Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

We both exchanged phones, went through it and both

dropped it on the bed as I crossed over to seat beside


ME: so my credentials.

BiMPE: ok, let’s have a drink first na.

ME: no, later.

BIMPE: ok *****stood up and walked to the other side

of the bed, opened her bag and brought out a file***

here is it, you can go through it to be sure.

ME: **collected it and scanned through*** yeah its


BIMPE: so can we have a drink now?

ME: sure ***smiled****

BIMPE: ***stood up and walked to the table, popped

the bottle and poured the drink inside the two cups****

onihaxy, that reminds me, I bought a shirt for you,

please open that bag to see it first maybe you like it

***pointing at the bag****.

ME: ***turned to the other side of the bed, opened her

bag and brought out a flower shirt. I spent up to 5

minutes on the bag and shirt without looking

backward***, waoooo, this is cool, thanks so much


BIMPE: ***walked back to the bed with the two cups

of drink.** you are welcome dear, now let’s have a


ME: ok ***collected a cup from her****

BIMPE: wait onihaxy, I want to ask you something,

ME: *** paused and held the drink cup in my hand***

what is it bimpe?

BIMPE: have you tell anybody about our baby secret?

ME: no, I swear

BiMPE: are you sure?

ME: yes

BIMPE: ok, swear to me that it will never come out of

your mouth to any soul.

ME: but I have done that before na.

BIMPE: I know, just do it again so that I can be rest


ME: ok oooo, I onihaxy oooo, I swear and promise you

that this secret will never come out of my mouth to

any soul.

BIMPE: ***smiled** and what if you violate your

promise?, what should happen to you?

ME: ****smiled*** make bicycle crush me to death

BIMPE: ***laughed**** rara, I no want that one. Use

part of your body to swear.

ME: ok, make I go blind, deaf and dumb ***laughed


BIMPE: ok, that one is better.

ME: ***yinmu*** “this girl no know anything, sebi na

mere words?”

BIMPE: alright, let’s drink

ME: had a toast and drank.

When the liquid was about to finish, I discovered a big

solid object at the bottom of the cup. ****yelled***,

bimpe, what is this?

BIMPE: **smiled**, sweetheart relax, its a part of a 3-

layered kolanut, I also have it in my own drink, as you

can see.

ME: and what is it doing inside the drink?


BIMPE: relax, I got it from the most powerful herbalist

in this town. I placed it inside the drink while you were

checking the shirt.

ME: **scared** and what does that implies?

BIMPE: baby relax, you just took an oath. And

remember what you said before drinking. You will go

blind, deaf and dumb any day this secret leaked to a

third party.

ME: **screamed*** whaaaat!!!!!!!!


ME: ***furious and angry***** bimpe, why did you do

this to me?

BIMPE: onihaxy, I have no choice, I have to protect the

only two people that I cherish so much, Daniella and


ME: ** smashed the cup on the floor*** and did I ask

for your protection?, since when did you start

patronising herbalist?

BIMPE: **** scared and pulled backwards*** I’m sorry

onihaxy, I’m just bothered that you might tell your

friend, and from there, it will start spreading like wind.

but the deed is already done, and its irreversible. Let’s

Just stick to the covenant please .

I looked at her with so much disgust, bitterness and

hatred, with the broken pieces of the glass cup in my

hand, I felt like piercing her face and giving her a

heavy punch of life, I felt like designing her face with

the broken glass, But I thought of it that what will be

my explanation if she got wounded?.

I thought of it that the hotel management might arrest

me if I wound her. I thought of it that betty and henry

will eventually find out that I was in hotel with bimpe.

How will I explain what I was doing with a married

woman in the hotel room to the extent of injuring her. I

thought of it that I can’t even explain what prompt my

anger because my mouth had been sealed with kolanut


I thought of what I will explain to betty on why I was

caught inside hotel room with her sister inlaw who

used to hate me. I thought of the sick daniella lieing on

the hospital bed.

I just looked at her again with disgust, picked up my

credentials, smashed the remaining piece of glass in

my hand to the floor and dropped the cloth she bought

for me on the floor. I walked towards the door, held the

door handle and turned back at her.


” Don’t ever in your life dial my number again”.

” Don’t ever in your life cross my path again”

“Infact I don’t want to see you again in my life”.

” I hate you with passion”

” I hate you for life”.

I uttered words in annoyance as I banged the door so

hard and I walked towards the reception, I was about

stepping out when I heard a voice from behind saying

“excuse me sir”.


“Excuse me sir”

ME: ***turned back with a frown*** Hello.

RECEPTIONIST: we are sorry to bother you sir. Please

spare us few minutes.

ME: ***walked closer*** what for?

RECEPTIONIST: ***picked a landline and dialling a

number*** for security purpose, we are instructed to

always call our customers’ room whenever a guest

leaves the room.

ME: no problem

RECEPTIONIST: ***on call for few seconds***

ME: ***looked at the entrance and saw two hefty

security guards**** “thank God I didn’t try anything

funny, I for hear am today ooooooooooo”. So can I go


RECEPTIONiST: yes sir, you are free sir, we are so

sorry for any embarrassment sir.

ME: its ok, but what was that meant for?

RECEPTIONST: a customer was murdered by her guest

last week, that’s the reason for the new security


ME: **smiled**, its ok, you are welcome.

I left the hotel building and thanking God that I was

able to control my anger and rage. I took a bus

returning to oshodi and on my way, different thoughts

began to flood my mind.

“Could this oath be real?”.

“What if its real?”

“Do I even need to tell anyone?”

“What if it was a poison and not a oath?”

“How to I explain to segun if he asked me about the


I got to oshodi and took another bus to mushin, I got

home, started packing my things and planning to return

to Ado that same day, I put a call to my betty.

ME: hello dear

BETTY: hi love, I was about calling you

ME: really?

BETTY: yeah, daniella will be discharged tomorrow

morning, so we are expecting you on saturday

ME: eyah, and I was about telling you that I will be

leaving for Ado today.

BETTY: huuuuh onihaxy, but why na?

ME: nothing dear, just wanted to settle some stuffs.

BEtTY: onihaxy, but today is thursday na. Please love,

please wait, my brother really wants to see you

concerning our relationship.

ME: as how?

BETTY: as in, I told him lots about you, so we want to

make it an official introduction.

ME: will bimpe be there?

BETTY: offcourse now, where else would she be?

ME: ***hissed*** ok dear.

BETTY: onihaxy wait a minute, did you just hissed now

because of aunty bimpe?

ME: never mind jaree.

BETTY: hmmmmm, I thought you guys had finally

buried your hatchets. This your on and off fight, I no

dey understand ooooo.

ME: looool. you are so funny dear. Ok, I will be around

for your sake.

BETTY: thanks dear. So na aunty bimpe dey chase you

comot before?. Its well..

I hanged up and few minutes later, I got a whatsapp

message from my friend.

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