Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

***sweating inside AC** I stood up to place a order for

Betty. I got to the counter and opened my wallet to

pay for what I bought. I realized I had just 1,500naira

left with me. I returned back to my table with a forced

smile pretending to be ok, but deep down inside me, I

wasn’t ok.

BETTY: **smiled** thanks for the meal

ME: **smile by force** you are welcome.

BETTY: **eating** so, tell me about your occupation.

ME: **lost in thoughts** you mean me?

BETTY: yes na.

ME: ehmmm, I work as a secretary and also a P.A to

the manager of a pure water company.

BETTY: that’s nice.

ME: ***eating my remaining pie with force*** you are


BETTY: so, how is your girlfriend?, tell me about her

ME: me?, girlfriend?

BETTY: yes. You look uncomfortable, hope no problem?

ME: not at all, I was just wondering if I locked my room

door properly this morning when leaving.

BETTY: eeyah. Sorry oo, so answer my question

ME: I don’t have any girlfriend at the moment.

BETTY: hmmmm, what happen to the previous one you


ME: she left me for a rich guy, so I have decided to

work hard and make money before going into another


BETTY: eeyah, sorry about that.

ME: you are welcome.

BETTY: so when will you have enough money for

another relationship?

ME: hopefully soon.

BETTY: **smiled*** so what makes you think the next

girl won’t dump you for another richer dude?.

ME: that’s one of my greatest fear

BeTTY: you are so funny onihaxy.

ME: thanks oooooo. So what about you?, how about

your guy?.

BETTY: hmmmmmmm, he is fine.

ME: why hmmmmm?. I sensed something fishy

BETTY: well, its a story for another day. Where do you

say you are living?

ME: not too far from here.

BETTY: maybe I would try to visit you before I return to


ME: waoooh, I will be happy. When are you travelling?

BETTY: ending of this month

ME: that’s 3 weeks from now.

BETTY: yeah.

ME: **smiled** so tell me more about you.

BETTY: hmmm, ask me what you want to know about


ME: you told me you graduated last year. So do you


BETTY: hmmmmm, not really.

ME: I don’t understand

BETTY: I’m managing somewhere and still job hunting.

Will you help me with a job? ***smiled***

ME: here in ado or lagos?

BETTY: me?, Ado for where?, this your local village?

ME: for where?. Na state capital ooooo ”

BETTY: hmmmm, if not for my grandma who refused to

come to lag, will I ever step into this village?.

ME: hmmmmm

BETTY: you have a nice look, feminine face and nice

lips. Keep it up

ME: hmmmmmm. Teasing me abi?

BETTY: not at all

ME: you aren’t looking bad as well. You are even

prettier in real life than in pictures

BETTY: **laughs***

We continued to gist, make jokes and chat on random

topics for the next 25 minutes.

BETTY: I would soon be going, I told grandma I won’t

stay long.

ME: **heart beat faster and shocked*** eeyah. So till


BETTY: we would talk on phone now

ME: ***chaii, how will I pay for the take aways oooo***

ok dear.

BETTY: let me get the take away, **stood up and

walked to the counter and I followed***

She approached the table and ordered for 3 take-

aways of rice. The cashier told us that it was 3k.

“Chai, wetin I go do oooooo?”. I smiled and dipped my

hand in my back pocket to remove my wallet. I flipped

through it and counted the money. “Oops, the cash on

me isn’t enough”. I brought out my ATM card and told

the cashier that I wanted to use POS.

“What is POS?” The cashier asked.

” Point of sales machine” I replied.

The cashier replied “We don’t have that here. If you

want to use ATM, walk down to the 3rd junction and

branch inside, you would see an ATM to use there”.

Betty was just smiling at me as she stood still there

looking at the drama between the cashier and I. She

dipped her hand inside her purse and paid the cashier.

I looked at her and I was dumb. I felt so embarrassed

and don’t know what to utter.

We walked out of the eatery and people were staring

at us as we are walking out, “chaii, shame catch me

but I just locked up” . I opened the door and we stood

outside the eatery for a little chat.

ME: I didn’t check my wallet earlier sha. I didn’t know

that I don’t have sufficient money in my wallet. Please

follow me to the ATM and let me withdraw some

money for you.

BETTY: **smiled** don’t worry onihaxy,I am not asking

for a refund.

ME: ***began to form again*** no now betty, I

promised to buy the take aways for you earlier so let

me pay for it.

BETTY: ok, if you insist, then keep it till the next time

we will meet, I will collect it then.

ME: ok dear. So which one would take you home

faster, a taxi or a bike?.

BETTY: ****smiling and silent***

ME: hmmm, always smiling, ok, I think a bike would be


BETTY: ***smiling continued****

We hugged and I held her hand as we walked toward

the main road. I stopped a bike and told the bike man

to take betty to her destination. She just stood still for

about 10seconds smiling before telling the bike man to

go. I was baffled and I told her “don’t you like the bike

or you want to take a taxi?”. She smiled and reply me,

“not really, I don’t need a bike”.

She held her nylon on one hand and her purse on the

other hand. She walked about 5 feet from where we

stood and walked towards a Honda EOD packed by the

side of the road. She opened her purse and brought

out a key, opened the door and entered. I stood still

with my mouth wide open and speechless. She drove

to the position where I was standing and she lowered

the glass of the door.

“Onihaxy, come inside, let me drop you off ”

“Don’t worry dear, I wanted to visit a friend at the next

street” I replied.

She waved at me and drove off. I stood still there and

it seems as if the ground should open and swallow me

as I was watching the car moving away slowly.


I got home and was thinking of what happened


“But this girl doesn’t look rich to me”

“Or is she into aristo?”

“Abi na runs girl?”.

“But she doesn’t look like one”

“Abi na borrowed car?”

“But why does she had to oppress me with a car?”.

” Abi na grandma’s car?”

I was just asking myself a lot of rethorical questions as

I sat down on my bed. I even got scared the more to

ask her out. I couldn’t recover from the shame and

embarrassment. I called her to check on her and she

thanked me for hosting her earlier. I felt like asking her

questions about the car but I don’t know how to go

about it and I ignored. I then logged on to whatsapp to

chat with my friend.

ME: sege, how far?

SEGE: I dey jaree my guy?. How far with the babe you

go meet for eatery?

ME: omo, drama happen ooooo. Come see as shame

catch me.

SEGE: gist me, she carry her friends come?

ME: if na that one, sebi e for better.

SEGE: wetin come happen?

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