Tue. May 28th, 2024

After ending the chat, I cleared it and I was so restless and uncomfortable, I was roaming around the room and my heart was beating so fast and heavier,

“Why is this happening to me?”

“Why is it now that I’m ready to get serious that this is happening?”

“Is this nemesis?”

“Could this be real?”

I became uncomfortable that even my cousin and other roomates began to question me and I told them I was fine. I couldn’t think straight again and I had to go back to segun on whatsapp.


ME: hi sege


SEGE: oko bimpe, how far?


ME: I dey jaree


SEGE: any update on that parole?


ME: the thing don pass me oooo.


SEGE: wetin happen? You don call betty?


ME: yes, I did that not quite long


SEGE: so how far?


ME: I told her I wanted to see her tomorrow, she said she has a wedding to attend. I suggested next weekend and she said she will be travelling to abuja to visit her dad.


SEGE: ok, maybe you should see her during the week or wait till she returns, or what do you think?


ME: that’s not even the problem


SEGE: so what is it?


ME: immediately after the call, bimpe chat with me and she told me that betty isn’t going to visit her dad, and that it’s the guy she is visiting.


SEGE: hmmm, so hard to believe sha. Have you ever suspected her of anything like that?


ME: never, infact her phone is always with me whenever we are together.


SEGE: has she ever told you about any guy in abuja before?


ME: not at all.


SEGE: this thing is complicated. As much as I don’t want to trust bimpe, she is evil right from onset, I still think betty might be hiding something, how can a grown up girl like that not be working despite having a rich family, and also, she can’t just be like that and not have richer guys disturbing her. But this same girl has been helping you so far now?, and why is bimpe telling you all these?


ME: that is where I’m more confused, I’m even thinking of confronting her with the truth.


SEGE: oloshi, and where will you tell her you got the information from?


ME: eeeeehm bimpe na


SEGE: ode ni e, and what was your relationship with bimpe that made her to be supplying you informations?, don’t you know you will arouse suspicion in her? and also cause problem in her family?, and besides, how will you get another information when you burst this one?, use your head now.


ME: ok, what do you want me to do now?


SEGE: just calm down, whether she is planning to settle with another guy or not, you have nothing to loose, she had been the one helping you all this while and not the other way round. So don’t approach this matter in a way that will scatter everything. Just do it this way,


ME: how?


SEGE: call her tomorrow or next tomorrow, tell her you had a terrible dream, and you need to discuss things with her about the dream, with that, you will get her attention first.


ME: hmmmm, sege the event planner!!!!, and what will be the content of the dream sir?


SEGE: fine, tell her you saw her in the dream that an old man whom you suspected to be her father was handling her over to another guy for marriage and she dumped you for the guy, and you were crying in the dream.


ME: hmmmm, will it work?


SEGE: just try it and present it in a way that she won’t suspect bimpe, and let’s see what will happen next.

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