Wed. May 29th, 2024

ME: *****ooooooooooooops!!, yeeepa!!!, bimpe’s

text!!!!!!, I never delete am ooooo, I pray she didn’t go

through it ooooooooo*****

BETTY: **came down with a frown on her face***

ME: ***chaiii, e don happen today****

I bid them farewell and went out of the compound.

Betty was holding her phone and mine, she frowned

and was silent. Her mood remained the same as we

were strolling to the bustop.

ME: my love, you look so dull and silent, what is the


BETTY: **silent***

ME: ***stopped**, betty, what is the matter?, have I

done anything wrong?

BETTY: ***stopped also****. Onihaxy, who was the

lady that sent you a text two nites ago?. Tell me the

truth and don’t lie please.

ME: ***chaiiii!!!!, e don happen today******


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ME: *** formed seriousness**** oooooh, is that why

you are moody?

BETTY: **still frowned*** is that the answer to my


ME: ok, let me be sincere, I don’t know the sender of

the message,

BETTY: what do you mean?, you are inlove with

someone else, she sent you a text, and you are

telling me that you don’t know the sender?

ME: trust me betty, I can never and will never cheat

on you. Let me explain please.

BETTY: go on, I’m listening.

ME: I was on my bed on thursday night when I got

the text, I was surprised because the person didn’t

indicate her name, neither did the person mentioned

my name, and the content of the message was so

strange to me.

BETTY: hmmmmm, and what made it strange mr


ME: first, I was at home all through that day, I never

went out , had any guest or met anyone

BETTY: ***still holding my phone** ok, go on.

ME: so I got this strange message from someone

begging me and telling me she doesn’t want to loose

me, I’m serious. I was about to ask you self if you

were the one that sent it, that was why I didn’t

delete it.

BETTY: and you think I’m so dumb and I’m a fool to

fell for that story?, she was even telling you to stick

to a rule abi?, and what rule is that?, to dump me


ME: betty, please for heaven’s sake, trust me. If you

go through my phone, you will notice that the

message was the only odd one, I’m not cheating on

you please. Even me myself, I’m still confused. I kept

the message for you. If not, I would have delete it


BETTY: just the way you have been deleting other

texts abi?, sebi its God that wanted to catch you that

made you forgot to delete this one, and why didn’t

you ask me immediately after you received the


ME: I’m so sorry dear, I wanted to confirm the

person’s identity first by trying to call the person

back but the number wasn’t reachable.

BETTY: hmmmm, story story

ME: I’m serious, even till this morning, I tried calling

the number and it is still not going through. I’m

guessing the person sent it to a wrong number.

BETTY: onihaxy, are you sure of what you are


ME: my love, I swear with my life, I’m so sure.

BETTY: onihaxy, I’m asking you once more, are you

sure you aren’t cheating on me?

ME: I swear.

BETTY: ok, take your phone, dial the number now as

I’m standing infront of you. Place it on loud-speaker

and speak on.

ME: ****yeeepa, mogbe*** betty, you still don’t trust

me?, are you saying you don’t trust me?

BETTY: onihaxy!!!!, sebi you aren’t hiding anything?

ME: yes

BETTY: sebi the message was strange to you?

ME: yes

BETTY: sebi you said you aren’t cheating on me?

ME: yes.

BETTY: then its simple, just dial the number and

speak on, or is that too difficult?

ME: **so scared*** not at all

BETTY: then dial that number and speak up, if the

person mentioned your name or you act somehow. I

swear to the God I serve, this relationship is ending

on this spot we are standing on.

ME: ok ***opened the message and dialling the

number with my heart beating heavily, getting scared

not really because of the call, but because she might

recognize bimpe’s voice.****

Grin grin grin grin ***phone ringing**

BETTY: now that it is ringing, please place it on



ME: ***scared to press the speaker button as my

hand was shaking***

BETTY: onihaxy, I’m still waiting

ME: ***pressed the loudspeaker button***

the person isn’t picking up.

BETTY: re-dial it again, I’m waiting…..

ME: ** re- dialled and still wasn’t picked up****.

BETTY: re-dial again

ME: ****with my heart beating faster and heavily I re-

dialled the call and bimpe picked it*****

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