Wed. May 29th, 2024


I got to work the second day and flirty thoughts of

lolade was flooding my brain. I couldn’t think of

anything else aside lolade. I even forgot that my

nudes are still fresh on someone’s phone and could

be unleashed at anytime.

I was at my table when my manager called me from

inside to come and I went inside to see him.

ME: hi sir, you called me.

MANAGER: yes. ****handed a file to me***, go

through that file, it contains the CV and credentials

of the applicants, I don’t have time to go through


Me: ok sir

MANAGER: scan through it and check out for anyone

who has a better sales experience and give her a call

to resume on monday.

ME: ***chaii, chance to do parol with lolade**** ok

sir. What about the driver sir?

MANAGER: don’t worry about that, a guy had been

referred to us by chairman’s wife, so we don’t need

any driver again.

Me: ok sir.

MANAGER: be fast about it, you know today is friday.

I want the new van to commence operation on


ME: ok sir.

I left his office and returned to my table with a grin

on my cheek. I glanced through the CVs and

discovered that lolade has no sales experience

compared to the rest. I was there on my table

thinking about what to do and my phone rang. I

checked and it was lolade. I had to leave my table

and walked out of the building because I don’t want

my manager to listen to our conversations.

ME: hello.

LOLADE: **angelic sweet voice*** hello sir. How are


ME: **melt by her voice and gained Attention

immediately*** I’m fine and you?

LOLADE: I’m fine sir. Please I just want to remind

you again and to beg you not to forget me.

ME: hmmmm, Lolade, there is a problem

LOLADE: haaa!!, what is it sir?

ME: you don’t have any sales experience according

to your CV and you are the only odd person among

the 13 applicants

LOLADE: **felt bad** haa, please sir, is there anyway

you could help me sir. I really need the job for

sustenance sir.

Me: ***hmmm, e be like say this girl dey suffer sha.

See as she dey beg for 10k job*** ok dear, I will see

what I can do. Though it will be a bit difficult, but I

will try.

LOLADE: thank you sir.

ME: hmmmmmm, don’t mention. So what will be my

reward for my efforts

LOLADE: don’t worry sir, I will be nice to you, I should

just get the job first.

ME: ***chaiiiii, I gained another Attention*** ok, no


LOLADE: when next should I call you sir?

ME: maybe in the evening

LOlADE: ok sir, thank you sir. **hanged up***.

After ending the call, I looked at the zip of my

trouser and observed that my Attention was so

obvious. **chai, this one na embarrassment ooo**. I

dipped my inside my trouser, pulled up my d**k and

hanged it underneath my belt before returning back

to my table.

I got to my table after passing through the factory

and greeted the factory workers. I began to think on

how to cover up for lolade. Then an idea came to my

head. I re-typed her CV on my system, added some

sales experience to it and went out to print at the

computer center adjacent our company. I returned to

to my table and tore her previous cv and returned to

my manager.

ME: hi sir, I’m through.

MANAGER: what’s the outcome

ME: I have went through all the applicants cv and I

found out that only one of them has a good and

qualitative experience sir. Its even from a pure water


MANAGER: really?

ME: yes, It will help us in getting new customers

since she already knew about the job.

MANAGER: ok, who is she?

ME: *** moved closer and showed him*** this lady.

MANAGER: ok, give her a call.

ME: ok sir.

“Yessss!!!!!” I went out of his office with joy filled in

my heart. It was as if I won a lottery. I took my

phone and dialled lolade’s number.

ME: hi lolade.

LOLADE: hi sir, I wasn’t expecting your call sir. I

guess its for a bad news?

ME: loool. Not really, but seems so.

LOLADE: **sighed** ok sir,

ME: you know I told you that you had no experience.

LOLADE: yes sir

ME: but I was able to convince the chairman. So you

have been chosen.

LOLADE: ** screamed***, thank you so much sir.

ME: you are welcome. But there is a minor issue.

LOLADE: what is it sir?

ME: I will send a text to you.

LOLADE: ok sir. When am I to resume sir?

ME: monday morning.

LOLADE: ok sir

I hanged up on lolade and draft a text and told her

how I edited and added to her CV. I told her that she

needs to have a copy of it so as to be familiar with

the contents and be able to defend it incase my

manager decided to ask questions from her. Few

minutes later, she replied with, “thank you sir, I’m

very grateful sir, how do I get a copy?”.

