Thu. Feb 8th, 2024

The wedding day came on that good Saturday. My family and I had a vigil overnight a day before, praying for God to make the wedding trouble free and problem free. After the vigil, I couldn’t sleep at all as I continued to check the time over and over again. When it was seven o’clock in the morning, I woke up and had my bath, my family and the few people that came with them also woke up to prepare for the event. My friend Segun was my stylist that day as he helped me in doing a little make-up on my face as well as making sure that the suit looks fitted on me and he put on his own suit afterwards. I had chattered two 18- seater buses the previous day to convey people from my place to the event and the driver of the buses arrived very early in the morning.

Everything was set, Segun drove my family and I with the Honda car I got from Betty while other people including the well-wishers from the neighborhood joined the two buses and I was surprised that it was filled to the brim. We arrived at the registry and there were five weddings to be conducted before ours, we had to wait for another three hours for our turn. While waiting, we saw the pathfinder Jeep that Betty brought the previous day, Bimpe’s Hyundai jeep and one other jeep coming into the premises of the registry, I was marveled when my Betty came down wearing a nice wedding dress, I can’t help but to run towards her and hug her. The people around started laughing and making jest of us but I never cared. Sandra also came down from the other side of the car, wearing a very nice gown also. I can’t believe it when Segun jumped out of the carand ran towards Sandra and they almost kissed each other after endless hugging. Their own version was even more than my own. My mum had to ask me, “Onihaxy, who is that girl that Segun is hugging”, I smiled and replied her that she is Segun’s fiancé. When they were through with their romance section, Segun pulled her towards my mum and introduced her officially. I looked at the people who came down from the cars brought by Betty and her group and Adebimpe wasn’t there alongside Henry and grandma, only Bimpe’s sister and some people whom I saw for the first time came with her.

It was our own turn to be joined in matrimony at the registry and we went inside with few families because of the limited space inside the hall. Documents were signed by both families, we also signed too, we exchange vows and also exchange rings right in the hall. On coming out of the hall, I saw members of staff from my bank outside the registry including Funmilayo who came with the Bank’s luxurious staff bus; we had some sessions of photographs before we all finally departed to the reception venue. They all went ahead of us while we still wait behind for some discussions and planning.

About thirty minutes after everyone’s departure to the reception venue, my family and the bride’s family joined them over there. The hall was looking so good as people are already seated and awaiting the couple. I met Adebimpe and grandma at the reception and when Segun finally got to meet Bimpe, I was expecting a clash of titans but I was so surprised when I saw them hugging each other and exchanging pleasantry. “What a world!!!”, I thought.

The reception party started in a grand style and I had more guest than I expected. My mind wasn’t at peace as Betty and I were called to the couple’s seat right in front of everybody. I looked into Betty’s eyes and I could also read fear in her heart and I had to pull her closer and assured her that there won’t be any trouble. We have earlier informed the organizers of the reception party to make it snappy and it should not last more than two hours maximum. while all the announcement and jokes from the M.C was going on, I was just busy looking at Segun where he was sitting towards the back of the hall, he also saw the fear on my face and he kept rubbing his hand on his chest, trying to tell me that all is well. I was also looking at Adebimpe too amidst the crowd and she was also doing the same thing, every grandma never stopped looking around to see if there wasn’t any spy or intruder around.

Soon, it was time for gifts presentation, cutting of wedding cake and dancing. We cut the cake and people were bringing out gifts to the podium. We had more than expected gifts and soon, the dance floor was opened while photograph session was announced at the same time. Betty and I had pictures with members of staff from my bank, friends, bride’s family, and almost everyone. When it was time for us to snap with Bimpe and grandma, they requested for a wait and get picture and they got their own copy before the end of the occasion. I was surprised again when I saw Bimpe and Segun talking to each other again and Betty even asked me “Onihaxy, are you sure Uncle Segun and mummy Daniella has finally reconciled? Or its one of those dramas?”.

The reception ended, everyone departed and went back to their houses. My family went back to my apartment in Maryland to sleep over till the next day before travelling back to Akure while Segun and Sandra followed us to the hotel where we lodged for our honeymoon. I had earlier sublet my apartment to one of the guys in my bank including some properties and I told him to pack into the house immediately I leave Nigeria. Also, I had informedSegun to help me with my loads and some other things from the house to the hotel after the departure of my family.

On getting to the hotel that was arranged for the few days Honeymoon before we travel out of the country, I was surprised that Segun and Sandra had also booked a room for themselves. As Betty and I went to our lodging room, Segun and Sandra also went to their own room in the same hotel. “chaiii, this Segun na bad guy”.

While we finished praying in our room and we lied down on the bed to have our first official couple’s night, my phone rang and it was a call from Funmilayo, she congratulated us and gave some prayers on phone. As she was about to hang up, she said “Onihaxy, don’t forget to see me before travelling”.

to be continued



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