Sun. May 12th, 2024

BIMPE: ***held the door handle with a flirty smile on her face*** come inside and have your seat dear


ME: *** entered and still smiling*** thanks

I walked inside and sat down on the chair, daniella was at the corner of the dinning room playing with her doll, the moment she saw me, she ran towards me and hugged me while bimpe was seating down at the opposite side with her legs crossed over each other and her laps were flashing at me. I lifted daniella up and made her to seat on my legs,


ME: how are you daniella?


DANIELLA: ***baby tone*** I’m fine


ME: ***smiled at her.****


BIMPE: ***stood up and came closer to my side*** Daniella, that is uncle onihaxy, what did I say?


DANIELLA: uncle onihaxy.


BIMPE: **** patted her**** good girl, that’s my baby.


ME: ***opened the nylon and brought out the yoghurt and pop corn**** have these daniella, this is what I bought for you.


DANIELLA: **happy mode*** thank you uncle onihaxy


ME: you are welcome dear


BIMPE: **** grin *** waoooooh, onihaxy!!!, like seriously, how did you know her favourite?, she so much love ice cream and popcorns. She can even go with a stranger because of it.


ME: **smiled** maybe our spirits just worked together for me to know what she likes,


BIMPE: of course na, there must definitely be a natural connection between both of you now.


ME: na you sabi.


Daniella took her popcorn with the ice-cream and returned to her doll, bimpe came closer and patted me on my laps with a flirty smile on her face.


BIMPE: where is my own ice-cream?


ME: I didn’t bring anything for you


BIMPE: ehhhn eeehhn, so I don’t deserve any gift also abi?


ME: **smile** na jealousy go kill you


BiMPE: thank you, let me be jealous, so nothing for me abi?


ME: **tongue out**, nothing for you oooooo


BimPE: ***smile**** ok ooo, in that case, no entertainment for you too.


ME: ok I’m sorry, I will make it up to you next time.


BIMPE: that’s my babyboy, I’m coming, let me check the rice on fire


ME: huuuuuuh, so you are just cooking?


BIMPE: not really, I prepared the stew first, I just finished with that not quiet long sir, I’m sorry for the delay sir **smile and knelt down***


ME: ***smile*** funny you, its ok


BIMPE: am I forgiven now?, can I stand up?


ME: yeah


BIMPE: ok, I will be right back.


Bimpe left the living room leaving daniella and I behind, I called her and we began to chat, I asked her questions about herself, her studies and about her family, I was so surprised at the brilliant and sharp answers daniella gave me, ****chaiiii, why won’t she be sharp when her school fees na 300k per term for KG II***

Like 20 minutes later, bimpe came back with a bottle of wine and 2 glass cup


BIMPE: ***clears throat**** hmmmmm, I can see you guys are getting along, una weldone oooo


ME: abi jaree. She is so brilliant and sharp sha, I like that.


BIMPE: ***sat down and dropped the wine and cups on the table*** hmmmm, it seems this is your first time of having interactive section with her?


ME: hmmmm, not really, but you know, most times when I come around, she is always asleep.


BIMPE: its alright, ***looked at daniella**** babygirl, go and play with your toys.


DANIELLA: ***left us and returned to her toy****


BIMPE: dear, don’t mind me jaree, the rice is almost done,

*** poured the wine into the two cups, handed one cup over to me*** let’s have this before the food is ready.


ME: ***remembered what happened at the hotel the last time when I found kolanut inside the drink**** I’m fine bimpe, I’m not taking anything


BIMPE: ***smiled*** onihaxy!!! Onihaxy!!!


ME: what is that?


BIMPE: I know your thoughts. You think I will poison you or drug your drink right?


ME: **smile** you are funny, that’s not the issue, I just don’t feel like taking anything.


BIMPE: ***drank from her cup, picked up the second cup from the table and drank from it also**** now that I have tasted from the cups, are you now convinced that I can’t harm you?, so drink dear.


ME: I’m not in the mood for drink jaree, let’s discuss the main issue why I’m here


BIMPE: ***drew closer and rubbed my laps***, onihaxy, I don’t like the way you see me as a witch or evil person, I have begged you and explained to you that I did what happened the last time just to protect you and daniella, you might not understand now, but later, I’m very sure you will. Now that you are rejecting the wine, how am I so sure you won’t reject the meal I laboured to prepare. Please now, I’m begging you, let go of the past and see me as a changed person, please!!!!!!!! ****knelt down again in-between my legs, placed her two hands on my laps with her mouth closer to mine****


ME: ***smiled*** ok, I heard you, stand up***


BIMPE: no, I won’t, I will remain like this until you take your drink, you just have to stop seeing me as a witch, haba!!!!


ME: ok, let me have it,


BIMPE: ***took one of the cups from the table and gave it to me**** have it dear


ME: alright ***** received the cup and drank****


BIMPE: ***pulled closer and gave me a sharp kiss and patted my chin **** that’s my baby, thanks so much dear


ME: *** d**k signalled upon the kiss**** “chaiiiiii onihaxy!!!!!!”

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