Wed. Feb 14th, 2024

On my way to work the following friday morning, betty called to inform me that she and her brother are on their way to the airport going to abuja, I felt bad as I bid her farewell in a 12minutes conversation, I got to the bank and resumed for the day’s work. we always have team connect sessions every fridays where members of each team would come together between 7:10 am to 7:45am to discuss and deliberate on various challenges facing the team and each member and how to tackle them. Before the commencement of the connect session, I was on my seat when funmilayo entered the room, the 6 other staffs and I who use the main floor greeted her as she entered the room, she just waved at the air with a straight look on her face saying “good morning everyone”, when she got to the entrance of her office where my desk is located, she stopped, looked at me with a grin on her face and said “good morning onihaxy, how are you now?”, I looked at her and replied “I’m fine funmi”. she hit her hand on my desk and said “So how are you? Hope you have settled the issue with your girlfriend who was giving you a concern yesterday?” , I smiled in silence as I don’t know what to say, she looked at me and said ” it good you are now back to your normal self, be a good boy and don’t forget what I told you yesterday”. I replied “Ok ma”. She then cat-walked into her office and banged the door. When I raised up my head, I saw the other 6 staffs looking at me in amazement and the mouth of two of them was widely opened. The lady at the extreme corner gave me a sign to come with her hand waved at me, As a senior colleague, I obeyed her, stood up and walked up to her. Before I reached there, two other ladies there had drew closer as if I was been summoned.

” Are you related to funmi?”

” Is she your sister?”

” Are you guys living in the same area?”

The 3 ladies whispered to me simultaneously at the same time, I just smiled and replied “not at all, I met her here as my boss when I resumed this job, that’s all”. The lady who called me said “nawa oooo, its so rare to see funmilayo stopping by at a junior staff’s desk to chat with him or her, or calling a junior staff to her office for conversation. even we wey dey her for over two years, she had never acted this way to any of us before”, I just looked her and smile. The other ladies said “maybe their spirits just worked together”, the third one said ” maybe funmi likes him”. I just looked at them and smiled as I stood up and walked out of the floor to attend the connect session, ***chaiii, women and gossips sha******


I got to the meeting and the news of funmi inviting me to office for lunch the previous day was still trending among my team-mates, I had to quickly correct them before they put me into trouble

“Abeg oooo, she only called me for an assignment ni oooo, no be for lunch ooo”.

We all laughed over it and everybody returned to his/her desk after the session. At the closure of the day, I had a long chat session with betty as she told me that she was already in Abuja, bimpe also called to remind me of my visitation on saturday the next day.

I tried calling and chatting segun to update him about bimpe’s invitation but his number wasn’t reachable and messages weren’t delivering

” Ooooooh, as I couldn’t reach segun now, what should I do ooooo?”



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