Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

ME: when she arrived, she said she would take only

bottle water and pie.

SEGE: na nice girl be that.

ME: and if you see her appearance, you go surprise

SEGE: wetin do am?.

ME: little make up, she no plait hair, na simple ankara

dress she wear, and na cheap slippers dey her leg.

SEGE: na all these hungry girls she go be . Abi wetin

you think?

ME: na wetin I first think be that ooo until drama


SEGE: wetin happen?.

ME: she bought take- aways and paid for it. And when

we went out of the eatery, I stopped a bike to take her

home and she refused.

SEGE: really?. Wetin come happen next?

ME: she just open the doors of a EOD and she entered

and drove off.

SEGE: yeeeepa!!!, you stopped a bike and she refused

and drove her own car?

ME: yes na.

SEGE: omo na serious shame be that ooo.

ME: na super shame. See as shame catch me for that

eatery today.

SEGE: oboy you don hammer be that oooo.

ME: hammer as how?.

SEGE: she go dey spend for you ni.

ME: we never start to date na.

SEGE: but you tell me say you love her na?

ME: I so much love her. I never love like that before.

But shame they catch me to ask her out.

SEGE: omo forget wetin don happen, just gather

courage and do the needful.

ME: I no get the mind, her level pass me, she fit

rubbish me.

SEGE: omo forget. Since you don meet her today and

she no rubbish you, nothing fit happen.

ME: fear and shame dey catch me to face her.

SEGE: e simple na. If you no fit face her, toast her for

BBM na. Sebi you know how you do bimpe and kemi?

ME: you no well.

SEGE: that reminds me, how about your wife?, e don

dey close to 2 years now and I no hear anything from

both of you.

ME: na true oooo, me sef no hear anything from her.

SEGE: maybe that virus wey I send to her don work be


ME: I pray make e work oooo.

SEGE: you don try to call her?

ME: I don try am tire but the number no still dey

receive call.

SEGE: omo forget about her then and concentrate on

this new girl. You must not loose her ooo.

ME: what if she be runs girl?

SEGE: wetin concern you even if na olosho. Just help

am spend out of her money.

ME: sege!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEGE: na so na. If person see opportunity, na to make

use of it na. But first get to know her better and her

source of money. She fit get one rich pale.

Me: I go try jaree.

On the following week, I keep chating with betty and on

the second week. I made my intentions known to her

but she told me she isn’t interested in any relationship

for now until she finishes her Msc programme.

She told me her dad is out of the country and owns a

business empire in Abuja with branches in lagos,

portharcout and Enugu. She told me that her mother is

late and she has a elder brother who got married about

2 and half years ago. She also told me that they her

brother and her are the only children of their parents.

We discussed a lot of things and we became more

intimate. She saw me as a confidant and I saw her as

one also.

I keep disturbing her that I loved her and wanted her to

be my girl and she keep giving me the same response.

On the 26th of that month which was on friday. She

told me that she would be returning to lagos on sunday

so we agreed to meet on saturday at my house.

I sent my address details to Betty and she arrived at

my house on that saturday afternoon. I entertained her

and we started chating.

ME: betty, I’m going to miss you.

BETTY: I will miss you more dear.

ME: are you going on public transport?.

BETTY: why should I go on public transport when I

have my own small car.

ME: **smiled** don’t mind me jaree. I thought it

belongs to grandma.

BETTY: no, its mine, it was my graduation gift after

finishing from the university with a 2.1.

Me: waooooh, what a brilliant girl.

BeTTY: don’t mind me jaree.

ME: please, I want to have your pictures on my phone

so as to be looking at it whenever I miss you since I

have been begging you to be my wife and you refused.

BETTY: haa! Onihaxy now, I’m not saying I can’t marry

you, I only said I needed time for myself.

ME: anyway, I won’t loose hope nor give up until you

become mine.

BETTY: **smiled***

ME: let me have you phone, I want to send few of your

pictures to my phone.

BETTY: ***handed her phone over to me****, this is

the phone.

I was scrolling through the phone and saw 3 of my

pictures which she saved from BBM, I smiled as I

continued scrolling and viewing her picture till I saw

the picture of her carrying a small baby.

ME: ***called on her**** is this your baby?

BETTY: **came closer**** no, its my elder brother’s

daughter. She is a year and 2 months old.

ME: ***scrolling through and saw a man**** who is


BETTY: that’s my elder brother. Bro Henry

ME: ok **continued scrolling until I saw a picture of

her with a familiar face*** heeeee!!!, this face looks

like someone I knew. Who is this?

BETTY: that’s the picture of my brother’s wife and I.

ME: your brother’s wife? ******looked at the picture

again and wiped my eyes to make sure I’m seeing


BETTY: yes. My brother’s wife.

ME: what’s her name?

BETTY: aunty Bimpe.

ME: Bimpe!!, what’s her occupation?

BETTY: she is a nurse

ME: haaaaaa!!

BETTY: what happen?, did you know her?

ME: ** silent for a while**** not really, its just a

resemblance with someone I knew.


I took to whatsapp to gist segun after betty’s

departure on saturday.

ME: how far sege?

SEGE: oko bimpe, how you dey?

ME: you no well. I wan gist you jaree

SEGE: ehn ehn!!!, I dey listen.

ME: I have found bimpe

SEGE: tell me its a joke

ME: I’m serious

SEGE: how?, where? When?.

ME: you remember betty?

SEGE: the girl you met at eatery?

ME: yes

SEGE: what happened to her?.

ME: I found bimpe’s picture on her phone.

SEGE: that’s serious. Are they related?

ME: something like that.

SEGE: What was her explanation?

ME: she said bimpe is her brother’s wife.

SEGE: wife??, you mean bimpe is married?

ME: yes. married with a kid who is 15months old.

SEGE: are you serious onihaxy?

ME: I’m serious jor. I even sent the picture to my


SEGE: send it to me and let me see

ME: ok ****shared picture with segun***

SEGE: hehehehehehe, na true ooooo, she don change

ooo, she don add weight sef.

ME: abi oo.

SEGE: but e pain me sha

ME: say wetin?

SEGE: say no be you marry her ni. See as dem

snatch my friend’s wife.

ME: you no well

SEGE: did you tell betty that you knew bimpe?

ME: not at all, I told her its only a resemblance.

SEGE: your head complete jaree.. But onihaxy, this is

a battle line.

ME: as how?

SEGE: if bimpe finds out that you are relating with

betty, she might use the girl against you and also use

her to get back to you. Or probably poison her mind

towards you.

ME: hmmmmmmm.

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