Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

SEGE: ogbeni, how far na?

ME: I dey jaree.

SEGE: did you eventually get your credentials?

ME: yes,

SEGE: hope no set up at the hotel?

ME: not at all,

SEGE: you Bleep her again abi?, no lie ooooo.

ME: haba segun, trust me na.

SEGE: you keeee?, trust you?, with you and bimpe

alone inside hotel room?,

ME: looooool.

SEGE: you wey Bleep person ontop small hospital bed,

wetin suppose happen when you see big hotel room


ME: seriously, I no Bleep her, I just collected my

credentials, that’s all.

SEGE: you mean she lodge in an hotel room just

because of credentials?. Can’t she park at one junction

and give you there?.

ME: I no know for her jareee.

SEGE: hmmmmmm. Onihaxy, I dey tell you oooo, sha

be careful of bobby trap.

ME: yes boss.

SEGE: how about the other property you talked about,

did you retrieved that one too?

ME: no, not yet.

SEGE: no yawa na, hope you are ok sha?

ME: yeah.

SEGE: ok, I dey expect a Kitty-Cat today, and she don

arrive, chat with you later.

ME: hmmmmm, bad boy.

I ended the chat and was just smiling because of the

kind of friend I have. He so much understand me more

than anyone else.

9pm when I was about going to bed, I got a text from

an unknown number. I opened it and it read

” darling. Please I’m so sorry for what happened today,

I’m so sorry for upsetting you and I so much appreciate

how you controlled your anger and rage. I did that

today just because I love you and don’t want to loose

you. You might not understand it now, but you will

understand later. Also, there is something I want us to

discuss, probably later. Love you so much honey. And

don’t forget the rule please. From someone who truly


I was like me?, Bimpe? ,love?, honey? Don’t want to

loose me?, what is these?.


On stepping out of the hotel gate, I got a text from

bimpe that reads ” onihaxy love, why are you so angry

that you didn’t wait to see the special meal I prepared

for you. A fresh laps with a well shaved pusssy, my

cloths are off, I was putting on that cute net pant you

always love. You remember that bra you always love to

see on me?, that was what I wore. As I’m sending this

message, I’m in the shower Unclad, won’t you come

and join me?.

Chaiii, see pu**yy!!. My d**k jacked as I read the

message, I rushed back inside the hotel with my

trouser zip bulging out. I reached for the door, held the

handle and found out that it wasn’t locked, I opened,

entered the room.

I looked at the floor and noticed that the broken glass

had been packed and mobbed, I looked at the bed and

saw a red net pant laced on one side, I saw a cute bra

on the other side, I walked inches closer and heard the

sound of water running from the shower and my d**k

was gaining full time attention that my trouser couldn’t

hold it anymore. Before I could do anything, a voice

came from inside,

“Onihaxy, what are you waiting for?, pull off and join me


Omo see offer!!!!!!, I pulled off my. Shirt, my singlets,

my wrist watch and my boxer all in one minute. My

d**k attained 100% Attention as I opened the bathroom

door. I saw bimpe fully Unclad with water dropping on

her head from the tap. I looked down wards and saw a

sweet firm oranges standing infront of me. I looked

downwards and saw a fresh clean and a well shaved

Kitty-Cat in-between her legs, I turned back to close

the door and before I turned back to bimpe, she held

my erected d**k and pulled me closer with a flirty smile

on her face. She pulled me under the shower, pressed

her boobs on my and the water was dropping on our

heads. She held my head, pulled it closer and placed

her mouth on mine to kiss me and I placed my two

hands on her asss. She pressed my head closer and I

was pressing her ass closer with my d**k hitting the

lower part of her abdomen and we were both moaning

like hungry s£x hunters.

She pushed my head upwards and kissed my neck

down to my Tip. She was sucking my dry Tips

simultaneously and I was squeezing hers too. She

finally knelt down under the shower with her mouth

directly facing my microphone. She grabbed it and

began speaking to it. “Hmmmm, oooouch, arrrrrgh, my

God!!!!!,” I began to moan as she was giving me a

deeper penetration. I was so lost in the mood that I

can’t help but held her head and pressing her mouth

deeper on my d**k. The BJ was so sweet as the

waters keep dropping on us, I cummed inside her

mouth in 5 minutes of the hot BJ. She rose up, spit the

cum away and kissed me, we spent about 2 more

minutes in the shower kissing before she put off the

shower and we went to bed Unclad.

I lied down with my chest facing up and she lied on me

with her lap resting on mine, my d**k was relaxed as a

result of the heavy BJ and I was forcing it to come up

but the thing no gree come up.

BIMPE: baby, I have missed you so much

Me: I miss you more dear,

BIMPE: but you left me few moments ago.

ME: I’m sorry love, but you caused it, you made me


BIMPE: hmmmm, I’m sorry, but you are funny dear.

ME: how dear?

BIMPE: you said you don’t want our paths to cross

again. Did you mean it?

ME: I was just joking.

BIMPE: ***smiled*** baby, we are meant to be

together for ever, as long as we are still alive and

breathing, even if we go apart and marry separate

people, we will always fall back together again,

ME: ****smiled*** you think so?,

BIMPE: **smiled also***, its not something I think, its

something I know.

ME: you are funny.

Before I know it, bimpe grabbed my d**k and began to

fond it, she came closer kissing me at the same time

as her oranges was rubbing and pressing on my chest,

few seconds later, my d**k began to rise till it gained

full Attention. Bimpe pushed her legs further and ended

up sitting on my waist, with her hands and knees on

the bed for support and are oranges was bouncing

infront of me. She lifted up her ass, locate my d**k

with the opening of her punany and sat on it without

any hand support, I was marvelled at the level of

professionalism. She began to rise and fall on me as

her boobs began to jug up and down, I grabbed the

boobs and began to press as we are both moaning


I was about to cum and I screamed. Yeaaaaaaaah


I woke up on my bed in mushin with sweat on my face

and my d**k erected. I looked at my boxers and

realized I just cummed.

Oh my God!!!, this girl follow me enter dream again

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