Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

After the call that evening, I dropped my phone on

the bed, I began to contemplate on whether to send

the card or not. I think back to the past and I

remembered that she had bad records when it come

to lies. Kemi had lied so many times to me just to

get recharge cards. I could remembered vividly the

day she called me at 10pm that she needed N400mtn

card to call her families and inform them that her

mother was critically ill and needed medical attention

urgently, I was shocked and began to shiver that

night, “oooh, God please save my future mother inlaw

for me ooo, I don’t want to loose her at the moment”

I was running helter skater to get the recharge card

that night. I had to rush down to the ATM to make a

VTU transfer when I couldn’t see a vendor. After

transferring the card to her, she didn’t call me and I

didn’t have any airtime on my phone to call her. I had

to use a neighbour’s phone to call her. I intentionally

adjust my voice when I called her.

ME: hello kemi,

KEMI: who is this? *****is he the one calling?******

“another lady was asking her at the background”

ME: ***angried and amazed*** its me kunle

KEMI: ***replied the other lady, “No, its not him, its

another person”**** kunle from where please?

ME: from lagos.

KEMI: can’t recollect such identity. How did you get

my number please? *****the background lady: cut

him off jaree and let’s call another person****

Hello, pls call me tomorrow morning. I’m busy at the


ME: ok ****hanged up****.

From the little drama. I knew it already that I was

played. But I was blinded with love to express my


All the memories of her past lies was flashing back

in my brain. Then I thought of it again, “what if her

next visitation is actually true?”. I began to imagine

the pictures of her gorgeous look and endowed

packages I had been seeing on her facebook profile, I

began to imagine myself squeezing and

experimenting her killer “ukwu”. Immediately, I

became totally confused on whether to send the card

or not?. After few minutes of contemplating, then I

remembered I have a friend who once delivered me

from a scammer. Then I decided to chat with “sege”

on whatsapp concerning kemi’s matter.


ME: ogbeni how far?

SEGE: oko bimpe, I dey oooooo.

ME: you know well, who be oko bimpe?

SEGE: eeeh, sorry, Mr maga I mean jaree

ME: you no well ni

SEGE: loooool

ME: errrhhhm, you still remember this girl, kemi?

SEGE: who is kemi?

ME: that my babe wey I tell you say she dey stay for

lag na.

SEGE: I no remember ooo.

ME: the one I met before bimpe na.

SEGE: oooooooooooooh, that your recharge card

babe abi?.

ME: yeah

SEGE: wetin do her?

ME: she just called me say she dey come akure next


SEGE: that one nice na. Na kitten weekend be that

for you na.

ME: you no well

SEGE: are you guys still dating?

ME: we never broke up before, we only stopped

communicating with each other

SeGE: and wetin be that one?, no be break-up be


ME: that one aside jaree. She said I should send her


SEGE: hmmmmm. I trust you say you don send am


ME: no oooo, I am contemplating on whether to send

or not.

SEGE: that babe na cheap airtime scammer. But

since she talk say she dey come akure, risk this last

one and send like 200mtn sha. Atleast to pour water

on ground and then walk on wet ground.

ME: thanks jaree my guy.

SEGE: I hear. But don’t send another airtime again

until you set your eyes on her oooooo.

ME: I hear.

The following morning on my way to work, I stopped

at a vendor and got a N200 airtime for kemi. As

usual, she only called to thank me in 12 seconds and

later hanged up. 3days gone and I didn’t hear from

kemi again until the 4th night which was thursday

night when she called me again.

ME: hello dear, how are you?

KEMI: I’m fine dear, thanks for the other day

ME: you are welcome dear

KEMI: I also want to remind you that I would be

around next weekend oooo. And you will talk me out

and buy gifts for me ooo.

ME: no problem dear.

KEMI: thanks love. I’m missing you seriously

ME: same here

KEMI: that’s my baby. Errrrrrhmm honey, can you

please help me with a little airtime please?, even if it

is just N200 please.


Recharge card again?, what do I do this time?, segun

must not hear this, and I don’t want her to change

her mind about coming over to see me, but seriously,

I was tired of this airtime demands of a thing but at

the same time, I wanted to fucck kemi.

I decided to risk it again and transfer N100 airtime to

her from my phone. One thing about kemi was that,

whenever she gets an airtime below what she

requested for, she would never call back to

appreciate but if she gets the exact amount she

requested for, she would call back and spend

maximum of 30seconds on a call. After the transfer,

she didn’t call back as usual and I ignored her.

On saturday, I went to visit segun and we had a chat

about kemi. I told segun that kemi would be around

on the following week and my guy came up with a

master plan as usual.

ME: sege, that my babe go arrive next weekend


SEGE: bimpe or kemi?

ME: which one be bimpe again jor?, its kemi

SEGE: oooooh, the airtime merchandise?

ME: na you sabi.

SEGE: but is she staying over at your place?, or just

stopping by to visit?

ME: we never discuss that one yet

SEGE: all the same, you must sample that girl at this

only opportunity oooo. Or else, u might not see

another opportunity again.

ME: I go try sha.

SEGE: you must do ni. You know hungry girls like

kemi requires special tactics to get them laid.

ME: really?, gist me.

SEGE: firstly, you must act or fake it that you have

money to spend on her when she is around, you must

be good at fake promises and your mouth must be

loaded with lies, na that thing dey give them hope

say “hmmm, I must maga this guy, e be like say e

get money”

ME: hmmmm sege!!!!, and after that nko? ****getting


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