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Hello, hello, hello oooooo, I’m onihaxy, who am I

speaking with please?

BIMPE: ****silent on phone****

ME: hello ooooooo,

BIMPE : ****still silent****

ME: HELLO oooo, who is there?, can you hear me?

BIMPE: ****silent****

ME: ***hanged up****, baby, you can see, the person

isn’t talking.

BETTY: and what does that teaches us?

ME: just for you to know that I don’t know anything

about the message. I can’t lie to you betty.

BETTY: onihaxy, I’m still not convinced.

ME: ok dear, what else do you want me to do to

convince you?.

BETTY: I don’t know, I just don’t trust you anymore,

I’m quite sure there is something you are hiding

ME: sweetheart trust me. Since this message didn’t

come from you, then it was certainly sent to a Wrong


BETTY: hmmmmmmmm,

ME: yes dear, ok, let’s do it this way,

BETTY: which way?

ME: let me give you the person’s number.

BETTY: and what should I do with it?

ME: call the person and find out for yourself.

BETTY: and you think I’m that daft?, and what will it

cost you to call her behind me and tell her to lie that

she is someone else?, and besides, I don’t have that

time for child’s play.

ME: betty, why are you so angry like this now?.

Please now!!!. I have been begging you since morning,

I swear to God, I don’t understand the message

neither did I know the sender, atleast I called the

person in your presence and he/she didn’t speak, its

not as if the person heard your voice maybe that was

why she was muted. Please believe me, I just wish I

can convince you on this, please dear. For the sake of

the love between us, please understand me my love.

BETTY: ok dear, I heard you, I just pray it doesn’t

repeat itself. I hate someone who cheat on me with


ME: ***Hugged her** thanks so much dear. I swear

and promise you it won’t repeat itself.

BETTY: and get this straight, any day I catch you red-

handed cheating on me, just kiss this relationship

goodbye, and I mean it onihaxy.

ME: my love, why on earth will I cheat on you?, when

I’m not mad. What else do I want in a woman that I

haven’t found in you dear. I’m assuring you that I will

never cheat on you.

BETTY: ***strolling with me**** alright dear, so when

are you travelling?

ME: tomorrow, you know I have to go to work on

monday ***phone ringing in my pocket****

BETTY: Thank God she has called back, maybe you

can convince me one more time and vindicate


ME: **scared, sweating and heart beating heavily as I

dipped my hand inside my pocket to bring out the


BETTY: let me see the caller.


BETTY: onihaxy, come closer, let me see the caller

ME: ***removed the phone from my pocket with fear

and I drew closer to betty**** checked the screen,

BETTY: ***looked at the screen*** bimpe!!!, who is


ME: oooooh bimpe, its your sister inlaw

BETTY: same aunty bimpe?, how come?, when did

you guys exchanged numbers? And since when have

you guys been exchanging calls?. And you never

made me to be aware of all this?

ME: *** depressed **, please will you let me pick this

call before answering your questions please?

BETTY: ok, Go ahead?

ME: ok ****placed the phone on my ear*** hello.

BIMPE: ** whispered*** how far? Where are you?

ME: **looked at betty in the eyeball*** I’m on my

way home, betty is even here with me.

BIMPE: ok, I just wanted to thank you for everything.

Henry also said he so much appreciate you and he

sent his greetings.

ME: ok ma, thanks so much ma for the meal, thanks

for hosting me, and my regards to your husband ma.

BIMPE: you are welcome, please pass the phone to


ME: ok, ***gave the phone to betty****

Bimpe and betty were conversing on phone with betty

laughing out loud, their conversation lasted for about

12minutes before betty handed over the phone to


ME: hello ma,

BIMPE: **whispered*** talk to you later.

ME: ok ma, take care.

Betty and I continued strolling

BeTTY: onihaxy, you haven’t answered my question.

ME: ooh, about bimpe right?

BETTY: yes

ME: ok, it happened the day she dropped me off after

I donated blood to daniella, she asked me for my

number that she would like to call me when I reach

home safely.

BETTY: and you didn’t bother to tell me about it?

ME: I’m sorry, I never took it as a serious issue.

BETTY: really?, then I will get your friends or brother

number behind you and be calling them behind you

since its not a serious issue.

