Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

I got home that evening, I was so restless and uncomfortable, I began to walk to and fro inside the room and flashing back to all what bimpe said in her car.

“Can this be true?”

“Should I believe bimpe?”

“Or is bimpe pulling another stunt?”

” Is bimpe trying to cause trouble?”

“Can betty really do something of such?”

“But she has been so nice to me”

“But can she really dump me?”

I thought over and over about everything and couldn’t figure out how to approach and handle the situation on my own. I picked my phone and called segun to update him about what I heard from bimpe. He said he was suspecting that bimpe wanted to cause trouble between betty and I but he said I should try and see betty and try to find out from her in a way that she wouldn’t suspect me of hearing informations about her. He gave me some steps to follow and put me through on how to handle the situation. After eating dinner at night, I picked my phone and called betty.


ME: hi dear


BETTY: my love, how are you and how is work today?


ME: fine but stressful.


BETTY: eyah sowie, first week at work is always stressful, you know, trying to adapt to the environment, and so on…..I have really missed you honey.


ME: ***confused. Isn’t it the same girl I was told negative things about?*** same here honey. I can’t wait to see you too. Can we see this weekend?


BETTY: hmmmmm, I don’t think so


ME: why dear?


BETTY: I will be visiting a sister in ikorodu tomorrow for her daughter’s wedding, I won’t return until sunday night.


ME: really?, and you didn’t tell me all this while?.


BETTY: onihaxy, I told you in my room the last time we met that I will be going somewhere this weekend.


ME: okay, I remembered, so how about next weekend?


BETTY: next weekend?, its likely I travel on or before then.


ME: travel?, to where?


BETTY: daddy just called me this afternoon that he wanted to see me this weekend and its very urgent.


ME: and you didn’t bother to tell me?


BETTY: I’m sorry dear. I had it in mind to call you tonight and inform you,


ME: okay, hope its not something serious sha?


BETTY: not sure jaree. Even me sef, I don’t know why he sent for me urgently, I will be boarding same flight with henry when he is leaving for abuja.


ME: so when are you returning?


BETTY: can’t say or predict sha, but I will spend atleast a week.


ME: haa, its long ooo, I will miss you so much, how will I cope without having you around me?


BETTY: I’m missing you already, I just have no choice than to honour his call, I will be back soon honey.


ME: dear, but I need to see you before you travel dear.


BETTY: really?, how do we see since you will be busy during the week?


ME: I don’t know ooo.


BETTY: ok dear, can it wait till I’m back?


ME: ***confused*** ok dear, no problem, when am I meeting your dad?


BETTY: you will definitely meet him but not now.


ME: but why dear?


BETTY: I haven’t told him anything about you yet, let me do that first when I get to abuja, after that, I can now do the introduction.


ME: ***still confused*** ok dear, no problem.


We continued talking for about 5 minutes more before I ended the call.

I was still in the room and confused and moments later, I got a chat message from bimpe.


BIMPE: hi dear,


ME: hi bimpe, how are you?


BIMPE: I’m good. Have you found out that thing from your wife?


ME: not yet, I intended seeing her tomorrow but she said she would be going for a wedding. And also, she said she would be travelling to abuja to visit her father.


BIMPE: hahahahahahahha.


ME: why the laughter now?,


BIMPE: should I tell you the truth?


ME: what?


BIMPE: she is travelling to meet that guy I told you about, not her dad, remember I told you they have been exchanging romantic calls and also making plans.


ME: what??.


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BIMPE: stop screaming what!!!! And better act fast


ME: ok, what can I do now?


BIMPE: onihaxy, let’s talk later, henry is coming downstairs,


ME: ok


BIMPE: don’t forget to clear your chat dear


ME: ok, bye.

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