Wed. Feb 14th, 2024

I got back to my home in akure in the evening and I

was so tired and weak. The news of my accident had

reached my neighbours and I guessed it was the

handiwork of segun. I was greeted on after the other

by everyone in my neighbourhood. “E kpele ooo, erora

oooo, sorry oooo, oluwaseun ooo pe emi yin wa laye

oooooo…..” Was coming from left to right as I

dropped from the bike that stopped infront of my

house and walking inside the house .

I begged one of my neighbours to borrow me her

phone and I used it to call segun to inform him that

I’m around. He told me he would be in my house right


I opened the door of my room. I dropped my cross-

bag on the bed and my credentials file on the

wardrobe where I used to placed it. I was so hungry

and I called on one of my neighbour’s daughter and I

gave her 300naira to buy food for me from “mama

biliki” who owns a local canteen beside my house.

she returned with a plate of rice, 2 meets and

50naira change. I gave her the change to keep it and

she went away. I was eating my food when I heard a

knock on my door.

ME: who is that?

VOIcE FROM OUTSIDE: its segun.

ME: ok ***i stood up to open the door from behind

and we both hugged each other and returned inside

the room***

SEGE: padi mi. Thank God for your life oooo. Na so

we for dey do candle night for you here in akure


ME: you no well. But I thank God sha. Are you the

one that informed my neighbours about my accident?

SEGE: yeah. The day you called me, I met mama

iyabo on my way to my house and I informed her

when she asked about you.

ME: I thought as much. But that mama iyabo no dey

try oooo

SEGE: how?

ME: she too dey talk and do gbeborun. You can’t

believe almost everyone on this street had already

heard about the accident.

SEGE: eeyah, and na only her I tell ooo. I for no tell

her anything sef, but she asked about you that you

have been absent at home since thursday. That was

when I told her that you had a minor accident in


ME: its alright sha. Na her own wahala be dat.

SEGE: wey your phone?, wetin do am?

ME: it was smashed by the car that hit me.

SEGE: eeeyah. May thunder fire that guy wey call you

for fake job. Wetin be him name sef?

ME: tosin

SEGE: but why would someone be telling that kind of

lies ehn?

ME: I tire oooo.

SEGE: even if you must work for GNLD, sebi dem

plenty for this akure, why he no kukuma tell you to

join them here instead of deceiving you to come over

to niger state?. That place far oooo.

Me: na so I see am too my brother. Na desperation

to earn 120k per month cause am.

SEGE: what about the guy you said he stays in abuja

that you told me about?

ME: his family doesn’t live there anymore and no one

knew his new address. Sebi that was what I was

thinking about that made me lost concentration

before I got hit by a car.

SEGE: eeyah. Pele, who now took you to hospital?.

ME: the doctor said it was a passer’s by

SEgE: really?

ME: yeah, he even paid the bills.

SEGE: hope you have called the person to appreciate

him sha.

ME: he didn’t drop his number nor his address.

SEGE: may God reward him and bless him abundantly

wherever he may be .

ME: amen and you too, thanks for been there for me.

SeGE: haba, no mention jaree, what are we friends

for?. Hope you were treated well at the hospital sha?

ME: yeah. That reminds me. Guess what?

SEGE: what?

ME: I met bimpe at the hospital

SEGE: bim!!! What!!!, you mean the same bimpe?

ME: yeah. Same adebimpe in portharcout.

SEGE: how come?, was she there for an abortion?


ME: ***laughs out loud***. You no well ooo segun. Se

na only abortion you fit reason?

SEGE: before nko?, no be runs girl she be?. Abeg

knack me the gist jaree.

ME: well actually according to the doctor. I was

unconscious as a result of the accident and couldn’t

wake up until the second day.

SEGE: ***sits down properly*** ehn ehn?

ME: when I woke up. Bimpe was the first person I

set my eyes on. She was wearing a white nurse

outfit, just like the dream I told you about.

SEGE: are you sure you aren’t dreaming at that time


ME: at first I thought it was a dream. But later, I

found out that it was a reality. The colour of the

room, the bed, everything just looked like the dream.

The only difference was that, my legs and hands

were not tied and bimpe wasn’t holding a gun.

SEGE: this is serious!!!

ME: according to the doctor, she was the one who

stood my me from the moment I was rushed in and

all through the night.

SEGE: but wait ooo, sebi you said she was a uniport

student that year na,. How come she now works as a

nurse?. I don’t get it.

ME: me too, I was confused. But she later told me

that she was actually in a school of nurse when we

met. She just decided to lie due to inferiority


SEGE: o ga oooo, then how did she got to abuja. Abi

na aristo she do reach there?

ME: segun!!!, you just hate this girl sha. Haba!!!!

SEGE: answer my question abeg. Bimpe’s maga.

ME: anyways, she said someone linked her with the

hospital owner from PH.

SEGE: so how did she get home from akure the other

day?. Abi she offered free punny to the driver and


ME: no ooo, she said she sold her phone at the park.

SEGE: eyah. Make she pele oooo. Hope she no inject

you sha?

ME: **smiled**, actually she did. Twice

SEGE: **screamed*** haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!. Onihaxy!!, you

don die.

ME: she said she can’t kill me. That if she wanted to

do so, it would have happened when I was


SEGE: are you sure?

ME: yes. She was even the one who provided all the

food I ate all through.

SEGE: you mean she took you to her house to feed


ME: no, it was in the hospital. She never allowed me

to know her house.

SEGE: why?

ME: she said she was living couple’s life with her

new boyfriend. So she doesn’t want any trouble.

SEGE: SMH for her. Na Bleep go kill that girl. So na

abuja d**k she dey Bleep now?.

ME: **smiled** we actually had s£x sha

SEGE: haaaa onihaxy!!, tell me its a lie. You wey get


ME: I’m serious. It happened on saturday/sunday


SEGE: ***oremi wa gbayi** that one sef dey. Na

where you come see condom?

ME: *** I wanted to say the truth but I lied*** she

brought it herself.

SEGE: hmmm, she self don miss your stick be that. I

no blame her sha. She Bleep you on hospital bed with

your condition?.

ME: yes

SEGE: sebi I tell you say na girl na runz girl and

ashawo. She fit Bleep ontop a moving okada. And

now wey she don turn to nurse. Na all the male

patients she for don Bleep finish. And even the

doctors sef.


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