I sent another text, telling her that she can come

around for it, but my manager must not see her so

as not to suspect anything.

She replied saying “haa, I’m not around now sir, I

went out to somewhere and won’t be back until 7pm

sir, can I come for it tomorrow?”.

I sent another text ” I won’t be coming to work

tomorrow and I won’t be at work till monday, so I

don’t know how you will get it”.

She replied with ” ok, where do you live sir ?”.

I sent another text ” Ajilosun street. And why do you


She replied with ” I was thinking maybe I can visit

you tomorrow afternoon to have the copy”

My d**k resurrected again, “chaii, see as fresh meat

dey come my side tomorrow oooooo”. I replied her

saying. ” Its ok, do you live closer to that area?”.

She replied. Not really, but my house isn’t too far

sha, I will come around 2pm sir”.

I sent another text. “Ok, no problem”.

She replied ” I will call you sir when I’m about


I replied with “ok”

My d**k was erected for several minutes until it later


I closed for the day and went home to arrange my

room ahead of saturday.


I got home after work on that friday. I was so filled

with joy of catching a new fish. At a point, my

thoughts began to divide

“Could lolade be sent by bimpe?”

” I don’t think so jaree”

“Afterall, bimpe didn’t know where I am presently”

” Hmmmm!!! Onihaxy!!!”

” Make Kitty-Cat no kill you one day ooo”

I was so lost in this thought until I heard a message

alert on my phone. I checked it and it was a message

from whatsapp. I looked at the message and it was

from segun.

SEGE: onihaxy, how far?

ME: I dey jaree

SEGE: I don follow your wife talk oo

ME: which of them?

SEGE: you no well, you get two wives?

ME: **lol**

SEGE : its bimpe

ME:** my heart beat faster all of a sudden** what

did you guys discussed?

SEGE: well, I told her that your monthly salary was

18k which she knew about, I told her that there is no

way you can get the amount she demanded for.

ME: hmmm, did you call her?

SEGE: no, we chat via the facebook I’d she used to

send the picture.

ME: ok, what was her response?

SEGE: she said that is none of her business.

ME: haaaa!!!,

SEGE: then I told her that the sad news was that you

just lost your job and you are even struggling for


ME: hmmmmm. Sege!!!!!,

SEGE: she still insisted that its none of her business

ME: haa.

SEGE: then I told her to punish me instead of

punishing you. Because I caused everything. I was

the one who pushed her out of the house and not

you. I made her realized that you still loved her and

you have never stopped thinking about her everyday.

ME: hmmmmmmmmmm.

SEGE: so I made an agreement with her on my own.

ME: which agreement?

SEGE: I told her that I will pay her 100k for her to

forget everything and delete whatever she has in her


ME: really?,

SEGE: yes

ME: so when are you paying it?

SEGE: me kee?, pay wetin?

ME: I thought you said you are paying her money?.

SEGE: yeah. I told her to give me like a month or two

to source for the money.

ME: hmmmmmmm

SEGE: yes, I only used that to buy time for you to

make enough research on how to get her contact or

location. I’m also doing my own research here

ME: that my guy.

SEGE: I hope you have started working on it sha?

ME: yes I have.

SEGE: that’s cool. Just get closer to the mutual

friend, or her friends at the hospital, or the doctor, or

anyone. Even if it is her phone number that you are

able get, its ok.

ME: what do we want to do with her phone number.

SEGE: I have a means of using it to get her address

and location,

ME: how?

SeGE: leave that to me.

ME: and after getting the address, what next?

SEGE: I will arrange boys to visit her and rob her of

every gadget found in her house. Be it phone, laptop

of flash drive.

ME: hmmmmmm, sege!!!!!

SEGE: that’s it my nigga. We have to end all this

once and for all. Because if not, she would keep on

making demands till Jesus come.

ME: ok, I will update you on any discovery.

SEGE: no wahala now. Hope that side dey bam sha?.

ME: sure na. I dey cope.

SEGE: no wahala. I wan blog small, we go talk latter,

ME: ok.

I fell back on my bed with a deep sigh of relieve that

my friend is working things out for me. Few minutes

later, I got a call from my manager


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