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Very early in the morning , I walked towards where Jan and other workers stood.


I sat a few distance from them in a bit to watch his reactions to Ava. I feel so much jealousy when I saw him hug Ava.


I feel like also commanding him never to speak with Ava again.


Ava and I might actually have a past together, who knows? Afterall, we have the same tattoo but she just does not like me.


I’d tried to be caring and all but she just would not want me.


I know I’m handsome but to Ava, I’m not. I believe I’m caring especially to Ava , but as far as Ava is concerned, I’m only caring for her so she can begin to love me.


I do not know what else I need to do to let her know that I love her so much.


From the depth of my heart. I felt like I can not do without her. Yes, sometimes, I wish that I fire her so I can have peace


But, I know that things will only get worse for me. Ever since the doctor had operated on me, I’ve met many ladies ,both the rich and poor but I just didn’t see a reason to love any of them.


I never loved anyone and sometimes I ask myself if I was a gay in my former life?




But ever since the first day I set my eyes on Ava , my heart is glued to hers. I knew at once that I love her.


I think about so many sweet imaginations that could have transpired between us.


Like the both if us playing amidst fire. Like the both of us going to the mall together.


I was glad that Jan never loves her despite her making it obvious that she likes Jan.


But I guess I now have a bigger problem. How in the world did Jan suddenly change his mind to accommodate Ava.


Isn’t that weird?


Jan’s POV



While leading the workers in early morning training , I sighted the boss sitting afar.


I knew he felt bad seeing Ava and I hugging each other yesterday. He must have wondered why the sudden change.


I still loathe Ava and I wish I’m not the one hugging her. I felt so irritated when I hugged her yesterday but I have to do that to keep my family and my source of income safe.


If there is one thing I loathe ,it’s to see the boss get hurt.


I love the boss so much, I don’t care donating by life for him. Unfortunately, I’m beginning to hurt him.


It was time for him to give his early morning speech to workers and I send one of my boys to inform him but he did not respond


Instead , he just walked away.


My face darted at Ava and she just kept smiling at me ,thinking she has find her love.




Fool! She’s not even smart , all the knows is to fight and fight.


I’ll be impreganting her soon.



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