Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

ME: hello sir

MANAGER: how are you?

ME: I’m fine sir

MANAGER: ehn ehn onihaxy!!

ME: sir,

MANAGER. I won’t be around on monday and


ME: hope there is no problem sir?

MANAGER: not really, just that I wanted to obtain a

form somewhere on monday, and its outside ekiti


ME: ok sir

MANAGER: so please, take charge of the activities of

the company

ME: ok sir

MANAGER: and make sure you are vigilant about

those boys in the packaging section, they always

steal bags of water to sell.

ME: ok sir.

MANAGER: I hope the spare key of my office is still

with you?

ME: yes sir.

MANAGER: ok, take good care of the factory, I have

informed the chairman that I won’t be around.

ME: ok sir. I wish you safe journey sir.

MANAGER: alright bye

It was saturday morning. I have sent my detailed

address to lolade in the morning and she replied me

that she would be coming by 11am. In the speed of

light, I removed all the cobwebs in the room, I

changed my bedspread, I placed a pack of condom

under my mattress incase of incasity. I removed the

chairs in my room and kept it in my neighbour’s room

so that she would be able to sit on the bed when she


I shuffled my photo album and removed the pictures

containing me and ladies in a romantic posture, I

went outside to buy 3 bottles of malt, 2 digestive

biscuit, 50nair oranges, 3 apples and filled them in my

fridge. I sprayed the room with air – freshener and I

went to the filling station to purchase a 3 litres of

petrol and filled my “I better pass my neighbour”

small generator. I removed the dusts on my

electronics and everywhere was neat and looking

nice. On a good day, I used to clean up my room

once in a month and yet, it won’t be sparkling as the

way it is now. When I was through, I went out to

make printouts of her new CV because I made only

one copy the previous day.

11am, lolade called to inform me that she was on her

way. On hearing this, I switched on my generator and

also my DVD player and slot in a romantic nollywood


Few minutes later, I got a missed call from lolade, I

called her back and she informed me that she was

standing infront of my house. I wore my 3 quarters

and a white round neck top and I went out to see

her. On getting to the front of my house, I saw lolade

standing at the opposite side of the road. She was

putting on a popular short gown with white and black

stripe. That type of gown that is usually fitted to the

body and brings out the real shape of the a$$. Her

hair was loosed and packed with rubber band. She

smiled at me as I waved at her. Lolade crossed over

from the opposite side and came to where I was.

She knelt down a little and said “good morning sir”.

“How are you” I replied her and she said “fine sir”.

We entered into my room together.

ME: have your seat dear

LOLADE: **sat on the edge of the bed*** thank you


ME: you are looking more gorgeous and prettier than

the last time I saw you

LOLADE: ***blushing** thank you sir

ME: what can I offer you?

LOLADE: anything sir

ME: hmm. Anything?, then let me give you weed then

LOLADE: **laughs** so you smoke weed?

ME: just kidding, don’t you know that I’m a bishop?

LOLADE: loool. Bishop of which diocese?

Lolade and I continued to crack jokes as I opened my

mini fridge and offered her maltonic and apples

which I purchased before her arrival. We were

flowing along as if we have met each other long time


LOLADE: thanks so much sir for your help concerning

the job. I needed the job badly

ME: really?, why badly?

LOLADE: you won’t understand sir

ME: then make me understand. I actually assisted

you because I’m interest in knowing you, so I’m


LOLADE: hmmmmmm, its a long story sir

ME: summarise it for me

LOLADE: ok, actually, I finished my secondary school

2 years ago

ME: **cuts in** yeah, I saw that on the form you


LOLADE: so immediately after that, I lost my dad

ME: eyah, I’m so sorry about that.

LOLADE: thank you sir. And my mum cannot finance

my academic to tertiary institution because she is a

petty trader.

ME: eyah. What about your elder brothers and


LOLADE: I’m the first born. But I have 2 younger


ME: eyah.

LOLADE: thanks sir. So that’s why I wanted a job

which I can save little money out of it to obtain jamb

and finance my studies to some extent. And also

sustain myself with the rest so as to ease the burden

on my mum.

ME: that’s a nice idea. But do you know how much

you will be earning before talking about savings?

LOLADE: honestly, I don’t know, but I just know that I

will be getting paid.

ME: well, its a small money.

LOLADE: how much sir?

ME: just 10k

LOLADE: 10k?, its ok sir. I so much appreciate it. I’m

grateful sir.

Me: you are welcome, what about your boyfriend?, is

he not capable of financing your education?

LOLADE: boyfriend kee?. Mtchew, which guy is ready

to be committed this days?, all they want to do is to

have s£x and go.

ME: so you are telling me now that you don’t have a


LOLADE: what do I want to do with it?. I want to

focus on my life for now.

ME: “oluwaseun oooo”. Thank God.

LOLADE: why saying so sir?.

ME: because I won’t be having competitor and rivals

LOLADE: I don’t understand sir

ME: **moved closer***. Lolade, I know this is too

early, but its a burden on my heart. I like you right

from the first day I set my eyes on you, I got home

and I dreamt of you all night. Infact, I have never

stopped thinking about you since then,. To be sincere,

I went through stress to convince my manager to

hire you out of the all the applicants. I did all this

because I love you…………………. “Format continues”

LOLADE: but you are just knowing me, how can you

claim to love me sir? And don’t you think I’m young

enough to be your younger sister?

ME: ***held her hand**** lolade, don’t say so please.

You are hurting me and my heart is bleeding because

of what you just said. I seriously love you, I mean it.

LOLADE: so what about the person you are dating


ME: I swear to God. I don’t have a girlfriend.

LOLADE: and why?

ME: because my heart was waiting to meet you for

the past 2 years since I broke up with my ex. My

spirit chose you on first sight.

LOLADE: so is it because of the job, is that why you

want to use the opportunity to use me?.

ME: lolade, I swear to God, my love for you is real

and genuine. If only you can dissect and open my

heart, only then will you know how much I love you.

LOLADE: I’m so sorry sir, I’m not interested, if its

about your job, you can keep it sir.

ME: lolade, why are you talking like this now?

LOLADE: I mean it. ***stands up and about to walk


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