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My hand finds its way into bimpe’s bra and I was

squeezing the breasst and tapping the Tips as bimpe

was moaning silently. She pushed her chest

backward a bit to reduce the weight on me and also

give space for her to unbutton my shirt. She was

loosening the button one after the other from the top

to down as I was manipulating her br**sts and

squeezing her ass simultaneously. This time, I felt

zero pain all over me, it was as if the pains went on


We found ourselves lieing side by side beside each

other on the tiny hospital bed. I was manipulating her

br**st which I popped out of her bra as we were still

kissing. I was having only my boxers left on me and

bimpe was having her bra and her low waist pants

on. Her white dress had travelled to the floor while

her head attire had disappeared to the side of the

bed and her previously well packed braids had


Adebimpe began to work her hands downward on me

and I was also doing the same thing on her chest.

She dipped her hands into my boxers and began to

stroke my d**k as I also dipped my hands inside her

pants and located her clits with my finger. She was

stroking it hard and my finger was also going inside

and coming out of her punny hole at the same time.

We were both moaning silently so as not to alert the

patients and people in other wards.

At a time, bimpe pause stroking my d**k stood up

from the bed and removed her phone from her dress

which was on the floor. She puts on some foreign

“blues” song and increased the volume a bit while

she placed it on the side of the bed. I instantly got

the message “she wants to moan louder with no

disturbance”. She came back to the bed and we both

continued from where we stopped. Adebimpe

increased her moaning and it rhyme with the tempo

of the background music. We continued this until I

felt some fluid poured on my fingers which flows

down to my palm, “adebimpe don cum”. She let out a

heavy moan as she kissed me afterwards.

Adebimpe removed her hand from my boxers, and

turned around to back me in a “spooning style” with

her bra and pants still on her. She removed my hand

from her back and placed it on her waist as she

stretched her left hand upwards to cuddle and tickle

my hairs.

I was confused for about 2 minutes on what to do

next. I don’t have a condom on me, bimpe looks tired

and would sleep off any moment from now, my d**k

was still erect and strong, and my konji spirit wants

to Bleep that night. I was totally confused.

I just placed my hands on her br**st still popped out

of her bra and started manipulating again. I was just

doing it to console myself but I never knew I was

getting bimpe aroused again. She began to moan

again and was getting uncomfortable on the bed. I

noticed this and I decided to move the hand down to

her abdomen and insert the hands into her pants and

commenced finger bleeping again. She was moaning

as the music was still playing in the background.

Bimpe stretched her hand to the back and started

manipulating my d**k from the boxers. At this time,

the demon of konji had totally possessed me and all

my thoughts was “Bleep Bleep Bleep!!!”. The thoughts

of condom suddenly disappeared from my mind.

I removed my hands in her punny from the front, I

took it to the back of her pants, I shoved the pants

sideways and continued finger fuccking bimpe. She

was so much enjoying it that she tilted forward a bit

a pushed her left lap forward for easy access. I was

doing this and she was still stroking my d**k through

the boxers.

Suddenly, she dipped hands into my boxers and

began to pull and draw my d**k close to her a$$. At

first, I was confused about the message. But few

moments later when she realised I wasn’t getting the

sermon, she drew nearer to me by pushing her a$$

backwards and pressing it on my erected d**k. This

period, the demon of konji had possessed me 100%

and it seems like I would die the next minute if I

didn’t Bleep that night. Honestly, bimpe used to be

naughty when we first met back then in akure. But

during this time in abuja, her naughtiness had

increased 80% from the way I saw her that night.

Again, I believed what people say that nurses are

hotter when it comes to s£x. Where they got the

skills from, only God knows. Instantly, I forgot

condom, forgot about the risks involved, I forgot that

I was suspecting bimpe to be a silent killer and I

pressed her ass forward and gently slide my d**k into

her punny hole from behind as we are positioned in a

“spooning style”.


Adebimpe rolled the bedsheet over to one side of the

bed as I held bimpe’s ass and pressed it forward with

one hand and placed the other hand on the wall for

support as I was using all my reserved forces to pump

in and out of her from behind. The hospital bed was

shaking and making a sound as we were “spooning”

each other. After about 4 minutes, I felt so weak to do

the pumping, I just left the d**k still erected inside her

punny and I was breathing heavily. I guess bimpe

noticed it but she wasn’t satisfied yet.

She decided to do the job by herself and she began to

push her ass to the back and pull it to the front while I

remain stiff on the bed like log of wood. “Chai!!!, my

own adebimpe don upgrade patapata, only God knows

where she got the latest skills from”. After few

moments of adebimpe bleeping me. I cummed and felt

totally weak. I cuddled her while we were still on the

same sleeping position till I slept off around 1am.

I woke up in the morning at around 7:35am, I looked at

my side and couldn’t find bimpe. My boxers was

properly fitted on me and the bedsheet had been rolled

back to its original position with no stains. I felt a kind

of pain and weakness as I was trying to stand up from

the bed. I managed to sit up on the bed for the first

time and I looked around in a clueless manner.

“Today must be sunday” as I was hearing a worship

song from nearby gathering.

At about 8am. Adebimpe came inside and greeted me

as she sat on the plastic chair. Her face was so

innocent as if nothing happened

ME: when did you disappeared?

BIMPE: **smiled** very early this morning.

ME: ok, pls can you help me with a toot brush and


BiMPE: ok, no problem. I will order someone to get it

bring it for you. I have to go home now.

ME: **raised eyebrow** home? But why?

BIMPE: I am going to church and I also have things to

do at home when I’m back from church.

ME: are you still coming today?

BIMPE: no, till monday.

ME: huuuuuh, eyah. I will miss you

BIMPE: **smiled** don’t worry, the doctor would be

here by 2pm today. So he will check on you.

ME: hmmmm hmmmm, ermmm erhmmm

BIMPE: what do you want to say?, feel free to talk.

ME: when will I follow you to know your house.

BiMPE: **smiled**, that will be impossible,

ME: but why?

BiMPE: I’m living with my boyfriend.

ME: ***felt disappointed and my mood changed

immediately*** your boyfriend?

BIMPE: yes, my boyfriend. Any problem with that?

ME: not really, but just that you aren’t married yet, you

shouldn’t be living with a guy you aren’t married to yet,

BIMPE: that’s none of your business sir. Not all guys

are wicked and heartless.

ME: bimpe haba, but I have begged you and

apologised, why are you still saying all these?

BIMPE: did I mention any name?

ME: you don’t need to mention any name, I already

know you are referring to me.

BIMpE: na you sabi.

ME: anyways, thanks for forgiving me and thanks for

been nice to me irrespective of my wrongs.

BiMPE: **smiled**, I only forgive but I never forgot.

You will definitely pay in a hard way, but not today.

ME: bimpe haba!!!, I said I’m sorry.

BImPe: **stood up from the chair** onihaxy, I have to

leave now. See you on monday.

Bimpe left the ward, I was there thinking of what

bimpe said about me paying in a hard way. Few

moments later, a nurse came in with a sachet close up,

new toothbrush, cornflakes, sachet of milk, and she

told me that nurse bimpe told her to give them to me.

The nurse left the ward and I began to think about

bimpe again. “But this girl had been acting nice, what

is it about paying in a hard way again?, abi na just

empty threat?

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