ME: ok love, I’m so sorry, please forgive me dear.

Alright, let me delete her number in your presence, I

will never talk with her again.

BETTY: onihaxy, don’t get me wrong, I never said you

shouldn’t call anybody or talk to anyone. But atleast,

you should let me know when you started it, for

integrity sake.

ME: ***pecked and hugged her*** ok dear I’m so


BETTY: its ok, let me know when you reach home.

Betty stopped at the bus stop, I took a bus back to

lekki gate while she returned home. I took a bus from

there to oshodi and finally to mushin. I was thanking

my stars that I wasn’t exposed today.

I got home at few minutes to ten, I called betty,

spoke with her on phone and told her to extend my

regards to bimpe and henry. About 15minutes later, I

got a call from bimpe.

ME: hello bimpe,

BIMPE: onihaxy, how are you?

ME: I’m good.

BIMPE: what happened today?, why calling my secret

line while betty was with you?,

ME: I’m sorry, betty caught me and she said she

wanted to know who owns the line.

BIMPE: what!!!!!!, how?, when and where?

ME: she read your text on my phone when she went

upstairs with it.

BIMPE: onihaxy!!!!!!!. How can you be so dumb and

careless?, why will you leave such text on your

phone?, can’t you hide it or archive it?, or can’t you

just be a man and defend the text or cook up

something else?.

ME: ehn?

BIMPE: yes, you even have the mind to call me in her

presence, what if I wasn’t smart enough to calculate

the situation and remained silent when you called?

Only God knows what would have happened by now.

Your type can’t keep two relationships successfully.


So what happened next?

ME: asking me what happened next after insulting

me?, you are not serious*** hanged up***


Bimpe continued to call me that night but I didn’t

pick up. I woke up the following morning and got her

message on whatsapp begging me to forgive her for

been rude and also encouraged me to be more

careful next time. I replied her and we had several

minutes of chats thereafter. I had my bath, dressed

up, spoke with betty on phone and departed from

lagos at around 10am to ado ekiti and resumed work

at the water factory on monday.

Two weeks later, betty called me and told me that

they have been making plans to fix me into the

family company but she was against it. I asked her

why?, she said how come the same woman who

once said onihaxy was a criminal and ran away with

his former boss money is now saying onihaxy should

be employed by the family, betty also said I won’t be

respected and might be remotely controlled around

by her family.

I tried changing her mindset but betty still insisted

that I must not work with them, I had no choice than

to reject the offer even when henry called me

officially to inform me about the family decision.

Three months passed away, there was no call from

the interior decorating firm. After several hope of

getting the marketing job. I was at home one

weekend when she called me.

ME: hello dear,

BETTY: hi onihaxy, how is work going?

ME: work is going fine.

BETTY: onihaxy, I have something to discuss with

you, I don’t know if you will be interested.

ME: what is that dear?

BETTY: concerning the marketing job, I’m still in-

touch with the man and he said you guys will be

called when the new showrooms under construction

are ready.

ME: ok, how soon will that be?

BETTY: can’t really say, but it should in three to four

months time.

ME: ok dear

BETTY: but I have a guy at an outsourcing firm here

in lekki,

ME: ok

BETTY: he said they are outsourcing for a bank who

needed temporary staffs for a three and half month

project. So I don’t know if you will be interested.

ME: its cool, how much is the pay?

BETTY: he said 70k

ME: for the whole project?

BETTY: no, its the monthly payment.

ME: what will now happen after the project? Will I

loose the job?

BETTY: he said there is a tendency that you might be

absorbed to be a permanent contract staff depending

on your performance at the bank. And incase you are

dis-engaged, the marketing job should be ready by


ME: no problem, its cool then, how soon will it be?

BETTY: I will text your details to him today, so you

might get a call any moment from now.

ME: ok dear, thanks so much.

BETTY: you are welcome dear. Talk to you later.

After betty’s call, I had a chat with segun concerning

the new development, he said its ok and he

encouraged me to take the risk and move ahead. He

later asked me about my property in Bimpe’s

possession that I promised to discussed with him. I

cooked up an excuse and changed the topic for him.

The following week, I was on my seat on thursday

morning when I received a text to come and pick my

offer letter at lekki by 9am the following day. I was

like me? Offer letter? Without any test and interview?.me

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