Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Adebimpe was walking closer to me as I was trembling

on the bed. She was smiling at me but I never trusted

that smile as my mind was flashing back to my

previous dream about her.

ME: Adebimpe please!!!!, don’t kill me please **crying**

ADEBIMPE: onihaxy calm down. I’m not killing you

ME: ***begging continues**** please don’t kill me


BIMPE: **sat on a plastic chair and faced me*****

onihaxy!!, I said you should calm down. If I wanted to

kill you, I would have done that since yesterday that

you were rushed here.

ME: **suprised**, yesterday?, you mean today is


BImPE: yes, yesterday evening.

ME: what happened to me?

BIMPE: you were hit by a hit and run driver and your

phone was smashed at the same time. It was the

passers by who rushed you here and abandoned you


ME: OMG!!!

BIMPE: you have been unconscious since yesterday.

I’m happy you are awake now. Good to see you again.

ME: ***crying*** Adebimpe, please I’m so sorry for the

wrongs I did to you in the past, it wasn’t me but segun.

Everything that happened was segun’s plan and


BIMPE: hmmmmm, weldone. Though it really pained

me, but I have no choice than to move on. I knew you

weren’t that stone-hearted. anyway and I knew that

someone actually pushed you.

ME: I’m so sorry please adebimpe.

BImPE: **smiled** its ok onihaxy

ME: so how did you get back to PH?

BIMPE: ** sighed ** I sold my phone at the park.

ME: I’m so sorry, I would buy another one for you.

BIMPE: **smiled** and you think such lies can work on

me again?

ME: I’m serious this time bimpe. I have never stopped

thinking about you since you left. Infact, I always

dream about you.

BIMPE: interesting. By the way, what are you doing in


ME: I came for a job interview in niger state and

unfortunately, the job was fake, so I decided to visit a

friend here in abuja before returning home.

Unfortunately again, he doesn’t live there anymore. I

was wandering on the street before I found myself


BIMPE: eeyaah.

ME: so what about you?, how did you get to abuja?,

you told me then that you were in uniport studying bio-

chemistry. How come you became a nurse here?.

BIMPE: my dear, its a long and complicated story.

ME: please share with me

BiMPE: maybe when I’m back in the evening. I have to

go now.

ME: ok dear. Please I’m sorry for all the wrongs once

again. It wasn’t me but segun.

BIMPE: hmmm. And now that I’m about to revenge,

where is the segun now to rescue you?

ME: ***shocked*** Revenge? Bimpe please!!!!!!!, don’t

kill me please, don’t inject me please!!!! Have mercy on

me please!!!!!! ****crying***

BiMPE: **laughed** hmmm, I never knew you are a

coward like this, now I can see the real onihaxy

without his body guard.

ME: **cry continued*** bimpe please don’t kill me

BIMPE: ***moved her head closer to me and kissed

me**** onihaxy, I would back in the evening for night

shift and it would be you and I all through the night.

We would have time to discuss well by then. I have to

go now.

ME: ok

BIMPE: I will send someone to bring bread and

beverages for you so that you can have something to

eat. You must be hungry by now.

Me: yes, thanks.

Bimpe stood up from the chair, she took a file placed

at the end of the bed. She removed her biro from her

chest pocket and wrote somethings on the file which I

didn’t see. She left the ward thereafter and I was left

alone on the bed. But seriously, I never trusted those

smiles on her face, I can see evil clearly beneath it.

Just like the dream I heard. She might postpone killing

me towards the night so that no one would find out.

After bimpe’s departure from the ward. A doctor

came inside to check on me.

DOCTOR: hi, thank God you are awake, one of my

nurses just came to inform me that you have

regained consciousness

ME: ***pretends*** thanks sir. But what happened to

me?, how did I get here?

DOC: you were hit by a vehicle. But the driver ran

away. So the passers by brought you here yesterday.

ME: since yesterday?

DOC: yes. Don’t worry, you will get better soon. Hope

you aren’t feeling too much pain?

ME: just a little.

DOC: don’t worry, you will be given injections that

would help to reduce the pain.

ME: *** scared*** who will inject me?

DOC: I will give you one now, and a nurse will give

you another later in the evening

Me: *****chaii, bimpe would finally inject me?, I don

die today.**** doctor please where is my phone?

DOCTOR: there was no phone on you when you were

brought here. Just a bag and a file case.

ME: where are the bag and the file?

DOCTOR: they are inside my office. You would be

given when u are discharged probably tomorrow or

monday depending on how fast you respond to


ME: thanks doctor

DOCtOR: you are welcome, the injuries are just minor

ones. Your case is just a result of shock, and that

was why you went unconscious. You would be fine


ME: ok doctor, thanks. Please can I make use of

your phone?.

DOCTOR: why not? *** dipped his hand into his white

coat and brought out a phone then handed it over to


ME: thanks.

I dialled segun’s number and informed him about the

fake job, the accident, the hospital admission but I

never told him about bimpe because the doctor was

standing beside me. I begged segun to send little

money to my account on Monday morning so as to

have something to take me back to akure. He

promised to raise 5k for me. I dialled my boss’

number and informed him that I had an accident and

I won’t be at work on monday. He wished me a quick

recovery. All through the period that I was making

calls. The doctor was busy writing something on a

file. When he was through. He was about to give me

an injection when a nurse arrived with bread and

sachets of beverages. The doctor asked her if I was

the one who requested for it. She replied that “No,

nurse bimpe ordered me to bring it for him”.

The doctor then faced me and said.

” That was very kind of her since yesterday”

“I don’t know why she took so much interest in your


“Since yesterday that you were brought here, she

never left you”

” She wasn’t supposed to be on night shift yesterday

but she volunteered to stay all through the night”.

” She even insisted on staying over this night also,

and its unlike her”

” Have you guys met before?”.

No sir, “I replied”.

“Well, its ok, I will come back to give you injection

when you are through with your meal”.

The doctor and nurse left the ward. I dissolved the

beverages inside a cup and started eating the bread

and tea and I was also pondering over what the

doctor said about adebimpe.

” Could she still love me that much?”

” After all that happened?”

“Abi adebimpe wanted to deal with me silently?”

“Could she have bad intention towards me?”.

20minutes later, the doctor and the nurse who

brought the food came inside. I was through with the

food and the doctor injected me on the buttocks and

I slept off few moments later.

I felt a light hit on my palm. Someone was waking

me up. I opened my eyes and saw bimpe siting on

the bed at the side of my chest and smiling at me. I

checked the wall and the time was 9pm and I looked

at the side of the bed where files were always kept

and I was shocked by what I saw. An injection

syringe had already been laced on a tray which

bimpe was meant to inject me with.


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