Wed. May 29th, 2024

ME: segun, those options you gave me are all difficult. I believe in you that you can help me out of this web, and you know you are my last hope.

SEGE: alright, give me little time, let me think of a better solution, I will get back to you later.

ME: make it sooner my brother.

SEGE: you no well, na me say make you dey love person wey you supposed hate with passion?

ME: no be so jaree.

SEGE: that reminds me, what about the thing you said you wanted to discuss with me?

ME: ** pretended ** what was that?

SEGE: about one property or something you said you still have with bimpe.

ME: **muted for a while** ooooops. I will discuss it with you later.

SEGE: why not now?, this is the third time you have shifted this topic.

ME: nothing serious jaree. I’m still observing something at the moment. When I’m through with my research and observations, I will let you know.

SEGE: no problem, chat later bro.

ME: alright.

I sat on my bed and reminisced for a while before sleeping. Throughout the weekend, I had fun chatting with betty and also, bimpe never ceased to initiate romantic chats with me, she will tell me how she missed me, how she also think about me and the likes..

on monday. I woke up early, I took my bath, I wore my already ironed cloths, I took my credentials and went straight to the bank. I located the branch and arrived there at 7:08am, I walked inside the building and met similar faces I saw the day I went for my offer letter. I joined them and we were all told to go into a room. I counted the new staffs present and we are about 38 in number.

A man came inside, he introduced himself as the assistant project coordinator and he asked everyone to show his/her offer letters which we all did, after then, he obtained our names on a piece of paper and he left the room.

During this period, I was busy chatting with betty and updating her about the happenings in the bank. At 10am, the man came back and divided us into 3 groups and he gave us a manual to read. He set up a projector and a slide and he told us we would be trained on our job roles that monday and throughout the week. Everyone got a chair to seat on, people who knew one another were socialising while I was just looking at people because I have no one to relate with.

At about 11am, the training/seminar was about to commence. The assistant project coordinator picked his phone and called someone on his phone. Like two minutes later, the door was opened and a sound of “ko ka ko ka ko ka” began to emanate from the door, I turned around long with the other new staffs to look at who was playing beats with the heels of her shoe, behold, it was a moderately slim woman, she has a moderately big burst, a nicely curved hips, I micro gown revealing her laps and she has a nice cat-walk steps. She walked pass me and I could see her nicely “shooted” a-s which was well packaged in her mini gown. From my view, this lady/woman should be 35years of age in maximum. She greeted us and walked to the front of the podium and stood beside the assistant project coordinator, they both whispered to each other for like 2 minutes and after then, the assistant project coordinator introduced her saying “Hi everybody, this is my boss, she is funmilayo and she is the line manager of this Unit

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