Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Just as I sat down sadly on the bed nursing my hard-on . She

called me from the kitchen to join her in eating the noodles. I

went to meet her in the kitchen. After finishing the noodles, I

went back to sit on the bed while she sat at the other edge of the


BIMPE: baby, I will miss you, if not for my cousin. I would have

lodge at your place

ME: it’s no problem.

BIMPE: hope you will also give me something to give my friends

at school because they will be expecting

ME: ok, dBIMPE:, see, I didn’t come back because of the money you want to

give me. I only came back because I love you

ME: baby, you know I loved you too, I am so sorry for my

approach the other time. Its because of my uncontrollable urges.

BIMPE: its ok dear.

Bimpe dropped her back, sat on the bed with me and came closer.

“Onihaxy, u know I love you so much, I came all the way from PHC

just because of you. Why are you treating me like this?” Bimpe


I am sorry once again. Pls forgive me.

I pulled bimpe closer, placed her back on my chest, I wrapped her

in my arms and “yinmu” on her.

I bend my head forward and kissed her, she responded and held

my head towards her. We kissed passionately. Then I dipped my

hand into her round neck blouse, locate her Tips. I started

handling the two Tips. I squeeze and pressed. This time, bimpe

started moaning softly. Then I moved my hands down to her mini-

skirt. I pull it up. Behold, bimpe is pantless.

I started finger bleeping, I dipped on finger in, twisting it and

knocking the walls of the Kitty-Cat.

I increased it to 2 fingers, then 3 fingers.

I stop finger bleeping and began tilting his femalecore. I pulled off

her shirt and sucked the bosoms.

Bimpe’s moaning increased. She turned aroung. Grabbed my

erected d**k and covered it with her mouth. She sucked licked and

spit on it.

After few minutes of sucking, I dipped my hand under my matress,

picked my condom, wore it and lie down down on my back. Bimpe

sat on my pointed d**k and start the “woman at the top pounding”.

Ohhhhh, yeeeeeah, huuuuuuch, hmmmmmm. Heeeee, bimpe

moaned at different tempo. Going up and hitting her a$$ on my


She twisted round and began a “reversed cow girl” s£x. I was

having a good view of her a$$ while was moving up and down on

me. I pushed he forward into a kneeling position, I stroke her from

the back.

Bimpe was shouting, harder baby, faster faster, deeper deeper,

mess. So many tones and tempos. I wasn’t responding to well

because its a “mission s£x”. We keep switching position till we

were both tired at around past 7am. We both lied Unclad on the

bed and slept off

*********wake up, wake up, wake up. I heard someone tapping

me. It was bimpe. I opened my eyes and found bimpe on the bed

well dressed up. And the time is 8:00pm on dot.******

Bimpe: hurry up to get the money and let me start leaving

Me: ******smiled*********

BIMPE: why smiling dear, did I say anything funny?

ME:****i looked straight into her eyes and said to her*******

Adebimpe, you are not getting a single kobo from me.

Bimpe:**** was shocked and restless*** Abeg if na joke, just stop

am abeg…..

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