Wed. Feb 14th, 2024

After brushing my teeth, I took the cornflakes and

relaxed on the bed until the doctor came into the ward

at around 2pm.

ME: I doctor

DOCTOR: hi, how are you feeling now?

ME: getting better.

DOCTOR: have you eaten? And what?

ME: I took cornflakes

DOCTOR: ok, I’m asking because I have to give you an


ME: haaaaa.

DOCtOR: its just two injections.

ME: ok sir, thank you.

DOCTOR: you are welcome, you will be discharged

tomorrow morning to go home and continue your

treatments on drugs.

ME: ok sir, thanks.

DoCtOR: alright.

ME: but sir, how much is my bill?, hope I am not

oweing too much money?

DOCTOR: **smiled**, you don’t have to pay anything.

The good samaritan who brought you here already paid

the bills.

ME: ** surprised **, oooooh. I’m so grateful to him,

please where does he live and can I have his number


DOCTOR: unfortunately, he didn’t tell us his address

neither did he dropped his number.

ME: eeeeyaah. Doctor, please I need a favour from


DOCTOR: what is that?

ME: please, a friend wanted to send money to me

tomorrow morning. So please, you will help me to pick

my ATM card from my bag, I want to send one of your

nurses to the ATM to help me make some withdrawals.

DOCTOR: that’s not a problem,

ME: and please one more favour?,

DOCTOR: what is that?

ME: I will make use of your phone to call the person.

DOCTOR: no problem. When you want it, let me know.

ME: ok sir.

The doctor turned me over and inject me. He called on

a nurse to attend to the bandage on my leg. It was

removed and replace with a plaster. I felt a kinda

relieve on the leg compared to the first time I woke up

on the hospital bed.

******fast forward******************

When it was monday morning, I called segun with the

doctor’s phone to remind him about the money he

promised to send. He told me he would send it by

10am and he would call me via the doctor’s number

after the transaction. I still couldn’t tell him about

adebimpe because the doctor was still standing beside


At 10:12am, segun called and the phone was brought

to me by the doctor. he inform me that he had sent

the money and he got a “successful transaction”

receipt from the counter. I thanked him and I told the

doctor to help me with my ATM card and help to send

a nurse to make withdraw from my account. I wrote my

pin for him and he left.

Not quite long after the doctor’s departure. Adebimpe

entered the ward and we had a little gist.

ME: hi bimpe.

BiMPE: ***smiled**. Hi, I heard you would be

discharged any moment from now.

ME: I have been discharged already, I was waiting for

the person I sent on an errand.

BiMPE: what errand?

ME: I told the doctor to send a nurse to help me with a


BIMPE: why can’t you send me?. I guess you didn’t

trust me abi?

ME: not like that bimpe, I don’t want the doctor to

know that we knew each other, he had been

suspecting already.

BIMPE: **laughed**, suspect what ?

ME: that we must have met before or probably having

emotional attachment together.

BiMPE: how did you know?

ME: he talked about how you have been staying around

me and caring for me since the day I was brought here.

He said its unlike you and this is the first time of

seeing you in such attitude. So I thought of it that if he

finds out that we are acquaintance, it might affect your

job or probably restrict you from me.

BiMPE: hmmmmmmmm. What about you special

adviser on crime affairs?, have you told him about me?

ME: who is that?

BiMPE: your friend.

ME: you mean segun?

BiMPE: yes

ME: **laughed***, no, I didn’t tell him anything, how

will I do that when I don’t have a phone?

BImPE: but you have been using the doctor’s phone?

ME: ** surprised ** how did you know?

BIMPE: forget story abeg.

ME: nawa ooooo,

BiMPE: my regards to him when you see him

ME: **smiled** he won’t believe me if I told him I met


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BIMpE: why?,

ME: just don’t know. But I just guess he won’t believe.

BiMPE: whatever!!!

ME: thanks for all the care bimpe, thanks for been nice

to me since the day I was brought here.

BiMPE: its ok, but that won’t stop me from taking


ME: haba bimpe!!, sebi I have begged you.

BImPE: I told you I have forgave you. But you will

definitely pay in a hard way that even you super hero

friend won’t be there to rescue you.

ME:**confused** haaaaa bimpe, you have injected me

with a “time poison”?

BIMPE: **smiled** no, I won’t do such

ME: haaaaa!!!, you gave me Hiv / Aids abi? **sad


BIMPE: you dey craze. Why will I do such?. I’m clean

and free.

ME: **curious** then how will I pay?

BIMPE: even me, I don’t know, but I’m just certain that

you will pay. It might be years time.

ME: ***Ode, na empty threats you just dey issue*** I’m

sorry bimpe.

BiMPE: I hear. We will definitely meet again in a battle

field with no referee.

ME: **yinmu** hmmmmm. Please can I have your new


BIMPE: don’t worry, tell me you own number, I will call


ME: but I don’t have a phone at the moment

BIMPE: won’t you retrieve the line?

ME: ok, are you sure you will call me?

BIMPE: sure

ME: ok. 080************

BIMPE: **pressing her phone and saving the

number*** ok.

Bimpe left, the nurse who was sent arrived with the

money, my bag and file case was given to me and a

cab was arranged to take me to the park where I took

a bus going back to akure. Little did I know that I’m IN

for a dangerous return of Adebimpe



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