Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

The next morning which was a Sunday morning, I was at the Hotel bar with Segun and we were having some conversations as regards to what Funmi told me earlier.

ME: Segun, you won’t believe it that Funmi called me yesterday night and told me to see her before I travel?

SEGE: you don’t mean it?, what does she want?, she ought to know that you are married by now.

ME: I tire ooooo. I don’t think I will go.

SEGE: did Betty hear the conversations?

ME: yes she did, she was right beside me.

SEGE: if she heard what you both discussed, then you have to go.

ME: why?

SEGE: because if you don’t go, she might start asking questions as to why you refused to honor your boss’ invitation and she might start suspecting something. Remember that Betty is smarter than you think.

ME: hmmmmm.

SEGE: and also, she might just want to give you money of gift items, who knows?

ME: I think you are right though.

SEGE: you just have to be careful and don’t do anything funny, remember that you are now a married man and you just have to be responsible.

ME: yes boss.

SEGE: and also, hope you know that you can’t spend the night outside anymore.

ME: yeah, that is true.

SEGE: then how do you intend to see her then?

ME: that is what I don’t even know.

SEGE: when are you travelling?

ME: Tuesday Night.

SEGE: cool. Since she would be at the office tomorrow and Tuesday, I think the best time to see her is this evening. Or do you want to visit her at the bank?

ME: not at all. I can’t go out to the bank when I am supposed to be enjoying my honeymoon.

SEGE: then tell your wife that you will be going to see your boss this evening, also make sure that you are back here on time.

ME: I think that is a good idea.

SEGE: yeah. But first call Funmi to know if she will be available at home.

ME: ok. That reminds me, I was expecting a fist between you and Bimpe yesterday. I was surprised when I saw both of you shaking hands.

SEGE: hmmmm. That is maturity for you. And besides, we have married a wife from her house, so she has become our in-law. We don’t need to fight anymore.

ME: so, both of you were just making mouth earlier abi?

SEGE: ***laugh out loudly** na you sabi

I picked up my phone and I called Funmilayo immediately. I told her that I could only be have chance to see her that Sunday because I won’t be able to come to the bank on Monday and that I would be travelling on Tuesday, she agreed and said I should come over by 4pm on that day. Segun and I talked about how the visitation should be like, I went back into the room and pleaded with Betty to allow me to go out and visit my boss. She was against it at first and she was asking me that why must I go out when we were supposed to be on honeymoon. I had to beg her that my Unit has a gift for me and I don’t want to go to the bank and they decided to give the gift to my boss for me to retrieve it from her. She insisted that we must go together and I was confused on what next to do, a thought suddenly came up in my mind and I told her that it won’t be safe for us to move together considering the fact that we are hiding from spies. Atlast, she finally agreed and I prepared for the outing immediately.

I set out of the hotel at few minutes to two o’clock in order to beat the traffic and I arrived at Funmilayo’s house at around half past three in the evening, she was the only one at home as she hugged me as I entered into her living room. I had my seat and she offered me a drink and we had a toast for my wedding before we stared discussing.

FUNMI: congratulations once more on your wedding.

ME: thanks so much Funmi.

FUNMI: that your wife is so pretty, she looks more than something you can maintain.

ME: Hmmmm, she is truly pretty but she knew my worth before she agreed to marry me. So I believed I can maintain her.

FUNMI: that is nice, what about Benita?, I didn’t see her at the event

ME: she had left Lagos before the wedding.

FUNMI: and she couldn’t travel from anywhere she was staying to attend the wedding isn’t it?

ME: I guess she was occupied

FUNMI: occupied indeed. You think I am a dummy isn’t it?, which girl on earth will be happy to attend such a wedding after using and dumping her for another woman, you think she would be happy with such?

ME: **smiled** haba Funmi, I never used and dump her because we never had anything together. We are just friends and that is all.

FUNMI: just continue to deceive yourself. All the secrets you were both covering have been leaked out long time ago. I have heard how you both lived together for months.

ME: that is a lie Funmilayo.

FUNMI: that is none of my business anyways. What should I prepare for you?

ME: don’t worry, I won’t be staying long, you know I am on my honeymoon. I shouldn’t have come here if not that you are someone I valued so much.

FUNMI: hmmm. Onihaxy, I am not cooking afresh, I have already prepared food in the morning. It’s just to warm the food and it won’t take up to ten minutes.

ME: alright then.

Funmi left the living room to prepare the meal and she came back minutes later to inform me that the meal has been served and I stood up to followed her. On getting to the dinning, I couldn’t find any food on the table, I was surprised and I asked her that where the food is, she told me that she served it in her room because the Ac in the dinning isn’t working. Reluctantly, I followed her into the room. I had already made up my mind that I was never going to cheat on my wife no matter what. I sat down on her bed to eat and immediately I was done eating, there was heat and I began to sweat, I told her to switch on the AC and when she switched it on, it wasn’t working well as there was no effect of the air condition in the room. “It must have run out of gas I guess” was what she said as she was clearing where I ate and packed the plate to one side of the bed. I was still sweating and I had to pull of my shirt and drop it on the bed while I was still having my singlet on me. She also lay down on her back and placed her head on my laps and she was trying to talk to me.

It was as if devil was really planning for me. Just as I was attempting to push her head off my leg, the door was pushed open and Adeola busted into the house and saw me sweating seriously and her mother’s head was on my laps. To make matter worse, my shirt was still on the bed.

“Onihaxy, I can’t believe this”

“So, you have been sleeping with my mother all this while?”

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