go on dear

BIMPE: during that period, he had this rich girl he was dating, the lady was a daughter of a minister, as in, she was very rich, but the girl was so proud, arrogant and a drug addict so henry never loved her that much, he was only obeying his father’s order because the relationship was matched-make according to him. So when I got pregnant and his daddy heard about it, he was so angry, I could remember he sent for me, gave me a million naira cheque to abort the pregnancy and forget about his son but I refused and rejected it. To make the matter worse, henry’s daddy threatened to dis-own henry, froze his account and made sure he would never have any inheritance from his property, so henry had no choice than to withdraw himself and stayed away from me, infact, I went through hell.

ME: ***felt sober*** eeeyah so sowie, what happened later?

BIMPE: like I said, henry stayed away from me for like two months, henry’s father and henry’s girlfriend both threatened to kill me if I didn’t back off from henry, infact I remembered when some hoodlums came to my house to beat me up just because of this issue, but I had to take a bold step to claim what belonged to me. So I think the same thing is happening to betty, though I don’t know much about what happened to her in abuja, but I knew she ran away from home and came to lagos because she was forced to marry a guy he doesn’t like. She ought to have travelled out for her Msc since she finished service but her dad vowed never to sponsor her unless she obey his will. Her account was even frozen so henry had been the one responsible for her up-keeping.

ME: eeeeyah, nawa ooooooo. So what was the step you took?

BIMPE: will you be able to do it?

ME: why not?, I will do anything it takes to have betty back to myself.

BIMPE: ok, my sister took me to an alfa, he made some prayer and spiritual assistance for me, that was how I became mrs henry by fire by force.

ME: hmmmmmm. Spiritual things?, haa!!!!

BIMPE: onihaxy, I’m not taking you to an herbalist house its an alfa, so it has no implication.

ME: but bimpe, wait a minute, why are you willing to help me?

BIMPE: hmmm, I wanted your happiness onihaxy, when you are happy, I will also be happy, and I realized that your happiness lies in betty, that is why I don’t want you to loose her. Betty is so eager and determined to further her education before settling down, henry wanted to help before but my father inlaw sworn to dis-own henry if he tried it. I think that prompt the re-connection between betty and the guy in question. And onihaxy, since you don’t have money, wealth and rich family to convince betty’s father of getting her hand in marriage, I think the only way out is to go spiritual on it. So whenever you are ready, let me know and I will take you out.

ME: ******sighed in a deep breath***** its well ooooooo,

I looked at daniella’s side and discovered she was sleeping already, I informed bimpe and she took her to her room to sleep there and she returned downstairs to meet me at the dinning while we resumed our discussion.

BIMPE: hmmmmm onihaxy!!, that is it ooooo. The hard way is the only way ooo, so go home and think well about it. And please, let it between just two of us, no third party please

ME: **took another deep breath*** ok bimpe, I have heard you. What about what you wanted to show me?

BIMPE: **smiled***. That one?, you have to follow me to my room to see it because its not something I can bring downstairs ***winked***

ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm

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