Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

ME: screamed. “Whaaaaaattttt “.

BIMPE: **blocked my mouth** don’t. Scream please,

people might be around. You know the wall has ears.

ME: bimpe, why did you hide this from me all this


BIMPE: ***crying** onihaxy, why not save that dieing

girl first and ask questions later.

ME: ok, where is she now?, where is the doctor and

what do I do now?

BIMPE: don’t worry, I will take you to the doctor and

tell him you wanted to donate blood for daniella.

ME: what if he ask questions about my relationship

with you? Or your family?

BIMPE: don’t worry, I work here, so no one will ask

you questions, let’s go.

Bimpe dragged my hands and we ran straight into

the hospital, the fellow nurses at the reception were

screaming “nurse bimpe!!!, please take it easy!!!!”. We

walked straight to the doctor’s office.

BIMPE: ****knocked***

DOC: come in please

BIMPE: hello doctor, please I have seen a donor,

please this is him **pointing at me***

DOC: hello young man.

ME: hello sir

DOC: you may take your seat please

ME: thank you sir. ****sat down***

DOC: nurse bimpe, please get me the apparatus, let

me screen his blood before transfusion

BIMPE: ok sir, *****left the office****

DOC: ***brought out a paper*****, young man, you

can write down you name here and sign at the

bottom of the paper.

ME: ***looked at the paper and it looked like a terms

and condition paper, I didn’t bother to read I just put

my name and signed.** here is it sir.

DOC: ** received it from me *** ok.

BIMPE: ****knocked and opened the door*** here is

it doctor.

DOC: ** received it*** bimpe just calm down, you


BiMPE: *** trembling** ok sir.

DOC : **pierce my thumb with a needle, placed a

“biro ink tube like” pipe on my finger and my blood

ascended up the tube for few seconds before

removing it from my hand.*** Nurse bimpe!!

BiMPE: sir!!!

DOC: stay here with him, I will be right back

BIMPE: ok sir

DOC: *** opened the door and left***

BIMPE: ***silent, staring at me and trembling***

ME: please calm down bimpe, daniella will be fine

and ok

BiMPE: ok ooooo.

I could see the pains and fear in her eyes, bimpe was

just walking around up and down, very restless and

uncomfortable. Few minutes later, the doctor arrived

with a package.

BIMPE: welcome doctor. What’s the result sir.

DOC: well, its good. A very perfect match,

BIMPE: **took a deep breath*** thank God

ME: ***took a deep breadth also***

DOC: young man, please come and lie here

***pointing at the bed inside his office.

ME: lied on the bed and placed my head on the


DOC: opened the package, brought out a pure water

package like substance, a tiny drip pipe and syringe.

Inserted the needle inside my hand, hanged the

nlylon bag and after few seconds, my blood was

flowing inside the nylon for another 4 to 5 mins.

BIMPE: welldone doc.

DOC: ok bimpe. By the way, where is your husband?,

is he not back yet?

BIMPE: no sir, but he would be here any moment

from now.

DOC: alrite, I’m through. Please get this young man a

bottle of malt, he must be weak by now.

The doctor left with the blood package, I stood up

from the bed and I was truly weak. My eyes were

seriously turning and my legs were shaking.

ME: bimpe, how did the doctor knew that I will be


BiMPE: he tested your blood, so he knew the level of

your strength.

ME: so what is he going to do next?

BiMPE: he is taking it to where daniella was


ME: ok, bimpe, I’m weak

BIMPE: let’s go down to the reception, I will get you

a drink to take.

ME: ok,

We walked close to the door, bimpe was holding my

waist with one of her hand. She opened the door and

we stepped out of the doctor’s office, immediately

she shut the doctor’s office door, we saw betty

walking towards us with a bag on her hand.

BIMPE: **whispered*** just keep quiet onihaxy, I will

do the talking.

ME: ok.

BETTY: aunty bimpe, I have been looking around for

you, it was one of the nurses that told me you are

with the doctor. Hee!!, onihaxy!!!!, what are you doing

here?, how did you get here?, what happened to you?,

who brought you here?, why are you looking weak?,

please what is going on here?. ****walked towards

me and took bimpe’s hands away from my waist

while she held me closely***

BIMPE: ***looked at me and blinked her eyes***

BETTY: ***dropped her handbag on the floor****

onihaxy, what’s wrong with you?. Talk to me dear

That was the last thing I heard before I fainted.

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