Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

After ending my chat with segun, I sat down thinking about all what segun said to me on phone, I made up my mind that I was going to face bimpe once and for all. I picked up my phone and called her.


ME: **frowned** hello bimpe


BIMPE: ***s£xy romantic voice*** hello sweetheart, how are you?


ME: I’m ok.


BIMPE: what time should I come?


ME: I don’t think we can see again.


BIMPE: haaaaa onihaxy, but why?


ME: there is a new development. I just got a message to come for a test in ibadan by 7am tomorrow, so I will be travelling today from work.


BIMPE: haaa, onihaxy, please I need to see you today, its very urgent.


ME: but I’m travelling


BIMPE: ok, let me just see you before you travel please,


ME: can’t we discuss it on phone?


BIMPE: no, we can’t.


ME: ok, I will close by 5pm, let’s see at the gate of my office.


BIMPE: no problem dear. Please text the address details to me.


ME: ok no problem, ***end the call***


I ended the call, text the address to bimpe and resumed my activities at work, trying to adapt to my new space in front of funmilayo’s office, and also trying to meet up with my daily target. By 4pm, I was so tired and exhausted that I even forgot that I was expecting a guest. At 4:40pm, I got a call from bimpe that she was around and that she parked outside the bank. I sat on my seat and rehearsed how I will talk to her and also frown at her. I excused myself and went outside to meet bimpe with a frown on my face, on getting to the compound, I didn’t see her car, I stood at a spot to call her and she told me she came with an Hyundai ix35 parked outside the gate. I looked forward and I saw her waving at me through the door. I ended the call, walked towards her and opened the side door of the jeep and sat down.


BiMPE: hi onihaxy, how is work going?


ME: **frowned*** fine


BIMPE: but why is your mood like this?, stressful day at work I guess.


ME: ***still frowned ***maybe. So why do you want to see me?


BiMPE: onihaxy calm down now, aren’t you happy to see me first?


ME: that is not what I asked you ma. Just answer my question.


BIMPE: ok wait onihaxy, why are you so harsh on me of recent? Are you still playing revenge games on me?. Shebi we have agreed put an end to the fight between us. So why are you still avoiding me dear?


ME: bimpe!!!!!!,


BIMPE: ssssshhh!!!, atleast smile at your baby now ehn


ME: **faked a smile***, ehm bimpe!!


BIMPE: that’s better, yes dear


ME: first, I want to let you realize that I’m not fighting with you anymore, neither am I still playing games with you.


BiMPE: so why have you been avoiding me and also been harsh on me?


ME: I’m avoiding you because I wanted to concentrate on my relationship and you have been acting as a distraction.


BiMPE:***sad face** haaa onihaxy, its so unfair oo, you know I have always supported your affairs with betty right from the day we ended our fight.


ME: yeah I know, but your attitude of recent is tearing me apart.


BimPE: onihaxy, please understand me, I’m not trying to come between you and betty. I just don’t know what is wrong with me of recent, I just find myself singing your name, dreaming of you and thinking of you.


ME: but you are married to a rich dude, you have a daughter, a good job and fleets of car in your compound. What else do you want from a poor boy like me?.


BiMPE: ***sobbing*** don’t underestimate the power of love. You and I know that I have always loved you, despite the ups and down between us in the past, our path still keep crossing. To crown it all, I have a beautiful daughter for you whom I carried in my belly for good 10 months, so tell me how will the love of her father vanishes just like that in my heart?. Belive me onihaxy, my feelings for you are real **continued sobbing***


ME: **held her hands and wiped her tears*** ok bimpe, its ok, I understand you. But at this point, let’s make things clear to each other, I have handed over betty to you and henry forever, you even sealed my lips with a oath, and now I’m inlove with your husband’s sister and I’m planning to settle down with her. Please bimpe, I’m begging you for heaven’s sake, let’s just kill whatever feelings we have for each other and let’s concentrate on our spouses. Please I know you can do this, you have hated me and haunted me in the past, you can still do it again please.


BIMPE: ok dear, if that is what will make you happy, I will try my best to control my feelings, all I wanted is your happiness, but on one condition.


ME: what is that?


BIMPE: you will not avoid me again and you won’t be harsh on me again. I do shed tears most times you act cold towards me.


ME: is that all?


BIMPE: yes


ME: ok, I will try.


BiMPE: that’s my baby. But wait onihaxy, be sincere please, swear to God that you don’t have any feelings for me again


ME: let me tell you the truth, I like you, that’s why I’m still around you, but I’m trying to concentrate on my spouse, that was why I have been avoiding you.


BIMPE: please don’t avoid me again dear.


ME: I heard you.


BIMPE: alright, so where do you live and how are you coping?


ME: I’m squatting with a cousin for now in mushin, though we are like 5 in the room because 3 of his friends are living with us.


BIMPE: are you comfortable with the place?


ME: not at all, but I don’t have any choice for now, I will manage till I get my own apartment.


BIMPE: that will be nice, which area are you getting the apartment


ME: somewhere around ilupeju or obanikoro or maryland.


BIMPE: its ok.


ME: thanks dear. So, what did you say you wanted to tell me?


BIMPE: hmmmmm, its about your wife betty


ME: **scared** betty?


BIMPE: yes


ME: what happened to her?


BIMPE: I have wanted to tell you before from the start, but I know you won’t listen, that was why I didn’t bother, although the matter was minimised for sometimes now, but I think it had been resurrected again.


ME: bimpe, you are still scaring me please, tell me what happened to my betty.


BIMPE: ok, her father had a plan of marrying her to his rich friend’s son in Abuja. Although betty was against it at first and that was why she ran away from abuja to lagos, but of recent, betty and the guy has been exchanging romantic call and making some plans. So that’s why I’m here to inform you to act fast before you loose your wife.


ME: bimpe, this is a lie, betty can’t do something of such. are you sure of what you are saying?


BIMPE: onihaxy, you don’t have to doubt me. Ok, when you see her, ask her why she isn’t working at the moment, and also pressurise her to introduce you to her father. From there, you will get more revelations. But please, don’t let her know that you heard it from me please!!!!!!, I beg of you.


ME: **screamed*** what!!!!!!!!!!!

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