Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

ME: **frowned*** ehn ehn?? what happened?

BIMPE: **still panting*** please don’t hang up. Are you

still in lagos?

Me: yes

BIMPE: where are you at the moment?

ME: oshodi, and why asking all these questions?, where

is betty.

BIMPE: that’s why I called you, come over to mendila

hospital in Ajah straightway. Its an emergency.

Me: **screamed**** yeeeeeeh. What happened to her?,

what happened to my betty?, tell me!!!!

BIMPE: stop asking questions, when you get here, you

will know.

ME: how do I get there from oshodi?.

BIMPE: haaa, take a cab from there directly to ajah.

Give the driver the description, don’t worry, I would pay

him when he gets here.

ME: ok,

I was so worried and scared, I dropped the shoe I

wanted to buy, I climbed oshodi bridge to the other

side and I heard a bus shouting lekki ajah.

“Oh my God?, what time will this one get to ajah


Just while I was still asking rethorical question, I saw a

powerbike parked very close to “under bridge” and

behold, the rider was coming out of somewhere to

mount on it. I ran close to him immediately.

ME: hello, please I need you help, its an emergency

RIDER: ***frowned*** yes, how can I help you?

ME: *scared and panting*** please I need to get to

ajah , at mendila hospital.

RIDER: then go and take public bus now.

ME: please, someone so closed to me is dieing on a

hospital bed and doctor said there would be no

treatment until we pay, I just got the money and I want

to rush down there to save her life.

RIDER: ok, your money is 3,000 naira.

ME: ****hian!!!, even Akure to lagos is 1,500naira

na**** please have mercy on me, I don’t have up to

that amount.

RIDER: **** switch on the bike** then get lost

ME: please wait, ok, I will pay 2k please.

RIDER: ok, I will take it because you said you have a

dieing patient. Ok, climb up.

I mount on the power bike and it took me straight to

the hospital at ajah in 25 minutes.

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