Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

BETTY: I love you so much onihaxy. You just have all

it takes to be my husband.

ME: really?, what are the things I have ooo.

BETTY: a good look, a caring heart, a faithful spirit

and a good bedroom skills.

ME: naughty you.

*****we continued to cuddle, discuss and chat as we

both lied down Unclad beside each other for about 25

more minutes and I told her that I will be leaving for

my house******

BETTY: leaving?, so soon?

ME: yes dear. You know I’m going to mushin and you

know its far.

BETTY: ***sad face**** ok dear, but onihaxy, you

have to leave that mushin and get you own

accomodation jor.

ME: yeah, definitely. I’m working on that too.

BETTY: where is the location of your bank.

ME: oshodi area.

BETTY: still close to mushin jor.

ME: I will get an accommodation around maryland


BETTY: that’s where she lives abi?

ME: who?

BETTY: she na. That girl that can’t stop loving you.

ME: betty!!!!!!!!!, you still haven’t forgotten this issue. I

told you it was sent to a wrong number.

BETTY: I hear you. Let’s go to the bathroom to have

a shower.

ME: shower kee?, time has gone now.

BETTY: dirty boy, so you want to go out without

shower abi?.

I obliged and we went to the bathroom together both

still Unclad to had a shower, we ended up with

another hot round of “shower doggie s£x”. I cleaned

up and dressed up, and was set to leave. I headed to

the door first and I told betty to meet me at the

living room as she was still dressing up and packing

her hair. I opened the door and behold, I saw Bimpe

standing infront of the door, bending in a position as

if she sticked her ear to the door, she was shocked,

stood still and her eyes were soaked and a sad mood

was shown on her face. Before I could say anything,

in her sad face and faint voice, she said “Hi onihaxy,

how are you? And where is Aunty betty?”.


ME: betty? she is inside ****hooking my belt and bimpe

was looking at my zip******

BETTY: onihaxy!!!!!!, is that mummy daniella?

ME: yes!!!

BETTY: ok, I’m coming!!!!! *** rushing out*****

BIMPE: ***still looking at me and later winked****

BETTY: **came out of her room and leaning on my

shoulder*** welcome ma, you came so early today.

BIMPE: abi jaree, how is daniella?, has she eaten?

BETTY: yes, she ate noodles before she slept, aunty

bimpe, you look dull and unhappy, hope you are fine?,

BIMPE: yeah. I’m fine.

BETTY: haba!!!, mummy daniella, your eyeballs are red.

Definitely, there is something wrong.

BIMPE: nothing jor, a tiny particle fell in my eyes inside

the lab today. Maybe that’s why.

BETTY: ok ma

BIMPE: let me go to my room and relax, hope you have

entertained your guest?

ME: ***silent and looking at both of them as they

exchange conversations

BETTY: yes, sure I did. He said he is on his way home


BIMPE: way home kee?, hope I’m not the one chasing

you away onihaxy?

ME: rara ooo mummy daniella. I just have to go now, I

have something to do at home.

BIMPE: ok then, when next are we expecting you?

ME: probably two weeks time sha

BIMPE: ok ooo.

BETTY: mummy daniella, I’m coming, let me see him


BIMPE: no problem.

Betty and I walked out of the compound, the new

security man opened the gate and we walked out of

the house, we continued chating and gisting till I reach

the bustop. I took a bus to lekki gate and from there to

my house.

As I was in the bus, betty and I was having

conversations, she told me how happy she was and

how she missed me and I told her the same. I was in

the midst of this chat when I got a “HI” whatsapp

message from an unknown number, I looked at it and I

knew it was bimpe’s secret number. I opened the chat

and I replied her.

ME: hello.

BIMPE: onihaxy, I don’t just know why I felt so akward


ME: akward as how?

BimPE: I have been around for like 25 minutes earlier

before you were out of betty’s room the other time.

ME: really?

BImPE: yess!!. When I got to the living room. I saw a

file on the sofa with an offer letter inside it which has

your name on it. It was then that I knew you are


ME: hmmm

BiMPE: I climbed upstairs and I was hearing all your

moans and tunes with that of betty, I can’t believe I

was so jealous, uncomfortable and worst of it was that

I was actually crying out loud before you came out.

ME: I thought as much, when I saw your eyeball, I

knew something was wrong, but why feeling jealous

and why the tears?

BimPE: I just don’t know, it looked as if something so

precious was stolen from me and been used by

someone else.

ME: hmmmm.

BImPE: yes, anytime I see you and betty together, I’m

always feeling jealous inside of me, but it wasn’t as

crazy as that of today. I felt like breaking the door

open to stop both of you from having s£x.

ME: bimpe, I understand you, but the earlier we both

forget, Resist and ignore any feelings we still have for

each other and move on with our spouses, I think the

better it will be for us. Hope you know what I mean?


ME: ok, the earlier you pretend as if we never met or

had anything together, the better it will be for you and


BiMPE: onihaxy, I understand you, I wish it could just

be as easy as you said but its just difficult. The more I

see you, the more I think of the beautiful and romantic

moment we once had together. Onihaxy, when I heard

you making love to betty, I was so wet at the door and

I felt like having you all to myself. Onihaxy, its now I

know it that I so much love you and it is so difficult for

me to let you go.

ME: ok bimpe. Let’s chat later at night, I’m in oshodi

now. I don’t want my phone to be snatched from me

while chating.

BiMPE: ok my heartbeat. Believe me when I say I still

love you so much and I think of you all the time. Don’t

forget to always clear this chat. Let me know when you

get home.

ME: alright bimpe. Bye

BIMPE: haba onihaxy!!!, just be romantic for once naw.

Atleast i know how you used to end chats with me

back in the days.

ME: hmmmm, ok, bye love, miss you

BIMPE: that’s my darling!!. Missed you too honey. Chat

with you later. Bye.

***chaii, me?, love? Romantic?, haaaa!!!, mogbe!!!!!!!!,

segun must hear this before I fall into trouble***

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