Sun. May 12th, 2024

I called betty immediately I received the text and she

told me that she was aware of it. We discussed on

how I will travel that day. There after, I went to my

manager and discussed the issue with him and told

him about the text, he was so happy with me and he

gave me brotherly advice. He said I should travel

first, see the job environment and if I’m ok with it, I

can send my resignation letter via email to him. I

also called my uncle in Ado ekiti to also inform him, I

informed segun too and I left Ado that afternoon and

arrived at mushin at few minutes to 11pm.

On friday the following day, I went to the outsourcing

firm in lekki with my credentials, following the

description that betty gave me. I was surprised when

I just given an attendance to sign against my name

which had been typed along side some other names,

I was asked for the copies of my original credentials

which I tendered. From the discussions of the other

guys I met there, they were once there for test and

also for interview. They were relating with one

another while I appeared odd among them. By 3pm

on that friday. I was through filling the forms I was

given. I was given the offer letter and was told to

resume at the bank on monday morning.

After leaving the outsourcing firm, I went straight to

betty’s house to give her feedback. I arrived at the

compound and I was picked from outside after calling

her that I was at the gate. I got to the living room

and met the house empty.

ME: dear, where is everyone?,

BETTY: my brother travelled to abuja as usual, Aunty

betty went to work and daniella is sleeping upstairs.

ME: sleeping upstairs? Hope the door is locked sha.

BETTY: ***smiled** trust me now, the accident that

happened the other day shouldn’t repeat itself again.

ME: alright dear.

BETTY: how far with where you went to?

ME: ***narrated everything**** thanks so much dear

BETTY: you are welcome dear **hugged me***

ME: I was given two guarantor’s form self to fill and

to be returned back to them

BETTY: alright, when will you do that?

ME: I will give them to my brother and his friend to


BETTY: ok dear, I’m so happy right now. I want aunty

bimpe to realize that we can make it without her


ME: you and this your bimpe sha.

BETTY: yes na, I just hate it when someone feels

that without her, the heavens will fall.

ME: na you sabi.

BETTY: onihaxy, Have you been to my room before?.

ME: I don’t even know which one is your room out of

all the rooms in this house.

BETTY: na wa for you ooooo, and are you ready to

know it now? **flirty smile**

ME: **smiled** won’t you entertain me first?, not

even a glass of water for the past 35 minutes that I

have been around.

BETTY: Handsome, if you want any entertainment,

follow me as I’m going upstairs ***smiled and cat-

walked while oscillating her booty as she was

climbing the stairs one after the other.

ME: chaiiii!!!!!


I followed betty immediately and we climbed the

stairs with both of us smiling and playing with each

other, on reaching the top of the stairs, I could see

like 4 doors. She pointed at the room one after the

other and describing them to me. She said the first

room is her brother’s matrimonial room, the next

room is daniella’s room, followed by another room

which was said to be a guest room and the last room

was betty’s room. “””Chaii!!, money good oooooo”.

She opened the door of daniella’s room to check on

her and I entered with her. The room was bigger than

my cousin’s room in mushin, it has academic and

cartoons wall papers hanged on the wall, a standard

bed which she was sleeping on with a standard

wardrobe, installed AC and colourful toys on the

floor. I also saw a bathroom door inside the room. I

was like, “All this luxury for a child not up to 2

years?”. She closed the door and we went to her

room, she opened the door and I sat on her bed. I

looked round the room, her room has the same

settings and structure with daniella’s room, just that

she has a portable fridge, a make-up chair and table

with mirror hanged on the wall, I TV and DVD stand

and so on. I was looking in admiration and I was

cursing poverty inside of me. She closed her door

from behind and came to sit with me on the bed and

resting her head on my shoulder.

BETTY: onihaxy, this is my room, do you like it?

ME: looked around. Its cool, fine and colourful.

BETTY: thanks so much.

ME: the room downstairs where you and bimpe

normally enter most times, who lives there?

BETTY: our previous maid used to stay there before,

but now, we use the place as a secondary store.

ME: ok dear,

BETTY: so dear, what do you care for?

ME: Anything ***smiled***

BETTY: ok ***stood up, walked towards the fridge,

brought out a “five alive” with a glass of cup**** let

me serve you dear.

ME: ***smiled***

BETTY: ***poured the drink inside the glass cup and

gave it to me.***

ME: ***took it and drank it up** dear the stress at

that outsourcing firm was so much. I’m so stressed

up jare.

BETTY: **smiled*** onihaxy, you are funny, you are

sitting on a bed, pillow is behind you, and you are

saying you are tired, lie down jaree. *** removed my

shoes and socks and she pushed my back to bed***

ME: dear, don’t let me sleep off ooo, so that bimpe

will not catch me here.

BETTY: ***lied beside me, with her left leg over my

laps and her head on my shoulder*** are you scared?

ME: yes na.

BETTY: if she meet you here, nothing will happen,

even if I keep you here for days, nothing will still

happen, the only person I fear is my brother.

ME: funny, what if she inform your brother?

BETTY: she dare not. Do I look like a teenager?

ME: ***laughed.***, how will you know when she is


BETTY: she has her own keys

ME: ok oooo, that reminds me, I saw a man at

entrance of the gate when I entered, who is he? .

BETTY: yeah, he is the new gateman and security


ME: ok.

Betty and I continued to chat, from there, we started

playing and it led to a hot and passionate romance.

Our lips met each other and we are kissing under the

chilling AC, she came closer with her hands wrapping

my neck while my hand began to move down to her

br**st, I started with a tickle on her cleavages, then

squeezing and pressing the br**st through her gown,

I was finally able to bring out her boobs from to top

of her gown, I moved my head downwards and was

sucking one the br**st while hand-manipulating the

other one, she let out a soft moan “ooooooouccchhh”

as she presses my head closer.


The moan was increasing as I continued squeezing

and pressing the br**st, my hand found his way to

her laps and I pulled up her gown to caress her laps,

she was jerking and getting uncomfortable, I moved

my hands upwards to the underneath of her pants, I

tickled her clit through her pants for about one

minute and then pushed the pant sideways with her

hand. As my finger was landing on her Kitty-Cat, I

could feel her juice dripping on my finger, she was

super wet. I started finger bleeping her and she was

pressing my head on my br**st and squeezing my

shoulder at the same time. I continued finger

bleeping her till she drips again and again, moaning

over and over again, at a point in time, she pulled up

her gown to the top of her br**st and pulled off her

pants by herself, ***chaiii, omo see fresh fish****, I

understood the signal as “no time to waste”. I

unhooked her bra while she unzipped my trousers

and pulled it down with my boxers. I knelt in between

her legs, spread her legs apart with mine and was

suucking her boobs while she was doing handjob on

my d**k, I was about leaving her br**st to move

down to her Kitty-Cat to suck when grabbed my

buttocks, pulled me closer to herself and inserted my

d**k inside of her. Hmmmm. “No time”.

I responded by pressing her two legs raised upwards

to her br**st, hanging them over my hand and

bleeping her in deeper penetration. Betty was

moaning and shouting but I didn’t care. We bleeped

for like 8 minutes without changing style untill I was

about to cum and I withdrew my d**k and cummed

on her belly button.

BETTY: ***lieing by my side*** ayanma!!!. Why did

you do that?

ME: **smiled** I don’t want to stain your bedsheet.

BETTY: **hit me*** naughty boy, so its my body you

should stain abi?.

ME: smiled

BETTY: **spread her hand to the side of the bed and

brought out a tissue, removed part of it to clean

herself and she gave me to rest.** onihaxy, take and

clean yourself.

ME: ***collected the tissue and cleaned up***

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