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While I was on my bed and preparing to sleep, Adebimpe beeped me on phone and I called Henry immediately. He attacked me for not calling him all this while which I apologized, we later talked about Betty’s Pregnancy and he asked for my intentions on the pregnancy. I told him that she was going to deliver the baby as I accept to take full responsibility and he was happy. He said He was going to introduce me to a man who would help me in the commencement of our visa application and also, Betty would be coming back to Nigeria any moment for the court wedding and I should inform my parents about it so that they can be prepared. He reminded me again that he wasn’t going to be part of the wedding and as a matter of fact, he would be in Abuja on that same day so that his father would believe that he knew nothing about it. We spent more minutes on phone, planning how the whole process would be done. Henry was so supportive and I began to feel guilty inside of me that I don’t deserve to be helped by this innocent man who didn’t know that he was fathering my own daughter.

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After Henry’s call, I got a call from an international number, I checked the area code and it was the same with the one which Betty always calls me with. I was convinced immediately that the call was from Betty and I picked up. It was indeed Betty and she apologized for not calling me all this while, she told me that her phone was damaged and it was someone else’ phone that she called me with. I told her that I just called his brother and I relate all the discussions I heard with Henry to her, we both laughed over it and we heard our own version of conversations. She told me to resign at the end of the month because she had gotten a front desk office job for me at the new city she relocated to. I was so happy that I couldn’t help it but to shower prayers and blessings on her and I was so happy that my heart desire had been finally granted and my dream was about coming to reality.

When I was on break in the next day, I had a gist with Segun on WhatsApp.

ME: hi Sege.

SEGE: how far Onihaxy, I was about initiating chat before, how far with you and Bimpe?

ME: she called me yesterday oo, she told me that everything has been resolved.

SEGE: really?, how?.

ME: she said her spiritualist gave her a spiritual back up and she begged Henry physically.

SEGE: waoooh. You mean Henry didn’t ask who the real father is.

ME: He did. Bimpe told him that he was raped in the hospital by a patient during the same period when Henry came to visit him she never knew that it was the rape that led to the pregnancy.

SEGE: Bimpe the bad girl. Didn’t I tell you that she was going to take care of herself?

ME: hmmmmmmmm

SEGE: did you later inform her about retrieving your data from the hospital?

ME: yes I did, but she said there will be no need for that since everything had been settled spiritually.

SEGE: This wife and spirituality sha.

ME: have I told you that Betty is pregnant?

SEGE: really?, waoooooh. You didn’t tell me.

ME: I’m so sorry about that

SEGE: congratulations my guy. But how come?, she has been away from this country for long now?

ME: yes. She said she never knew that she was pregnant all this while because she was menstruating, until recently when she wasn’t feeling fine and she visited her school clinic. It was during the tests that she was told about it.

SEGE: congratulations guy. You have finally secured your future with Henry’s family.So what next now?

ME: we have been making plans; Betty will be in Nigeria latest in a month time. But before then, Henry will start helping me with my visa processing.

SEGE: that is cool.

ME: when Betty comes, we will be having our registry wedding and we will leave Nigeria immediately after then.

SEGE: that is nice. Have you informed your family about it?

ME: I haven’t, but I will do that later today.

SEGE: won’tthere be any traditional wedding or engagement party?

ME: engagement keee?, you want Betty’s dad to kill me?, even Henry won’t be part of the wedding.

SEGE: yeah, I remembered that you told me about it before. Then who will stand as your wife’s parent at the registry?

ME: I don’t know for now ooo. But I am sure that there will be arrangement for that by either Betty or Henry.

SEGE: will Bimpe be part of the wedding?

ME: yes of course. But she will not be with us at the registry. Henry and his wife want to stay out of the scene completely so that it will look as if they don’t know about it.

SEGE: eeyah. This guy really tried for you ooo. It’s not easy for someone’s blood sister to get married and not be there. I’m sure it will be difficult for him to get over it.

ME: hmmmmmm. You are right.

SEGE: just explain all your plans to your family and let them understand everything.We shall storm Lagos together that day. Betty will know that she has a classical father in-law that day.

ME: hmmmmmmm. Segun Sege!!!!!, the father in-law!!!!!!. How far with you and Sandra now?

SEGE: our love is flourishing ooooooo. I have been telling her to take me to her parents and we should start our wedding plans.

ME: that’s cool. What was her response?

SEGE: she said I should wait till when she is done with her program.

ME: eeyah. Just endure ehn, when will she be rounding up with the program?

SEGE: I think two months’ time or thereabout.

ME: hope you won’t have issues with her father like I had with Betty’s dad?

SEGE: I don’t think so. We have already discussed about everything, all I will needed to do that day is to wear a nice looking native attire and also rent a nice car. She said I should lie to her daddy that I am into importation of computers.

ME: hmmm. What if it backfired later?

SEGE: it can’t. Trust me;I already have back up plans. I am not that dull like you now.

ME: you no well Segun.

To be continued

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