Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

ME: Betty please, have mercy on me. I have nowhere to go.

BETTY: I should have mercy on you?, despite all I went through because of you.

ME: **still kneeling down*** please consider the love you have for me.

BETTY:***crying loudly*****

“Onihaxy, I disobeyed my father because of you”

“ I ran away from home all because of you”

“ I dis-owned my own father because of you”

“ I lost my inheritance all because of you”

“ I broke an engagement all because of you”

“***** continued crying ************”

“ My brother and I changed your life completely”

“ we provided everything you needed in life”

“I loved you with my life, body and Money”

“I respect and adored you despite that I am far more than you in class”

“ my father went through Hell in searching for me all because of you?”

“ He nearly commit suicide all because of you”

“ I have been declared missing in Nigeria and even in UK all because of you”

“ and all you could use to repay us is to be sleeping around with my brother’s wife”

“ to the extent of impregnating her ?”

“ letting my brother to father a child that doesn’t belong to him?”

“ letting him to waste all his money and time?”

“ five wasted years Onihaxy!!!!!!!!!!”

ME: ***crying too*** please Betty, I knew I have wronged you, I knew I have done something bad, but believe me, I was been held captive by an oath.

BETTY: **screamed*** spare me the lies please.

ME: please Betty, believe me. I don’t even want the child and I made her realize from onset that I will never accept to be the father and she agreed.

BETTY: shut up.

ME: all I am pleading for is a second chance.

BETTY: ***hissed and walked out of the house******

I fell back on the chair and I began to cry endlessly,

“ I just regret the day I met Bimpe”

“May thunder fire the guy that invited me to Niger state for the fake job”

“ it will never be well with the guy that hit me with the car in Abuja”

“ how I wish I could turn back the hands of time”

“ how I wish I never had s£x with Bimpe at the hospital”

“ how I wish I resisted her that night”

“ Now that I have resigned from my bank Job?”

“ Now that I have sublet my apartment and gave out my properties”

“ Now that I have nothing to fall back to in Nigeria”

“ Now that everyone in Nigeria is aware that I am in United Kingdom”

“ where do I go to now?”

“ who do I turn to for help?”

“ or she went out to call the police?”

“ hope she didn’t go out to commit suicide?”

“ I pray she forgives me”

“ I swear I will never look at another woman again”.

I picked my phone and called Betty but she never picked up. I continued calling and she started rejecting calls. I went outside and I didn’t see her car there, I called few of her colleagues whom I have their contacts but they all told me that they had no idea about her whereabouts. I then called Segun to update him on the latest development and he told me to keep calm till she returns, he said I should take my time to beg her very well and he believed that I would be forgiven. I tried calling Betty again and this time, her phone was switched off. I was more scared and worried as I don’t know where my pregnant wife went to. I went out of the house and I started walking down the streets to look for her, I checked at the popular eatery where we always hang out and she wasn’t there, I went to her place of work and I didn’t find her there, I tried her number several times again and she wasn’t reachable.

After several hours of fruitless searching, I returned back home and I met her in our living room still crying and I felt so ashamed of myself, I felt like the worst husband ever on earth. I walked closer to her to comfort her and beg her again but she pushed me away and went inside the room and she shut the door. I walked towards the door and tried opening it but it was locked from behind. The next thing I heard was that she was making a call but I couldn’t hear clearly what her conversations wereall about. About fifteen minutes after the call, I heard a knock on our main door and when I went to open the door, I saw two cops coming into the living room.



“ what is this?”

“what are the police doing in our house?”

“who called the police?”

Before I knew what was happening, my wife came out of the room and welcomed the policemen, she pointed at me and said “that is the man who threatened to shoot me with a gun I saw with him earlier today and that was why I have been hiding inside the room”. I was completely shocked and I started explaining to the police about what really happened but they never listen. Instead, they searched my body and couldn’t find any gun, they later went ahead to search the living room and finally, they searched the briefcase I brought from work and I was shocked to death when they brought out a shining pistol out of my bag. How the gun got there, I don’t know and I can’t explain. Before I knew what was happening, I was taken to their station.I was investigated and questioned on where I got the gun from and they also asked for the license of the gun which I couldn’t explain to them, before I knew what was going on, a next available flight was arranged for me. I got into the aircraft and when it landed, I found myself in Muritala Muhammed airport in Lagos, I was deported and I only returned with the shirt I was putting on when I was arrested and nothing more. On stepping out of the airport, the next thing I was hearing was “ buy gala, buy chinchin, buy lacasera” from the road hawkers.



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