Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

ME: what , oath!!!!!!!. Bimpe, why will such idea

flood your brain?.

BIMPE: onihaxy, can I have your phone please?.

ME: why?

BIMPE: I want to check something on it.

ME: *** handed over the phone to her****

BIMPE: ***scroll through it** I just want to be sure

that this conversation is not recorded.

ME: ***laughed*** you are so funny bimpe.

BIMPE: onihaxy, Come to think of it, how do think

betty will feel when she finds out about this secret?.

ME: bad.

BIMPE: do you think she will still go ahead and marry


ME: No,

BIMPE: then what is so difficult about what I want us

to do?, since its all about securing the person we


ME: but bimpe, we can still keep the secret without

taking oath now.

BIMPE: yes, you are right. We are in good mood as

at now. What about tomorrow?, I might offend you or

you offend me and any of us might say it out of

annoyance. But when we remember we had a oath,

we would caution our mouth.

ME: ok, I agreed you are doing this to save yourself.

What do I stand to gain out of all these things?, or

will I just keep shut for nothing?.

BIMPE: **smiled**, onihaxy, I knew where you are

driving at. But I can assure you that you will enjoy a

life time benefit from it.

ME: benefits like what and what?,

BIMPE: wealth, money, and so on.

ME: and you expect me to trust you?

BIMPE: trust me this time onihaxy, I have no other

option than to be good to you. Your seed is already

with me.

ME: so are you trying to tell me that I should forget

daniella totally?.

BIMPE: **placed her hands on my cheek** no now

onihaxy. You will eventually settle down with betty,

raise your own kids and have your own family. So

why should daniella be a issue to us?. Just leave her

to me and henry. But only you and I know that you

are her real dad.

ME: hmmmmm,

BIMPE: onihaxy, common na. This thing isn’t difficult

as you portrayed it. What if daniella never had an

accident, will you ever find out?, NO!!. So please!!!.

ME: ok, first of all, I want to know. Why did you hide

this secret from me all this while?, tell me.

BIMPE: ok, you remembered I told you that I have a

boyfriend I was living with in Abuja when we met at

the hospital in abuja?.

ME: yes.

BIMPE: it was this same henry, we never lived

together though, but he came to visit me that

weekend. I had unprotected s£x with both of you on

the same day. His own was in the day while yours

was during the night.

ME: ok, I’m listening.

BIMPE: so, when I was pregnant, it was difficult to

figure out who owned the pregnancy. I told henry

about it and he was happy and we got married


ME: so how did you know that I own the child?.

BIMPE: when daniella was a year old, henry was sick

and he was admitted at the hospital. So I took the

chance to run a test on his blood. I did the same test

on daniella and I realized that the blood group and

genotype was different. That was when I was

convinced that you are her dad. Don’t see me as a

bad person onihaxy.

ME: hmmmmmmm.

BIMPE: if you could remember vividly, I stopped to be

harsh on you at a particular time until you met betty?

ME: yes.

BIMPE: that was when I had the discovery. I felt

remorse but I just don’t know how to tell you

because I knew you were looking for every means to

pull me down.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmm.

BIMPE: onihaxy, please I’m begging of you. Please,

let’s make this oath. Please!!!!!,

ME: where are my credentials?, and what of my

nudes in your custody?.

BIMPE: I will hand over your credentials to you today,

infact, you are getting an automatic job from the

family company, a car will be giving to you also, I will

make sure I work everything out latest by weekend.

Your nudes have been deleted long time ago, you can

have my phone and go through it to be sure.

ME: hmmmmmm.

BIMPE: onihaxy please, I’m begging you for heaven’s

sake, let’s do this oath please.

ME: ok, give me little time, let me think about it.

BIMPE: onihaxy, why are you prolonging this thing

again?, its not worth thinking of, I’m not going to kill

you, neither am I going to use you for rituals.

Everything won’t take us more than 10minutes


ME: and where and how is the oath going to be


BIMPE: at my Aunty’s place. Not too far from here.

ME: ok, I will call you when I get home and I will give

you time.

BIMPE: huuuuuuuuh. Please now, let’s do this thing

today. Please.

ME: I need to think it over first. I needed time.

***my phone rang and bimpe looked at the screen, it

was a call from segun***

BIMPE: did you see my fear now?, your friend must

not hear about this please. Ok, should I write a

cheque for you?. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BIMPE: onihaxy, I’m still waiting for your response.

ME: Adebimpe, you know what?, just give me time, I

will get back to you.

BIMPE: no problem,

ME: ok, thanks

BIMPE: you can come down now and take a bus from


ME: ****raised eyebrow** why?, have I offended you


BIMPE: no, I just have to return to the hospital to

check on my daughter.

ME: ok, you are right,

BIMPE: I will call you later.

ME: **held the handle of the door** ok dear.

BIMPE: onihaxy wait,

ME: what is it?

BIMPE: I just want you to realize something, if you go

ahead and escalate this issue, the only thing I might

loose is my marriage, I have acquired enough to

sustain me and keep me moving. Its you that I just

pitied, you will have a lot of things to loose, and at

the end, you might loose your life.

ME: my life?, are you threatening me bimpe?.

BIMPE: ***laughs*** its not a threat, its a reality.

Henry loves daniella so much as if his life depends

on her. And when he finds out that he had wasted his

time and resources taking care of another man’s

child, I know what he can do. Onihaxy, you are not



ME: hmmmmmmm

BIMPE: and lastly, I expect you to be matured

enough to realize that its not everything you tell


ME: what do you mean?

BIMPE: did you know that you suffered a lot just

because a friend was deciding for you?.

ME: and how is that your business?,

BIMPE: no vex, I’m just letting you to know that

sometimes, its good to keep your mouth shut.

ME: I heard you, take care.

BIMPE: wait onihaxy

ME: what is it again?

BIMPE: Henry said I should give you 20,000 for your

transport fare, but I decide to add 30,000 on my own

as a sign of appreciation, please manage it for us ***

brings out a 50 pieces of 1000notes from her bag****

ME: *** Accepted it **** thank you so much, and my

regards to your husband. Help me to thank him also.

BIMPE: you are welcome. Your credentials is with me

at home, when next you visit us, I will give them to


ME: what if betty see us, what will be my


BIMPE: I think you are right. I will find another

means to deliver them to you.

ME: ok, see you some other time.

BIMPE: onihaxy wait!!!!!,

ME: what is it again?

BIMPE: your phone,

ME: oooops, I have forgotten, **collected my phone

from her***

As I was about to open the door again, bimpe held

my hand, I looked at her, she pulled her head closer

and kissed me for like 6 seconds. I was shocked and

surprised. and with a grin on her face, she said

“Onihaxy, I just don’t know the reason why, of recent,

I find myself loving you again and the feelings are

getting stronger day by day”.

On hearing this, my d**k signalled immediately.

I dropped from her car and proceed to where I board

a bus back to oshodi. I began to think of all our

conversations and I was like ” is this new love for

real?, or another Trap?”. While I was still thinking,

sege my nigga called me again…………….

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